50% off the “Drumstruck Bundle” by The Unfinished

50% off the “Drumstruck Bundle” by The Unfinished

The Drumstruck Bundle contains 3 cinematic & electronic breakbeat libraries.

Created by The Unfinished, the bundle was recorded in 48k / 24bit and has a total of 150 loops in Kontakt, perfect for big cinematic beats and gritty underscore!

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Dark & Gritty Cinematic & Electronic Breakbeats

The Drumstruck Bundle contains Drumstruck 1, 2 & 3 from The Unfinished. There are 150 loops for Kontakt 4 & 5 in total, all recorded in stunning 24bit / 48kHz.

All of the loops sync to your host DAW’s tempo and there are a range of styles and sounds to choose from including:

  • Gritty and punchy deep kick loops
  • Crisp high end “ticki ticki” percussive lines
  • Dark synth-based, techy loops
  • Quiet and restrained underscore style drum loops
  • Powerful and noisy big cinematic beats

Use single loops in isolation or stack them up to create huge cinematic breakbeats!



Drumstruck 1 – Deep Kicks, Dynamic “Ticki-Ticki” Loops & Crunchy Breakbeats

Drumstruck 1 is a sample library aimed at cinematic underscore and lo-fi electronica.

The library consists of 50 four bar loops; featuring deep kick loops, dynamic snick/top loops and crunchy breakbeats. Its a quick and easy way to introduce supporting loops to your music, dropping them in and out on the fly and combining loops to create new percussive textures.

The sound of the loops is reminisicent of Harry Gregson-Williams’ score to the film Phone Booth. Lots of lo-fi tension and dynamics; cinematic and electronic.

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Drumstruck 2 – Louder, Noisier & More Distorted Beats

Drumstruck 2 is the follow up to the original Drumstruck library, but is an altogether different beast. Where the first version focused on smaller, quieter, underscore style drum loops, the new collection is more about louder, noisier, more distorted beats.

Again, it is designed in Kontakt so that you can trigger loops on the fly, mixing and matching combinations. Whether you use Drumstruck 2 in isolation or to beef up existing percussion, it’ll add some tasty, saturated and punchy rhythms.

If you enjoy the big cinematic beats of the likes of Harry Gregson-Williams, Linkin Park, Craig Armstrong or David Holmes, you’ll find something to use in Drumstruck 2.

There are 50 loops, spread across a single Kontakt instrument. No effects, no frills. Just carefully programmed and produced beats, perfect for a wide variety of genres, including cinematic, electronic, rock and pop.


Drumstruck 3 – Crunchier Synth-Based, Gritty Techy Loops

Drumstruck 3 is the third installment of the Drumstruck series and has a little bit more crunchy darkness going on, with a focus on synth-based, techy loops and a bunch of saturation and gritty detail.

Whether you use Drumstruck 3 in isolation or to beef up existing percussion, it’ll add some deft, dynamic percussion to your tracks.

Drumstruck 3 features a wealth of dark, electronic beats and textured, glitchy breaks. There’s plenty of deep, kick-filled loops and crisp top-lines. All processed some of the best compressors, EQs and distortion plug-ins.

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What Could I Use The Drumstruck Bundle For?

The Drumstruck Bundle is great for creating dark, electronic beats, textured & glitchy breaks, lo-fi electronica tension and big cinematic beats. In particular, its great at:

  • Cinematic Underscore – think Harry Gregson-Williams’ Phone Booth score
  • Lo-fi Electronica – Portishead, Moby, Massive Attack etc.
  • Electronic – deadmau5, Kraftwerk etc.
  • Rock & Pop – Linkin Park, Incubus etc.

Use it to sparsely to add dynamic movement to your underscore tracks or throw some big beats into the mix to create a big, in your face sound!


"Drumstruck Bundle" by The Unfinished

50% off "Drumstruck Bundle" by The Unfinished

Deal Expired

Normally €29.99, now only €14.99 (50% off)

  • Perfect for gritty and punchy deep kick loops, , crisp high end “ticki ticki” percussive lines, dark synth-based, techy loops, quiet and restrained underscore style drum loops, powerful and noisy big cinematic beats
  • 150 loops in total – 50 loops in each library
  • Recorded in 24bit / 48kHz
  • 560MB uncompressed (550MB zipped)
  • Drumstruck 1 & 2 requires Kontakt 4.2.4 or higher and Drumstruck 3 is requires the full version of Kontakt v5.4.3 or higher.