50% off “The Solstice Bundle” by Zapzorn

50% off “The Solstice Bundle” by Zapzorn

“The Solstice Bundle” is a unique collection of sound design tonal pad and atonal soundscape creation machines for Kontakt.

Using 24 sampled core sounds each and incredible randomization tools they will bring a complete uniqueness to anything you compose.

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A Unique Sound Design, Tonal Pad and Atonal Soundscape Creation Machine

Both “Solstice: Blue” and “Solstice: Green” two sample libraries for Kontakt that combine multiple elements to produce an overall sound that is always evolving and never repetitive.

They’re perfect for creating:

  • atonal soundscapes
  • tonal pads
  • sound design & more!

Both instruments already come packed with an extensive collection of presets that will provide hours of inspiration, however if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can put your OWN sounds into Solstice and use it’s powerful interface and effects engine to transform them into something that is uniquely yours!

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Solstice: Blue – Electronic Meets Organic

“Solstice: Blue” focuses on combining electronic sounds with 24 organic core sounds including:

  • Uniquely crafted guitars
  • Bowed tonal cymbals
  • Struck piano
  • Blown pipes
  • Human whistle
  • Tonal electronic sound design

Plus a few others. These are the tonal anchors in each patch.

The X and Y sounds in Blue range from natural things like:

  • Electronic soundscapes
  • Reverse chimes & cymbals
  • Voices
  • Stereo windstorms
  • Electrical arcs
  • Data streams
  • Radio waves

With this incredible amount of customisation on offer, there are lots of ways to use “Solstice: Blue” in the creative process. Use it to create a tonal background (or sometimes melody) that is constantly evolving and can serve as a beautiful base to lay the rest of a cue on, or import your own sounds, crank up the effects and use it as an incredibly unique and inspirational sound design tool!

Solstice: Green – The Calming Natural Alternative to Blue

Solstice: Green” is the peaceful sister to “Solstice: Blue”, featuring the sounds of nature and beautiful landscapes that meet with 24 new calming core sounds.

Green’s core sounds (24 in total) include:

  • Female and Male vocals
  • Cello performances
  • Blown pipes and flutes
  • Guitar fades and e-bowing
  • Bowed bowls
  • Glass and stringed instruments

Plus a few others. These are the tonal anchors in each patch.

The X and Y sounds in Green range from natural things like:

  • Thunderstorms
  • Waterfalls
  • Jungle ambience
  • Streams
  • Wind
  • The ocean…

To more musical things like:

  • Random harps
  • Guitar and cello harmonics
  • Wind chimes
  • Prepared piano
  • Blown bottles and more.

The key here is that nearly all of these sounds are ORGANIC in nature – real instruments, voices, soundscapes, etc… organic sounds add nuances that don’t exist in synths.



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The Heart of the Sound – FX, Filters & Randomization!

At the heart of the Solstice instruments lie their carefully chosen array of effects and filters… and the wholly unique Master Randomization button. The individual effects and sound manipulation tools included are as follows:

  • SpaceA convolution reverb
  • Orbit – Chorus, Flanger and phasers
  • Echo – Delays
  • Dirt – Multiple Distortions
  • ADSR – Fine control over the attack, decay, sustain and release of a patch.
  • LFO – rate and modulation controls
  • Filter – high/low/band pass, Q control

Although you are free to tweak any of the effects in any manner you choose, whether that be subtly or to the extreme (including using the 8 individual randomization buttons assigned to each one), the real fun starts when you hit that Red Master Randomization button! This will completely randomize every single effects and filter parameter… you just never know what result you might get!

Listen to An In Depth Patch Walkthrough

Don Bodin from Sample Library Review does a great walkthrough video that guides you through a huge amount of the patches available in The Solstice Bundle.

Follow Don as he experiments with the sounds available and does a quick run through of the approximately 500 patches available in Solstice Blue and Solstice Green combined.

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So What Exactly Can I Do With “The Zapzorn Solstice Bundle”?

With it’s unique approach to sound manipulation and incredible randomization optionsThe Zapzorn Solstice Bundle will provide endless hours of inspiration for your next music project. This is a very flexible library that is perfect for, but not limited to:

  • Underscore – light pulsing underscore and slowly evolving pads.
  • Ambient – exotic and otherworldly soundscapes.
  • Sound Design – Carefully sculpt sounds with the generous effects options or hit the Master Randomizer button for something totally unexpected!

N.B. Requires the FULL retail version of Kontakt 4.2 or later! (not compatible with the free Kontakt Player)



Listen to How It Was Used to Score a TV Show

“I was hired to score A&E’s “Extreme Builds” and was given very specific scoring direction to make a beautiful, sparse and sound design based compositions for the show. Solstice Blue and Green were the constant elements that enveloped the sonic backgrounds of nearly every cue.

They added a beautiful dimension that made each piece unique where I could put nearly any traditional instruments on top of these tonal drone-like beds and make them expand to a whole new level of sonic excellence.

Lighter cues like “Pride and Joy” and “Letting Go” start out solely with Solstice and then build with simple traditional instruments creating a beautiful result. Solstice’s constant random expanse provided a ethereal and custom soundscapes to fill the empty spaces and add emotional gravity to each piece.

Dramatic cues like “In A Hole,” “Drowning” and “Danger” allowed Solstice to play a bigger role in providing the moods to compose around. Finally, in the dramatic cues “Betrayal,” “Stunned” and “Bells,” I used both Solstice and ZapZorn Elements together to create a palette sonic sound design based tonal wonder – the expansive backgrounds laid down with Solstice coupled with the wide percussive tonal elements the ZapZorn Elements gave each cue a wonderfully unique character to each cue.

In creating ZapZorn Composer Tools, I wanted to make sonically excellent instruments that were unique and useful as a composer.These cues just begin to scratch the surface of what having Solstice Blue, Solstice Green and ZapZorn Elements in you arsenal can offer to expand your compositions.”

George Gabriel – Composer & Creator of ZapZorn Composer Tools

"The Zapzorn Solstice Bundle" by Zapzorn

50% off "The Zapzorn Solstice Bundle" by Zapzorn

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Normally €149.99 – get it at 50% before its gone!

  • Absolute no-brainer at 50% off the normal price (normally €149.99)!
  • Solstice Blue
  • 80 Tonal Patches
  • 50 Atonal Patches
  • 1.9 + Gigs of pristine sounds
  • Solstice Green
  • 80 Tonal Patches
  • 50 Atonal Patches
  • 10 Bonus Nature Patches
  • 1.9 + Gigs of pristine sounds
  • 6 Dynamic Effects – Orbit, Space, Dirt, Echo, LFOs and Filters
  • 8 Individual Randomizers
  • 1 Master Randomizer (Red Button) – totally unique sounds every time!
  • Import your own samples and manipulate them for sounds that are truly yours!
  • FULL RETAIL version of Native Instruments Kontakt 4.2 or later required (not compatible with Kontakt Player)
  • Perfect for underscore, Ambient, Electronic music and much much more!

What People Think About 50% off “The Solstice Bundle” by Zapzorn

  • "Their own plethora of well crafted presets aside, even Zapzorn don’t know what sounds you’re going to end up with when using SOLSTICE: Blue – and that’s the very power of this library and sound design tool."

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    Film and Game Composers

    Film and Game Composers

    Music Industry Blog

  • "From breathtakingly breathing pads to swirling or squeaking atmospheres to special effects, all sorts of interesting sounds can be produced. Thanks to the randomizer functions, the results are always surprising!"

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