Top 10 Ways To Pimp Your Music Studio

A studio is like a second home to a working composer, and for “bedroom producers” it literally IS home. This is the place where we spend most of our time during the day and we want to set it up so we feel comfortable while working. Plus we want to make it look cool and professional when the client comes to visit. So, here is VSTBuzz’s top 10 ways to pimp and straighten-up your music studio.

1. Get Rid Of That Cable Mess

We all love outboard gear, instruments and amps, but all of that usually requires a whole bunch of cables. What we don’t like is the mess those cables make. Sure, we usually say it’s a “creative mess”, but let’s be honest, nobody likes jumping and stepping over them, The best way to make them look tidier is to run them below the floor into a cable tunnel, or maybe tie them up into smaller groups that can be easily moved around or stowed somewhere.

You can hang your carefully folded cables onto something like a cable holder when you are not using them. Or if you need everything connected all the time you can use cable bridges that are used as a tunnel for your cables and they will make sure you don’t step onto cables directly. Thomman has some really good solutions for cable tunnels and cable ties they make themselves. But if you are the type of person who likes branded stuff, then Millennium cable tunnels and holder are something you want to check out.

2. Rugs And Carpets

Rugs and carpets are rather helpful when it comes to tweaking your room acoustics, but they go a long way by making your room also look cool. And if you are a drummer, it will help your drums to stay in one place. There are some really cool drum carpets from famous brands that make drums, like Meinl and Tama.

3. Chairs

When we are composing and recording, most of us tend to sit down at the computer desk, so a nice comfy chair is a must to stop back pain. Honestly, gaming chairs are really cozy and they look absolutely cool.

Something like a Trust GXT Resto gaming chair can go a long way. There are also other brands, like Redragon and Whiteshark.

4. Studio Desks

These started becoming more and more popular amongst working composers, and there are some absolutely beautiful designs out there. One of them being a Beijer Workstation that most top Hollywood composers have at their studios. If you are on a budget then something like Music Commander or Beat Desk by StudioDesk can make for a great center piece of furniture for your studio.

5. The Marshall Fridge

It’s so cheesy, but awesome! If you are a guitar player and you have loads of amps in your studio, this Marshall stack minibar refrigerator will blend right in and will keep your food and beverages cool and fresh for when it’s time to take a break.

6. Acoustic Treatment

This is a must for every studio out there in order to have a balanced spread of sound in your room and to keep some unwanted frequencies and resonances in control. Plus it looks really cool, especially if you make your own and decorate them the way you want. If you are not into making your own, then Thomman has a solution for you with one of their many room acoustic treatment sets.

7. Guitar Stands Or A Closet

These things are useful for keeping your guitars from falling down on their headstock and causing you a heart-attack if they break. There are many variations out there from smaller single ones, to rack stands hanging from the wall. But if you really want to pimp your studio, hire a carpenter to make you an actual closet with glass doors to keep your guitars always on display and protect them from dust and humidity.

8. Musician Stools

Not every chair is useful for a musician, especially drummers or percussionists, so if you are inviting one for a recording session you may want to have a small comfortable stool for them to sit on. Percussionists will love something like a short bar stool and cellists and guitar players will fall in love with something like a Mey Chair.

9. Music Stands

The most annoying thing when learning new songs is trying to look at the sheet music on the floor or watching it fall off the amp and scatter about like autumn leaves. Get a music stand and save yourself some stress. Your session musicians will love you for it.

10. Lava Lamp

Yup. Just a plain old lava lamp. C’mon, it looks cool and shiny! ?

Written by Nikola Nikita Jeremic