50% off “Ravenscroft 275” by VI-Labs

50% off “Ravenscroft 275” by VI-Labs

Some instruments truly can inspire and take your creativity to new levels. “Ravenscroft 275” is one of these rare instruments. This one-of-a-kind concert grand piano has been recreated using nearly 17,000 samples and 4 discrete microphones, controlled from an easy to use interface.

It’s one piano that works for all styles and gorgeous detail is abundant. If the usual piano tones have worn out their welcome and it’s time for the unique, the Ravenscroft 275 may be the one. This is truly the pianist’s virtual piano!

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A Stunningly Realistic Concert Grand Piano At Your Fingertips!

At VI Labs they believe that some instruments truly can inspire and take your creativity to new levels. “Ravenscroft 275” is one of these rare instruments. This one-of-a-kind concert grand has been recreated using nearly 17,000 samples and 4 discrete microphones, controlled from an easy to use interface.

The goal was to emulate all aspects of the 275’s detailed voice using the latest sampling technology and let this amazing piano speak with clarity. The result: a virtual piano like no other.

Reproducing the tone and playability of a concert grand like the 275 Titanium is no easy task. Precise playing velocities plus complex harmonic interactions and details are carefully sampled and then controlled by a powerful script and engine.

Control is similar to a modeled virtual piano but entirely sample-based. Touch response is consistent no matter the controller used. All while keeping your resource usage minimal and offering fast load times.

It’s one piano that works for all styles. And gorgeous detail is abundant. Crystal clear hammer attacks, unique Muted Strikes, staccato Release Trails, lush Una Corda, and sampled Resonance lead to a level of realism previously unobtainable in a virtual piano.

If the usual piano tones have worn out their welcome and it’s time for the unique, the Ravenscroft 275 may be the one. This is truly the pianist’s virtual piano.

“Ravenscroft 275” comes with its own sample player, the UVI Workstation 3 (requires v3.0.0 or later). which is free to download and use HERE.

The deal ends in:

A Unique Grand Piano With A Completely Individual Sound!

The Ravenscroft Model 275 Titanium was built to be a concerto piano and have power to sing over a full orchestra but still handle the most delicate passages with ease and clarity.

Sitka spruce from a 1,000 year old tree was used for the soundboard, the action is CAD optimized to be responsive and balanced to precise tolerances, and all string termination points are of solid titanium which contribute to its brilliance and long sustain.

Front and rear tuned duplex scale further adds to the brilliance and sparkle. It responds with the agility of a fine sports car. And most important for the virtual instrument, tonal possibilities and depth of voicing with the Model 275 Titanium seem limitless.

The bass is deep with a pronounced fundamental, the tenor is pure and rich, and the treble retains clear overtones and can be as bright as you want just in how you play without ever sounding edgy or brittle.

The sustaining sound evolves beautifully over time with several notable ‘blooms’. Overall there is brightness and definition but it keeps a warm quality at all times even when it’s played fortissimo in any register.

According to designer Michael Spreeman, “Although our sound is very clean and pure, it’s also multi-dimensional. I strive for multiple layers, or dimensions, of complex harmonics that can be heard, sensed, and felt without sacrificing a strong emphasis on a bold fundamental tone.”

Total Control of Your Sound – An Entire Virtual Studio At Your Fingertips!

Four discrete sampled microphones plus a custom mix!

When recording a great piano in the studio, you want options. Versatility in microphone setups is needed to cover any playing style or mix without being limited to one basic tone. Plus the microphone selection and placement in and around the piano affect the stereo image and what tonal aspects of the piano are being recorded.

The four discrete phase-aligned mic setups of the “Ravenscroft 275” accurately capture its unique voice in exquisite detail and can be used individually or mixed in any way.

World-class mics and preamps were used throughout. Tones from close and intimate, diffuse and distant, warm or brilliant, can all be achieved with one or more of these mics.

Load the samples you want and activate or deactivate mics without having to unload and reload the samples. This is the Ravenscroft 275 virtual piano studio!

Complete Sound Control

The Main control panel features the Mic selection and mixing section center stage. Loading microphones is quick and easy while memory usage remains very reasonable. Adjust the mic’s volume with the slider and shut the mic off with its power switch.

The microphone selection and setups were chosen for their variety of use, the character of the piano VI Labs wanted to capture as well as how they compliment one another when mixing.

  • CLOSE – A mix of mics inside the piano placed over the strings and hammers that capture a punchy detailed tone with a big stereo image. Great for pop/modern playing and hold up well in any mix.
  • PLAYER – A stereo pair of mics that capture the sound heard sitting at the keys and pick up more of the hammer attack. More distant than Close mics, they’re great for classical and player’s perspective while also mixing well with other mics.
  • SIDE – A mid-side vintage U87 setup right outside the rim that capture a balance of warmth and detail with a more focused image. Great for jazz and classical and blend well with other mics to add more room or detail. Side mics are also fully mono-capable due to the nature of mid-side.
  • ROOM – A mix of mics away from the piano that capture the complete instrument along with the room characteristics. Great for classical and for the unique perspective of the room sound and work great blended with any other mics.

The deal ends in:

Advanced Performance Features – Customize Every Aspect Of Your Sound!

Real Sympathetic Resonance

Pianists are well accustomed to the aspect known as sympathetic resonance that occurs in acoustic pianos and its importance to the sustain and how chords resolve. It binds all notes together as one instrument.

Sympathetic resonance is heard among harmonically related keys held and others played, while pedal down resonance occurs as all strings vibrate together when the damper pedal is pressed adding to the overall sustain.

Both pedal down and harmonic key pedal up resonances are sample-based and not synthesized in any way. We believe this important component of the piano’s tone is best emulated only with real samples.

The Ravenscroft’s multi-dimensional resonances have been precisely sampled and scripted for both types of advanced resonance simulations responding naturally like the real grand, all fully adjustable.

Release Trails

Thousands of detailed release samples including true staccato trails.

Authentic Pedal Features

The pedals of a grand piano must be responsive and give precise control of the dampers by using the Sustain and Sostenuto pedals plus allow you to sweeten the tonal colors with the Una Corda or soft pedal.

Ravenscroft 275 works with a single on/off pedal for basic sustain, or you can use all three pedals including piano-style continuous damper pedals for smooth Half-pedal control plus Sostenuto and Una Corda functions.

The Sostenuto works just like a grand piano and is perfect for triggering Sympathetic Resonance samples on notes held by this pedal. Repedal is fully supported and a crucial function to blur phrases and blend the sustained tone if the pedal is lifted and depressed quickly.

Other options like half-pedal range settings and custom CC assignments for any function offer a level of control discerning pianists will appreciate.

Additional Features

  • MUTE STRIKES – Load these unique samples with the strings muted gives a very short percussive attack. Switch from Mutes to normal in real time.
  • UNA CORDA SAMPLES – An amazingly lush Una Corda soft pedal sound, deeply sampled including over a thousand discrete Una Corda release samples.
  • MIDI RESPONSE AND TUNING – Intuitive controls for MIDI and volume response deliver a great feel with any controller. Choose and create custom tunings from the Tuning Panel.
  • ADVANCED FEATURES – Control every component of the sound including sampled Key and Pedal noises, Silent Strikes as well as control of the dynamics along with pedal assignments and polyphony.

So What Exactly Can I Do With “Ravenscroft 275”?

The “Ravenscroft 275”  has a uniquely individual yet incredibly flexible sound that makes it perfect for writing music in a diverse range of styles. In particular it is great for:

  • Jazz – think Bill Evans or Herbie Hancock
  • Blues – from chilled out to in your face, rocking out Blues
  • Classical – start playing with the 22 available convolution reverbs and find your perfect piano recital sound
  • TV/Film Scores – the wide selection of mic perspectives means you’ll have plenty of different sounds to choose from for soft and delicate scores to bigger and more booming tracks.

“Ravenscroft 275” comes with its own sample player, the UVI Workstation 3 (requires v3.0.0 or later). which is free to download and use HERE.

Note: This library requires you to create a free iLok account, however you DO NOT need a physical key!

"Ravenscroft 275" by VI-Labs

50% off "Ravenscroft 275" by VI-Labs

Deal Expired

Normally €170 – get it at 50% off before it’s gone!

  • 50% off the normal price (normally €170)!
  • Nearly 17,000 samples of the one-of-a-kind Model 275 Titanium concert grand!
  • 6GB free disk space (5.32 GB actual size needed)
  • 100% sample-based, no modeling or synthesis used
  • Officially approved and authorized by the makers of Ravenscroft Pianos
  • Very efficient use of RAM and CPU resources
  • 4 discrete Microphone Perspectives available
  • Fully sampled Una Corda pedal
  • Sympathetic and Pedal Resonance
  • Adjustable Sympathetic Resonance polyphony
  • Repedal and True Pedal Action for realistic sustain pedal control
  • Half-pedal mode is sample-based and fully adjustable
  • Muted Strikes which offer a unique tone
  • Customizable MIDI and Dynamics response
  • 22 pristine Convolution Reverbs included
  • Thousands of Release samples, including true Stacatto Releases
  • 19 total velocity layers including Silent Strike samples
  • Powerful Stereo Width and Timbre Shift controls
  • Custom tuning with presets and micro-tuning supported
  • Lossless FLAC format allows highest quality with smallest drive space requirements and fast loading times.
  • Computer-based activation. Use on up to 3 machines, no dongle required!
  • Mac OSX 10.7 or greater or Windows 7 or higher, 64-bit only
  • UVI Workstation 3 (requires v3.0.0 or later). which is completely free to download and use HERE.
  • Minimum CPU requirements: Intel Core 2 Duo System (intel core i preferred for best performance)
  • 7200rpm hard drive (Solid State Drive (SSD) preferred for best performance)
  • 4GB of RAM
  • VST, AAX and AU Plug-ins and standalone supported
  • Perfect for Jazz, Blues, Classical Music, TV Music, Cinematic Underscore and much more!

What People Think About 50% off “Ravenscroft 275” by VI-Labs

  • "The handcrafted Ravenscroft 275 is truly a work of art and possesses a gorgeous tone that will satisfy even the most discerning piano connoisseur. Built to soar across the top of an orchestra, the Ravenscroft 275 is equally at home playing ballads and jazz. Technicalities aside, this is by far one of the more superior virtual pianos on the market today and this current deal makes it an even more appealing prospect."

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    Sample Library Review

    Sample Library Review

    Music Industry Blog

  • "Excellent. The sound quality of Ravenscroft is way over the competition in the digital piano world... and most important, it is better than the majority of (non-digital) grand pianos you could ever afford to pay for. This software piano is for piano players, not just for keyboardists, or pop musicians. When you touch the keys, you are in control, sounds respond accordingly. I now understand what Eric Griggs was talking about when trying Ravenscroft at namm 2014: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohhabx9nk4k"

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    User Review - Harmony Central

  • "The sampling involved in it is so close to reality and so tightly worked on, it sounds way better than 90% of real pianos due to tuning and environment conditions. Playing jazz on it is so cool and so inspiring. It sounds like Chick Corea. Crystal clear sound, very powerful bottom end. Pop music, latin, classical, you name it. It's very versatile and with the mic positions you can add body or resonance or stereo image as you like. I so highly recommend it."

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    ‎David Laurin

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