50% off “MCreativeBundle” by Melda Production

50% off “MCreativeBundle” by Melda Production

MCreativeBundle contains 27 advanced software effects for composers and producers who want to take their sound creativity past the limits of their imagination!

Don’t limit your creativity; you can make your own unique sound!

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27 Stunning Effects Plugins Worth Over €1,600!

 With “MCreativeBundle” you’re getting 27 of the most advanced sound manipulation tools available today.

The list of effects included is comprehensive and covers almost every facet of music production imaginable, from the obvious Reverbs, Delays, Saturation and Distortion to the exotic and creative in Glitch/Time Manipulation, Morphing, Harmonizing and Spectral Processing effects!

The creative possibilities are limited only by your imagination. You can be subtle or you can torture sounds in any way you like, as needed for your genre. Don’t believe us? Just download the demos and try them for yourself!



EQ, Saturation & Distortion.

  • MMultiBandWaveFolder – is a powerful distortion module, inspired by analogue technology and taken to a whole new level using digital processing. It has a unique character ranging from mild harmonic enhancement to a complete sound destruction
  • MAmp – is a great sounding vintage amp. Whether you are looking for a soft saturation to enhance the harmonic content or a great sounding creative distortion, MAmp is the right tool for the job.
  • MMultiBandDistortion – is a unique distortion plugin combining a generalized amp simulator with a digital distortion processor. It is perfect for guitars, keyboards, drums or even just sound mangling.
  • MMultiBandSaturatorSaturation is a very special type of smooth distortion known from tubes and tapes. It can provide some harmonic flavour, improve bass and subbass content… this particular plugin also contains a digital harmonic generator – the best from both the analogue and digital worlds.
  • MMultiBandWaveShaperWaveshapers are the basic distortion modules but can be rather limited. But with MMultiBandWaveShaper you can draw your own shapes and process up to 6 bands separately. Perfect for sound manglers searching for a really original distortion.
  • MMultiBandBitFun – is a serious tool for extreme distortion lovers. It converts the incoming audio into limited fixed-point precision data of 1-16 bits per sample and lets you access each bit with several bit-manipulation operations and finishes the processing with a low-pass filter. All with up to 6 independent frequency bands, 4 modulators
The deal ends in:

Reverb, Delay & Spatial effects.

  • MMultiBandConvolutionConvolution is an essential audio processing technology, capable of recreating extremely realistic reverbs, microphone and box simulations and even simulations of other plugins. MMultiBandConvolution can do it all with pristine audio quality and amazing flexibility.
  • MMultiBandDelay – When a track sounds flat and uninteresting, a delay is frequently the first thing you try to make it better, but just a delay may not help. MMultiBandDelay is much more than just an ordinary delay.
  • MFilter – Whenever you need to add some movement to an otherwise static sound, a filter is one of the first processors to try. MFilter can probably do more than you could imagine a filter would be capable of.
  • MMultiBandReverb – extends the possibilities well beyond that of standard quality reverbs by allowing you to process up to 6 distinct bands simultaneously. This reverb plugin can provide everything from extremely realistic halls to unbelievable effects.
  • MMultiBandAutopan – the most powerful automatic panner in the world, is the cure whenever you need to make some audio material more spatial and less static. It’s an indispensable tool for keyboards, guitars and many other mono instruments.
  • MRotary – is the ultimate rotary simulator, which can deliver not only the great vintage sound , but also futuristic algorithmic sound featuring up to 6 speakers at once. You can design your own cabinet using any material from wood to glass , process the rotary signal using fully featured dynamic equalizer and much more.
  • MVintageRotary – is a perfect sounding rotary simulation based on the famous Leslie® cabinets. Unlike the original, this one also features several advanced features. Designed for organs, but perfect for keyboards, guitars and many other instruments.
  • MMultiBandChorusChorus is an essential tool for guitars and keyboards to bring out space and width. MMultiBandChorus is not only potentially the best sounding chorus effect on the market, but also the most versatile one. If you aim for an ultimate chorus with both audio quality and features, then this is the plugin is the one that you have been searching for.
  • MMultiBandComb – is an extremely versatile multi-comb filter, designed for those seeking truly unique sound. Thanks to its smart-randomization engine you don’t even need to be a scientist to get unbelievable moving textures, rhythmic pads or squealing drum loops.
  • MMultiBandFlangerFlangers are tools with a specific character and are indispensable for guitars, and a wide range of other instruments. MMultiBandFlanger is the top class representative, which will beat every other flanger on the market in terms of both audio quality and features.
  • MMultiBandPhaser – Phasers are commonly used on keyboards, guitars and other instruments to bring some movement and spatialization. MMultiBandPhaser is an extremely versatile and musical-sounding phaser, which is perfect for all kinds of audio material.
  • MMultiBandTremolo – the most powerful tremolo in the world, is an essential tool for any audio engineer. Whether you just want to add some flavour to an electric piano, add some stereo width, or start being really creative, MMultiBandTremolo will deliver astonishing results in no time at all.
  • MMultiBandVibrato – Vibrato effects are rarely used, but this one is different. MMultiBandVibrato is also a powerful rotary simulator, which is perfect for everything from organs to guitars. And the audio quality is just the best on the market.




The deal ends in:



Creative & Exotic effects.

  • MMorph – lets you morph between 2 audio materials, leading to inexhaustible creative potential. It sounds unbelievable, is extremely versatile and insanely fast. MMorph is an indispensable tool for composers, producers and DJs who really want to be creative.
  • MUnison – is a unique combination of doubler/unison and smart harmonizer. It lets your vocals sound like an orchestra with automatically scaled harmonies, produces classic double-tracking effect and much more.. .
  • MMultiBandRhythmizer – From gating to glitching, repeating hits to scratching, all with stunning audio quality and up to 6 distinct bands, that’s MMultiBandRhythmizer. A unique time manipulation effect that uses an integrated sequencer to control time, volume and filters. MMultiBandRhythmizer brings your music to life, say goodbye to boring audio performances!
  • MVocoderRobotic voices, singing synthesizers, morphing between multiple audio materials. That’s MVocoder, a vocoder with ultimate audio quality and extensive range of features as usual.
  • MWobbler – is a unique distorting filter originally designed to produce dubstep wobbling basses, but it turns out to be a great multipurpose filter for just about any audio material from rhythmic pads, rotary organs to drum driven basses
  • MMultiBandFreqShifter – is a revolutionary frequency shifting plugin which breaks down the harmonic content of the audio. Use it to fatten the sound, produce mild stereo expansion, or even provide complete sound destruction. Whether you simply need an enhancement tool, or are searching for a truly original sound, this is the plugin for you!
  • MMultiBandGranular – is an extremely versatile granular resynthesizer, which can make your lead sound like a pad, make your drums more powerful and much more. The plugin cuts your audio material into small pieces (“grains”) and creates an entirely new sound from them. In multiple bands of course.
  • MMultiBandHarmonizer – Make one instrument sound like many musicians at once, create harmonies, widen or enhance recordings, add bass drum sub-harmonics and much more. That’s MMultiBandHarmonizer, a pitch-shifting and multi-voice harmonizing plugin.
  • MMultiBandRingModulator – Ring-modulators are quite specialized effects used especially on non-harmonic audio materials, such as drums. MMultiBandRingModulator is a very advanced ring-modulation effect, which is, due to its multiband nature, highly suitable for many types of audio.
  • MRhythmizer – From gating to glitching, repeating hits to scratching, all with stunning audio quality, that’s MRhythmizer, a unique time manipulation effect that uses an integrated sequencer to control time, volume and filters. MRhythmizer brings your music to life, say goodbye to boring audio performances!
  • MTransformerPitch shifting, frequency shifting, daemonic and robotic voices… that’s MTransformer, a unique spectral processor that lets you transform any frequency to any other, transform their levels…

Features of “MCreativeBundle”

  • 27 of the most advanced sound manipulation effects available today.
  • Effects include Reverb, Delay, Saturation, Distortion, Glitch, Morphing, Harmonizing and Spectral Processing!
  • Unique sound design and shaping capabilities.
  • An inspiring GUI that is uniform across the entire range of effects, you know it in one effect… you know it in all of them!
  • Save and compare up to 8 Active Presets.
  • Low on inspiration? Give the Smart Randomization system built into every effect a whirl and get those creative juices flowing!
  • Updates are free… for life!


"MCreativeBundle" by Melda Production

50% off "MCreativeBundle" by Melda Production

Deal Expired

Normally €399.00 – get it at 50% before its gone!

  • An absolute no-brainer at 50% off the normal price (normally €399.00)!
  • Requires a VST/VST3/AU/AAX compatible host (Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 or Mac OSX 10.6 or newer – 32 or 64 bit)
  • 27 of the most advanced sound manipulation effects available today.
  • A wealth of sound design and shaping capabilities.
  • A fully customizable and resizable GUI that is uniform for every plugin, you are in control at all times!
  •  A Smart Randomization system for when you’re low on inspiration!
  • Save and compare up to 8 Active Presets!
  • Still not sure? Try the time limited demos!
  • Ideal for sound design, electronic, industrial, ambient music and much more!