Top 10 Music Toys & Gadgets

We all love all sorts of gadgets, especially people that are into IT stuff, but musicians have their own studio gadgets that are simply fun and useful to have around. Here’s our top 10 music toys and gadgets for 2019.

1.IK Multimedia – iKlip XPand Stand

It has become very common nowadays to use a tablet while making music aside from your computer, and what’s better than a tabled stand made by an actual audio company. Enter IK Multimedia with their iKlip Xpand Stand. It will keep your hands free from holding it and it will keep your tablet firmly in place.

2. Powered USB Port

This is often overlooked, but let’s be honest, most of the audio interfaces and studio controllers are often connected and powered via USB. And sometimes your PSU (power supply) on your computer just can’t power everything so you start getting glitches in performance. This is where an external bus powered USB port comes in handy. Trust us, you need one.

3. KaiKU – Musical Touch Glove

It’s a similar concept to Mi.Mu gloves that Imogen Heap uses. Suitable for amateurs and professionals alike, KAiKU works with any skill level. In addition, the musical touch glove comes with 18 programmable capacitive sensors. Likewise, you can use it to trigger midi-sounds at any time. With an accelerometer and gyroscope, KAiKU enables you to shape cool sounds in a new way.

Moreover, the KAiKU app makes it easy and fun to learn how to use the glove. Likewise, it makes mixing and playing music straightforward and intuitive. Once you master KAiKU, you can play and mix music by simply twisting your hand. Featuring a patented musical scale mapping system, KAiKU literally puts music creation in your hands.

4. Sennheiser – Memory Mic Smartphone Condenser Microphone

Ideas can come at any time so it’s best to keep your smartphone with you at all times in order to capture your ideas. There have been plenty of smartphone mics out there but this one is wireless. This gadget connects to your device via Bluetooth and continues to record no matter how far away it is from your smartphone. The Memory Mic records up to four hours. Also, the iOS and Android apps make it easy to access your recordings. Additionally, one-touch audio and video synchronization provide wireless and smooth audio recording without any drop-outs.

5. G-Suit – Protective Guitar Cover

You can easily access your guitar while keeping it protected. This instrument accessory protects your guitar’s most critical areas so you can leave it out in the open more often if you don’t have a guitar case or closet. Made with a durable formed lycra exterior and soft velvet interior, the cover protects the fretboard, strings and neck. It also guards your guitar against exposure to dust, smoke, and humidity. Very useful for guitar players out there.

6. BOSS – Katana Air

This is a completely wireless solution for guitar players. This guitar amp comes with five distinct amplifier sounds and more than 50 BOSS effects. It allows you to practice and jam without dealing with guitar cables. Likewise, you don’t even have to plug it into an AC due to its battery powered operation, giving you the freedom to play everywhere, not just in your studio. It comes with a wireless transmitter that you can use with any guitar and the transmitter recharges once you dock it into the amp. Using Bluetooth, you can stream music from the map and jam with it, plus it comes with a phone app that you can use to edit sounds and presets on the go.

7. iZotope – Spire Studio

Spire enables you to take your studio anywhere you go without the hassle of bringing an external audio interface with a bunch of cables and laptop. It uses a built-in Wi-Fi connection to join Spire Studio with the accompanying app for iOS. You can even leave your laptop at home and use the app to record and control your Spire Studio with ease. Spire Studio features a built-in professional microphone and two inputs with Grace Design preamps to produce high-quality recordings. You can also add FX such as reverbs, delays and all the standard audio processing stuff. Bearing in mind that it is built by iZotope, this is a sure guarantee of high standards in quality.

8. Genki Instruments – Wave Wearable MIDI Controller

This little ring enables you to control sounds from the motion of your hand. In fact, it will not only let you control sound but also shape effects as well as send commands. It happens to be a great piece of wearable technology for music makers. Additionally, there are buttons you can use to send various commands and midi CC. You can also trigger samples by tapping any kind of surface. It is very simple to use and it will keep you inspired for a very long time. Plus, it is fun!

9. Enhancia – Neova MIDI Ring Controller

This is a very different one compared to the Wave wearable MIDI controller because it allows you to manipulate only the vibrato of your notes while playing a keyboard. It changes the tunes in real time by using natural gestures. Enhancia basically works as a responsive MIDI controller that you can use with or without a laptop. Just tilt your hand up and down to module the volume. Likewise, rolling your hand from side to side provides vibrato effects and pitch bend. Furthermore, if you combine gestures then the effects also combine. While the current ring uses a tether to connect to the hub, the company aims to make it wireless by the time it is available to the public.

10. Expressive E – Touché Intuitive Touch Music Controller

This device works with almost any synth to expand upon your controls. At the top is a stunning yet thin wooden skin that is superbly soft. With just a touch you can manipulate the audio to give life to your creativity. The patented control surface features unmatched sensitivity, translating the subtlest gesture into rich MIDI, CV and USB control data. Combine multiple axes of movement and create amazing sounds. All it takes is a touch of your hand. Becoming an integral part of your setup, the Touché Controller looks as good as it functions. With this level of intimacy with your creation, you can upgrade your entire music – making process!

Written by Nikola Nikita Jeremic