71% off “Synthophone” by Sampleso

71% off “Synthophone” by Sampleso

“Synthophone” is a deep sampled instrument based on the classic Stylophone combined with Sampleso’s signature Kontakt engine which takes this instrument way beyond its original functionality.

Sampleso’s unique Kontakt engine interface takes this simple looking instrument to virtually endless sonic possibilities. Giving the user the ability to shape, sequence, morph and manipulate the sound using various FX making the Synthophone a truly inspiring tool for your projects!

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A Classic 60s/70s Synth Lives Again With A Modern Twist!

Synthophone has been accurately sampled to behave just like the original unit, the classic Stylophone, capturing each note in all three registers, including noises for the stylus tap and release, with the ability to mix and choose between MIC input and LINE input sources giving further tonal versatility.

This was just the beginning however!

Sampleso have harnessed the unique power of modern sampling and audio manipulation techniques to take this instrument way beyond it’s original design, including all of the following features:

  • A Unique Kontakt engine interface.
  • Flat & Intuitive Design.
  • Sampleso original and inspiring effects Morpher.
  • 2 LFO’s and 2 advanced step sequencers.
  • Advanced Key-switch function.
  • 128 Factory Presets + Presets easy tags navigation.
  • “Light weight” Instrument (85mb only).
  • 18 Fx included and many more features.

You’ll find a place for this sample library in retro, chiptune, EDM, sound design and even cinematic tracks!

A Brief History Of The Original & Classic Stylophone Synth

The Stylophone is a miniature analog stylus operated keyboard and Sampleso’s source for the “Synthophone” was an original 60’s Stylophone.

Invented in 1967 by Brian Jarvis it entered production in 1968, manufactured by Dubreq. It consists of a metal keyboard played by touching it with a stylus—each note being connected to a voltage-controlled oscillator via a different-value resistor—thus closing a circuit. The only other controls were a power switch and a vibrato control on the front panel beside the keyboard, and a tuning control on the rear.

Some three million Stylophones were sold, mostly as children’s toys, but were occasionally used by professional musicians including David Bowie, Kraftwerk, Tony Visconti and They Might Be Giants.

The Stylophone was available in three variants: standard, bass, and treble, the standard one being by far the most common. There was also a larger version called the 350S with more notes on the keyboard, various voices, a novel ‘wah-wah’ effect that was controlled by moving one’s hand over a photo-sensor, and two styluses.

In the mid-1970s a new model appeared which featured pseudo-wood on the speaker panel and a volume control. This was shortly before the Stylophone ceased production altogether in 1975.

128 Inspiring Presets & Total Control In One Stylish Package!


The main interface is fixed and is always displayed at the top of the instrument. The knobs and faders on the main interface let you sculpt the basic sound of the Synthophone and give you the following options:

  • LO CUT – Sets the low-cut filter frequency for the noise.
  • NOISE – Controls the volume of the white noise
  • HI CUT – Sets the high cut filter frequency for the noise
  • TAP – Controls the volume of the stylus tap noise
  • UP – Controls the volume of the stylus release noise
  • REG 1-3 – Control the volume the individual registers
  • MIC/LINE – This fader controls the volume for the microphone and line input source

All the controls in the main interface can be assigned a MIDI CC with a simple right-click (The only parameter that cannot be Midi assigned is the Fast/Slow switch).


“Synthophone” comes loaded with 128 presets that Sampleso has created to get you started right out of the box. You can save your own presets into the preset page. Each preset page holds up to 28 presets and the instrument can have up to 50 pages.

A preset is saved with its own user tag and category and while browsing, you can filter the preset list by selecting one or multiple filters. Select one of the tags and/or categories to narrow your preset list. You can also check the or buttons beneath the individual parameters (Keys, Glide, LFO, PRG, Step, Morph) to view presets that either feature or don’t feature that parameter.


Synthophone Lets you save the state of all its parameters to seven keyswitches. This flexible keyswitching system essentially lets you have seven completely different sounds in one preset that you can switch on the fly.

Each keyswitch can be as different or as subtle as you wish, giving you complete control over the interface. The keyswitches are laid out from C -1 to B -1 and can change every parameter in the Glide, ADSR, LFO, Arpeggio, Step sequencer, Effects Morpher, Filter and various FX.

Shape, Sequence & Mangle To Your Hearts Content!


The Synthophone features two LFOs. Each LFO  features a number of controls that will allow you to alter the following parameters:

  • SPEED – This lets you set the speed of the LFO.
  • IN/OUT -These three faders let you fade the LFO depth in and out.
  • HOLD – Slide the Hold fader to the left to determine how long the LFO will hold before starting to fade out.
  • VOL – This lets you control how much the LFO will affect the volume.
  • PAN – This lets you control how much the LFO will affect the Panning.
  • DIST – This lets you control how much the LFO will affect the Distortion amount.
  • CUTOFF/RESO – Click the small On/Off button to enable cutoff and resonance modulation for the LFO


Synthophone features a flexible yet simple to use arpeggio section featuring the following controls:

  • SPEED – This lets you set the speed of the arpeggiator.
  • ORDER – You can choose the order in which the arpeggiator plays the notes.
  • LENGTH – Drag the length fader to set the note length.
  • STEPS – This lets you determine the length of the sequence.


Synthophone features two independent step sequencers that much like the LFO section, let you modulate Volume, Pan, Distortion amount, Cuttoff, and Resonance. However, as apposed to the LFO, it modulates them using steps.


The Effects Morpher lets you create movements in your sounds by controlling various parameters with an editable modulator shape. Each of the available six modulators can control one of the following parameters:

  • Filter Cutoff
  • Filter Resonance
  • Formant Filter Frequency
  • Formant Filter Sharpness
  • Lo-Fi Bit Depth
  • Lo-Fi Bit Frequency
  • Stereo Enhancer Pan
  • Delay Input Gain
  • Reverb Input Gain
  • Distortion Drive
  • Chorus Dry/Wet
  • Rotary Dry/Wet

So What Exactly Can I Do With “Synthophone”?

The classic Stylophone is of course best remembered as a well loved children’s toy, but it’s cultural influence has been felt ever since thanks to it’s use in iconic tunes from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s by artists such as David Bowie, Kraftwerk, Tony Visconti and They Might Be Giants!

This modern update by Sampleso takes the original instrument and extends it’s capabilities beyond recognition. The sheer amount of possible shaping and FX combinations that are possible within this Kontakt based library will lend it to many interesting and varied musical uses including:

  • Alternative Rock/Pop
  • 8-bit chip tunes
  • Electronica
  • Sound Design

The possibilities are almost limitless!

Note: Requires the Full Retail version of Kontakt 5.5.1 or above (NOT compatible with the free Kontakt Player)

"Synthophone" by Sampleso

71% off "Synthophone" by Sampleso

Deal Expired

Normally €33.99 – get it at 71% before its gone!

  • Absolute no-brainer at 71% off the normal price (normally €33.99)!
  • 87mb installed.
  • 199 Samples.
  • 128 Factory Presets + Presets easy tags navigation to get you started right out of the box.
  • A unique Kontakt engine interface with a Flat & Intuitive Design.
  • Sampleso Effects Morpher – Create crazy movements in your sounds by controlling various parameters with an editable modulator shape.
  • 2 LFO’s and 2 advanced step sequencers for unparalleled sound manipulation.
  • An advanced Key-switch function that lets you have seven completely different sounds in one preset that you can switch on the fly.
  • 18 high quality effects including Lo-fi, Distortion, Stereo Enhancer, Chrus, Phaser, Delay, Compressor and Reverb.
  • Note: Requires the Full Retail version of Kontakt 5.5.1 or above (NOT compatible with the free Kontakt Player)
  • Perfect for Electronica, Pop, Alternative Rock, 8-bit chip tunes, Sound Design and much, much more!

What People Think About 71% off “Synthophone” by Sampleso

  • "Overall, a very impressive emulation that captures a unique sounding miniature instrument with the functionality of the Kontakt engine and effects. With Synthophone’s unique sound generation, it works really well for retro, chiptune-style sounds but could blend in quite nicely with some EDM or hybrid cinematic sounds."

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    Sample Library Review

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2 reviews for 71% off “Synthophone” by Sampleso

  1. Christian Sekot
    5 out of 5


    This thing is really fun!
    Lots of possibilities and really nice sounds. Excellent instrument for learning many things about sound and sound-tweaking!
    Myonly problem: On my good old Core2Duo 2,66Ghz it causes real unexpectet high CPU-Loads within Cubase (9Pro), when using it as multiple-Instrument. When using other CPU-consuming instances (in my case RX Plugins by izotope on Vocal Track) it causes Cubase to stutter). But I think its not a problem of this Kontakt instrument, it may be one of my old MusikPC :).
    But I like the morphing feature very much, its great fun also when uses with a Midi Controller (in my case Leap-Motion with Geek-Software).


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