50% off Chris Hein Horns Compact

50% off Chris Hein Horns Compact

The most complete virtual-instruments library of Brass & Woodwind instruments for Jazz, Pop, Big-Band and Funk.  A stunning collection of all the 54 solo instruments from the highly acclaimed Chris Hein Horns Complete plus six synth-brass instruments.

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The Perfect Brass & Woodwind Bundle for Jazz, Pop, Big-Band and Funk.

Chris Hein – Horns Compact is a powerful Brass & Woodwind library featuring 54 Solo-Instruments and six synth-brass instruments. Each of the Solo Instruments has six velocities for the sustained notes and five different articulations available via Hot-Keys. No key-switching is required to access different articulations and playing-techniques.

The main window shows an eight channel mixer which makes it easy to combine the Solo Instruments to powerful sections.



54 Solo Instruments (5GB of content!)

Create your own combinations of instruments, play them all together or build your own live-setup with separate sections in different keyboard zones. All in one single instrument.

With an easy-to-use interface, this Kontakt player compatible library has 6 built in effects (including EQ, compressor, filter etc.) along with a wide range of reverbs to choose from.

The deal ends in:

Stunning Sound at a Stunning Price

Thanks to the inclusion of up to 8 velocity layers per note, Chris Hein Horns Compact sounds nothing short of incredible. Whatever the type of music you write, whether its jazz, funk, soul, big band, underscore, pop, you’ll always find a use for them.

But don’t take our word for it – listen to the demos in the playlist to the right to hear the instruments in action!

At the normal price of €144.99 this is a bargain – but at 50% off, its a no brainer!

Chris Hein Horns

50% off Chris Hein Horns by Best Service

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What You’re Getting:

  • 54 Solo Instruments & 6 Synth Brass Instruments
  • Brass: 13 x Trumpets, 4 x Flugelhorn, 9 x Tenor Trombone, 6 x Bass Trombone, 1 x Cimbasso, 2 x Tuba, 1 x Alphorn
  • Woodwinds: 4 x Clarinet, 2 x Soprano Sax, 4 x Alto Sax, 3 x Tenor Sax, 2 x Baritone Sax, 1 x Bass Sax, 1 x Contrabass Sax, 1 x C Flute 6 x Synth Brass
  • Massive 5 GB of content
  • Up to 8 velocities per note
  • Revolutionary interface with hot-keys, intelligent legato & vibrato
  • 5 different Playing Techniques
  • Built in Mixer
  • 6 FX & 21 Convolution reverbs

PC: 2GB of RAM and Windows XP (SP2 ) or higher required

Mac: 2GB of RAM and OSX 10.5 or higher required

Compatible with Kontakt (Player) 5.0.3 or newer

What People Think About 50% off Chris Hein Horns Compact

  • Seriously? Just get them…. Chris Hein Horns for a fraction of what it cost to get the complete collection.

    Sure you get more playing styles and a few more layers in the “full” complete version, as well as some extra sections…but this right here is no “lite” version. The way you can build your own sections is just plain fun and very useful.

    Sounds & Gear

    Sounds & Gear

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  • Chris Hein's four-volume brass and woodwind library is one of the best available, so it's great news that it has downscaled to a 'compact' and more affordable format for those on a budget.

    Computer Music

    Computer Music

    Industry Blog

  • Attention, friends of big band sounds: Chris Hein offers with the compact version of his wind/brass instruments library a sound selection that is so extensive that you will ask yourself where the limits are.



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