Top 10 Omnisphere Soundset Designers 2019

Working composers are always on the lookout for usable and inspiring sounds especially when you are on a tight deadline and don’t have that much time to sit down and create your own sounds for a project. That is where professional sound designers come in to create them for you. Our community is very big and soundset designers play a big role in our careers. So in their honor we are presenting you with a list of top 10 soundset designers for Omnisphere, in no particular order. We are not ranking them because we truly respect their work.

1. Plughugger

Plughugger was started in 2009 as a music technology review site by Carl Lofgren. In 2010 they put together their first soundset for the Waldorf Largo software synthesizer – and today Plughugger has grown to include sounds for some of the biggest software instruments on the market and they helped make factory sounds for companies such as Arturia, Tone2 and for the massive Solaris synthesizer by John Bowen. They are most notable for creating extremely well-designed soundsets for Omnisphere and you should definitely check out their sets such as Ultra One and Deep Ocean.

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2. Luftrum

Luftrum is a one-man team founded by a guy named Soren. He is a sound designer from Denmark whose soundsets can be heard on many music productions and film scores alike. Luftrum’s signature sound is mostly atmospheric and cinematic with a lot of pads, soundscapes and textures made from his own field recordings. There are some rather amazing collections found here and our favorites are Luftrum 14 and Expanse.

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3. Triple Spiral Audio

Another one-man company is Triple Spiral Audio founded in 2017 by Jaap Viser, a composer and sound designer from the Netherlands. He is still active as a composer today but is most notably known as a soundset designer. Jaap says that he got the idea for designing soundsets because he was making his own personal libraries at first and then decided to take it to the next level. His soundsets are created to give a cinematic sound for big picture, and that is exactly what you get. Their most noted soundests are Journeys and Traveller.

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4. Plugin Guru

John “Skippy” Lehmkuhl, otherwise known as Plugin Guru started making music at an early age with piano lessons when he was 4 years old. He says that his ultimate goal is to give you the most powerful, rich and inspiring soundsets for software synths to work with. His list of clients includes names such as Hans Zimmer, Harry Gregson-Williams, James Newton-Howard and many others. His soundsets span from ambient cinematic to aggressive electronic. Their most notable soundsets are OmniChill and ESC Tribute Library.

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5. The Unfinished

Matt Bowdler really needs no introduction because I don’t think there is a working composer out there who hasn’t used some of his creations. He has been creating cutting-edge cinematic sound-designed soundsets for a short time, but his work is already being used in top Hollywood productions and the AAA gaming industry. Matt also collaborated with U-He, Spectrasonics, Spitfire Audio, Wide Blue Sound and Access to create original factory synth patches. Their most notable soundsets are Colossus and Amara.

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6. Sonic Underworld

Sonic Underworld is a team of sound designers and synth addicts who dedicated themselves to bringing us top-notch quality soundsets for various software synths out there. Their soundsets are mostly cinematic in character, spanning from rich pads and textures, subtle soundscapes, over to massive bass sounds and leads. Their most notable soundsets are Zinar and Cygnia.

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7. Audiority

Audiority is a company creating everything from plugins to soundsets, founded by Luca Capozzi. You will find all sorts of sound shaping tools and high-quality soundsets. The soundsets are mostly cinematic and ambient in character, often featuring a lot of pads, textures, soundscapes and granular mangled sounds. Their most notable soundsets are Shimmer Sky and Darkscapes.

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8. String Audio

String Audio are a boutique soundset design company based in Los Angeles. Their products are rich with dark cinematic sounds perfect for your horror or thriller scores. They are mostly known for their Alchemist library for Kontakt, but they have a few Omnisphere soundsets, all of exceptional quality. DARKless and LIGHTless are their two most notable ones.

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9. Subsonic Artz

Subsonic Artz is founded by Fred Nongat who is a passionate self-taught sound designer. He says his mission is very simple: To spread love and emotion he feels for creating beautiful sounds. His soundsets are designed with film and documentary composers in mind and his two most notable sets are Interstellar and Gaia.

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10. Hollo Sound

Joseph Hollo is the man behind Hollo Sound and he creates soundsets mostly for U-He synths, but he has a few really good Omnisphere soundsets that are very subtle and analogue in sound. Perfect for new age music and ambient electronica. Their two most notable sets are Delight and Delight 2.

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Written by Nikola Nikita Jeremic