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“I Wish” is a pitch freezer plugin that allows you to take any sound – a vocal recording, a drum beat or even noise, and instantly freeze it in time and pitch.

The pitch-frozen audio can then be manipulated and modulated to create highly musical mind bending effects and sounds that have never been heard before!

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Is It A Synthesizer? Is It An Effect? Actually It’s Both!

So What Exactly Does This Plugin Do?

When you hit a note on your midi keyboard, the plugin creates a tiny loop, at the wavelength of that note. I Wish allows you to freeze your audio in any pitch you like.

There are various uses for this plugin such as creating robotic voice effects, pitched stutter effects, musical drum beats, or mind bending ear candies – the possibilities are endless! It can even be used as a polyphonic synthesizer, with real-time wavetable oscillators!

This essentially allows you to make music from noise. I Wish is the only plugin that allows pitch based micro-editing on the fly. Since the result is heavily dependent on the audio and MIDI you feed the plugin, it will always be highly personalized and unique to you!

50% off “I Wish” by Polyverse Music

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Take Any Sound, Freeze It In Time And Sculpt Mind Bending Sounds & Music!

Infected Mushroom’s Secret Weapon!

The idea for this plugin came from Infected Mushroom’s work on their track “I Wish”, in which they manually chopped and edited tiny loops for several days in order to achieve the desired special effect. This plugin creates the same effect, but instantly!

Global Controls


The POLY control sets the number of voices that can be played at the same time. There are also two special monophonic modes: Mono and Legato. In Legato mode, there is no glide between notes unless they are overlapped. In Mono mode, there is always glide between notes, whether they are overlapped or not.


The GLIDE control sets the speed of the pitch glide. Turning the knob to the left will result in shorter glide speeds, and turning it to the right will result in longer glide speeds. Please note that GLIDE is a constant speed, not a constant time.


To allow transients to pass through on tempo, the I Wish ​plugin implements a midi delay. The DELAY control sets the midi delay time in milliseconds. Turn the knob to the left for less or no delay, and to the right for up to a 1 second delay.

Pitch W

The PITCH W controls set the amount of pitch-bending effect the pitch wheel will have on the plugin. It is possible to set different values for both the up direction or down direction.

Preset List

To manage and switch presets, we recommend that you use your DAW’s preset functionality. However, this plugin does offer a very basic method for exporting and importing presets.

To open the preset list, click on the arrow to show the preset menu.

Special Operations

Right-click (or control-click on a Mac) any control on the plugin to receive the following menu:

Detect MIDI CC – To use the “MIDI learn” feature.

Assign MIDI CC – Hover over ASSIGN MIDI CC and then choose the desired CC number from the pop-out menu.

Set Rotary Movement – The SET ROTARY MOVEMENT option sets the knobs to have a circular control motion.

Set Vertical Movement – The SET VERTICAL MOVEMENT option sets the knobs to have a vertical (up and down) control motion.

Mod Wheel Vibrato – The MOD WHEEL VIBRATO option assigns the LFO to the modulation wheel for vibrato effects.

Let’s Get Granular… Loop, Twist, Mangle & Distort To Your Hearts Content!

Loop Controls


The PITCH control changes the length of the loop according to the wavelength of the note pressed, thus changing the loop’s pitch.


The FORMANT control changes the playback speed of the audio within the loop, shifting the pitch of the overtones (but not the fundamental) up or down.


The LINK control creates a tape-like effect by linking the PITCH and FORMANT controls, as well as the modulation amount controls for the pitch and formant.


The X-FADE control smoothes the loops by applying a crossfade between the beginning and the end of the loop.

Amp Controls

The amplifier envelope controls the speed of the crossfade between the dry signal and the wet signal. It also controls the dry/wet balance.


The ATTACK control sets the speed of the fade-in applied to the wet signal, and subsequently the fade-out of the dry signal.


The RELEASE control sets the speed of the fade-out applied on the wet signal, and subsequently the fade-in of the dry signal.


The WET control determines the balance between the dry and wet signals.

To learn more about all the controls available please read the Manual HERE.

Complete Freedom To Shape Your Sound!

LFO Controls


The FADE control sets the delay time before the fade-in of the LFO signal. Much like many classic analog synthesizers, the delay before the fade-in allows a note to start with no vibrato and increase gradually towards the end of the note.


The RATE control sets the frequency of the LFO. To adjust, click on the waveform and drag to the left for lower frequencies, or to the right for higher frequencies.

When the LFO is in tempo mode, this control will set beat divisions as displayed in the value monitor.


The SHAPE control allows you to select between several shapes for the LFO: sine, triangle, saw down, square, random, and smoothed random.


When the RETRIG button is active, the LFO position will reset to the beginning of the waveform every time a MIDI note is received.


When the TEMPO button is active, the LFO frequency will be quantized to the tempo.

Pitch LFO

The PITCH LFO control sets the amount of LFO modulation applied to the pitch.

Formant LFO

The FORMANT LFO control sets the amount of LFO modulation applied to the formant.

Envelope Controls

The envelope can be used to modulate the pitch or formant. This envelope has two stages: DELAY and DECAY. It starts from zero and stays there for the duration of the DELAY parameter, and then ascends towards the maximum at the speed of the DECAY parameter.


The DELAY control sets the time it takes for the envelope to start working, ranging from 0 to 5 seconds.


The CURVE control changes the curve of the envelope.


The DECAY control determines the time it takes the envelope to reach it’s maximum state, ranging from 0 to 5 seconds.

Pitch ENV

The PITCH ENV control sets the amount of envelope modulation applied to to the pitch.

Formant ENV

The FORMANT ENV control sets the amount of envelope modulation applied to the formant.

To learn more about all the controls available please read the Manual HERE.

50% off “I Wish” by Polyverse Music

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So What Exactly Can I Do With “I Wish”?

“I Wish” is a completely unique plugin that can take any ordinary sound, then freeze, twist and mangle it into something mind bendingly extraordinary… in no time at all!

With almost limitless possibilities, this plugin is perfect for a wide range of musical styles including but not limited to:

  • Psytrance
  • Glitch
  • Dubstep
  • Electro House
  • Hardstyle
  • Pop

.. and much more, the only limit to “I Wish” is your imagination!

To learn more about all the controls available please read the Manual HERE.

"I Wish" by Polyverse Music

50% off "I Wish" by Polyverse Music

Deal Expired

Normally €90 – get it at 50% off before it’s gone!

  • 50% off the normal price (normally €90)!
  • The only pitch freezer plugin on the market.
  • Modulate pitch and formant.
  • Real-time polyphonic Wavetable synthesizer.
  • Pitch based micro-editing on the fly.
  • Produce extremely controlled stutter effects.
  • Create attention grabbing ear candies.
  • Endless creative possibilities.
  • Supports VST / AU / AAX plugin formats.
  • To learn more about all the controls available in this incredible plugin please read the Manual HERE.
  • Perfect for all kinds of music including Psytrance, Glitch, Dubstep, Electro House, Hardstyle & Pop!

What People Think About 50% off “I Wish” by Polyverse Music

  • "I Wish is both robust and easy-to-use. The GUI was clearly designed for impressive ease-of-use and the presets sound AWESOME. I Wish can also be used as a polyphonic synthesizer, with wavetable oscillators. This allows you to make musical elements from any audio of your choice!"

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    Dance Music Northwest

    Dance Music Northwest

    Music Industry Blog

  • "Overall I would say that this plugin is quite unique and can generate some really great results from any audio sources... if you take the time to figure out what works, I Wish can add a lot to your projects in terms of unique variations and stylized audio."

    Full Review

    Ask Audio

    Ask Audio

    Music Industry Blog

  • "I love when plugins are that straight forward but yet, that powerful. I mean, with this, you can do almost vocoder style things, use it as an effect in just some bits of audio, or you can go actually mad and have a big random pad playing out of a vocal track. This thing works wonderful, and I guess it’s worthy to have it in your plugin arsenal for those moments when you wanna experiment and try to create something new and unique!"

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    Producer Spot

    Producer Spot

    Music Industry Blog

  • "Far more practical than a penny tossed into a fountain, I Wish will grant your desires assuming these involve replicating some of the godlike production feats of bands such as Infected Mushroom and Shpongle. The trippy, artificial tones and glitches will be a gift to any psytrance devotee but they’re applicable to any genre where wilful experimentation is rife."

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    Sound On Sound

    Sound On Sound

    Music Industry Blog

  • "As a unique tool to instantly turn any sound into an unconventional synth, "I Wish" by Polyverse Music is very interesting and very useful."

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    Bedroom Producers Blog

    Bedroom Producers Blog

    Music Industry Blog

  • "Using I Wish is a great fun affair, it’s small size and quick sounds means creativity is pushed to the forefront as much as possible, this is the kind of good design I like. I Wish can create complex and extreme robotic type glitch-type effects to huge pad/solo synthesis... I literally threw everything I could through I Wish, from vocoder style stutters, crazy lead buzz synths to vocal inspired synth pads, it’s the randomness that is so often inspiring."

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    Audio Media International

    Audio Media International

    Music Industry Blog

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