Best Ableton Live Ambient Sound Packs Available

Ableton Live is considered to be the industry-standard tool for EDM production, hip-hop, trap and all of your other electronic music genres. But believe it or not, there is a community of ambient music producers out there who utilize Ableton Live as a composing tool for background ambient music and underscores.

Here is a great roundup of some of the best available ambient and cinematic sounding libraries for Ableton Live in no particular order. You can find all of these sound packs on Ableton’s Official Webstore.

1. Uwe Zahn – Spectral Textures

This is a great collection of field recordings turned into something completely different thanks to the magic of additive synthesis. It is a really unique collection of instruments and sounds suitable for creating atmospheres and textures. The majority of Spectral Textures’ presets consist of two sound elements, spectral samples created with a digital additive synthesizer and field recordings, and it comes in combination with effects such as ping pong delay, reverb and vocoder. There is a wealth of presets suitable for any type of underscore.

2. Mind Flux – Dystopian Signals

This is a collection of rather dark and dystopian sounds coming from dark futuristic soundscapes. These sounds are more focused on synths and drones and they sound both brutal and beautiful at the same time. Dystopian Signals provides a sound palette of abrasive synths, ominous ambience and brutal percussion suitable for darkwave, dark ambient, film and game scores, as well as darker variations of dance music.

3. Puremagnetik – Filmscape

Filmscape as the name already tells you is a comprehensive tool of strikes, atmospheres and textures for cinematic music, but also for ambient and more experimental types of music. This collection combines four of Puremagnetik’s sound libraries into one big collection suitable for composers and artists who love to experiment. If your music needs some dark atmospheres and tension, look no further.

4. Sample Logic – Sample Logic Bundle

This is a bundle that consists of four soundpacks and it brings well over a 1000 instruments and 500 audio clips of cinematic sounds. Acoustic, electronic, percussive, ambient… you name it, this one has it all!

The four soundpacks included are Rhythomatix, Tronix, Acoustix and Metalix.

Acoustix provides a collection of acoustic morphed sounds that include organic textures, big percussion, pads and audio loops.

Metalix is similar to Acoustix, but it uses metallic sounds at its source. Suitable for blending with Acoustix.

Rhythomatix is a collection of loops, samples and drum kits, mostly concentrated towards world music and industrial music production. There are some subtle sounds that can provide a really great rhythm.

Tronix is a more aggressive sounding pack which combines the depth of electronic sounds created with synths, morphed instruments and electronic percussion. It also has great leads, basses and temp-synced loops.

5. Applied Acoustic Systems – AAS Bundle

This pack consists of three expertly designed packs that offer a diverse set of synth patches. The three packs included are Angelicals, Entangled Species and Journeys.

Angelicals is a collection of classic sounds from polyphonic synths all created in Ableton’s Analog Instrument. They are perfect for building retro and futuristic soundscapes, but also work great for ambient versions of house and techno.

Entangled Species consists of arpeggiators, pads, FX and more. Suitable for ambient electro-acoustic underscores and ambient music.

Journeys is a collection that fully utilizes the power of Ableton’s Tension instrument, where you can choose from over 100 expressive instrument racks to create some really experimental world music productions.

All of these sounds come with already pre-mapped macro controls, so you can tweak them to your liking. This collection is an absolute treasure trove for sound explorers.

6. EarthMoments – ZenPad Bundle Vol.01 & Vol.02

These two collections are suitable for producers and composers looking to take inspiration from various musical cultures and traditions.

Vol. 01 includes Bollywood, Oriental and Mantra soundpacks. Bollywood provides some fast and up-tempo rhythms and melodies straight out of India. Mantra brings some great ambience and instruments from India and Africa suitable for new age and Yoga music, whilst Oriental is packed with Arabic stringed and wind instruments and percussion kits. This collection features some pretty easy-to-use construction kits and ready-made live sets to create your next world music soundtrack.

Vol. 02 is a collection of surreal, slow motion soundscapes and psychedelic instruments, even underwater recordings.

This collection includes three soundpacks: Poly Reverse, Waterworx and Le Slow.

Poly Reverse is a collection of instruments and sounds straight out of 60’s and 70’s psychedelic music. Waterworx offers some of the most unique ethereal atmospheres and soundscapes inspired by water. Le Slow is a soundpack filled with slow motion and time-stretched sounds of human voices, synths and guitars.

Like Vol.01, these soundpacks offer easy-to-use construction kits and live sets for performance.