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“Ambition” is an instrument for the free Kontakt Player that inspires new vistas of musical exploration, and allows you to become the sonic pioneer.

Explore a panoramic trail to undiscovered and timeless soundscapes, emotion-filled pads, evolving textures, anamorphic rhythms, elemental keys, and experimental undertones.

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Breath-Taking & Evolving Keys, Pads, Motion & Textures For Kontakt Player

“Ambition” sets the stage for pioneering new sympathies between sound and picture.

Forging a powerful alliance between the musical scale and visual scope, Ambition imagines a new harmony between music composition and visual production.

What’s Inside?

  • 1 Master NKI template
  • 31 Multi(s) heavily designed presets
  • 252 sample sources
  • 221 snapshots (uniquely designed)
  • 3,351 high quality chromatic samples
  • 30,000+ sample combinations
  • 5.1 GB of (compressed lossless ncw’s)
  • 3 powerful global performance effects
  • 25 custom sampled impulse responses
  • 1 Master Lemur NKI template (coming soon)

Ambition runs in the free Kontakt Player 6 which you can download HERE!

55% off “Ambition” by Sound Yeti

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A New Lens For Your Musical Vision

Capture breath-taking emotion and deep intensity with awe inspiring ease. Express the sounds and textures, feel and rhythmic energy that resonates deep within. Your musical visions become creative reality, effortlessly, with Ambition.

Key Features

  • Powerful synth engine built on Kontakt 6
  • A/B channel dexterity & agile channel exchange
  • Full-featured LFOs per channel, with syncing & core waveforms
  • Proprietary LFO visual display
  • Expressive X-Y performance effects: Sculpt, Breath, Echoes
  • Per channel ADSR envelopes
  • 8 effects per channel
  • Intuitive sample browser menu for easy navigation
  • Sound Yeti curated sounds for all types of music production
  • Employs Kontakt’s powerful FX

Explore A World Of Big Picture Sound

Double Focus Dexterity

The key to Ambition’s drive is dexterity – with a double dealing mixing architecture presenting two sides of equal yet distinct versatility. Elegantly separate, swap, split, merge, detach or bypass any effect or LFO from channel to channel. Complex and multidimensional, this interplay between channels produces extraordinary and expressive harmonic elements.

Masterful Modulation

Easily layer, shape (ADSR), texture and tune, mould and mix your sounds into a masterful performance without ever breaking a sweat. Discover your own big picture sound with responsive LFOs, EQ, compression, distortion, Lo-Fi, saturation, chorus, delay and 25 custom IR reverbs.

Command Performance

Add even more vivid colours and tonal dimensions to any sound with Sculpt, Breath and Echoes, Ambition’s proprietary and distinctive X-Y control performance effects. Easily enough to earn you a curtain call.

Get Creative & Deep Dive Into Ambition’s Big Picture Synth Engine


Ambition features three main pages; Browser, FX, and LFO pages. These pages are the core of Ambition’s engine and let you edit samples, patch selection, channel effects, modulation of effects and more. All housed in a global section referred to as The Frame.

Within the frame you’ll gain access to intuitive global controls, per channel parameters and functions for designing, layering and processing sounds.

Ambition is super “playable” because all the essential controls to rapidly shape your sound are instantly accessible. The frame will allow you to edit, sculpt, mix each of Ambition’s sounds and presets rapidly and creatively. In the blacked out section of the frame, there are three page insert sections; FX (effects), LFO, Instrument Browser.

Channel Settings

The first part of the frame is the channel settings section. Much like a mixer, channel settings give you full control over the basic aspects of the selected sound/samples for each channel. Channel settings are where you will choose the channels instrument patch, volume mix, envelope shape, tuning and stereo imaging.

  • SAMPLE NAVIGATION – Each channel, A/B, provides an easy way to cycle through Ambition’s sound banks of unique sampled instruments. Navigate to different instruments with the arrows to the left and right of the sample name.
  • SAMPLE BROWSER – When you get to this page that means you clicked the sample instrument name on a channel. The Browser is an expanded way to select one of Ambitions 252 high quality and diverse sample instruments for each channel.


The Mixer consists of 3 faders. Mix A on the left, Master in the centre, and Mix B on the right. Each fader functions just as you would expect for a volume fader.

  • MASTER FADER –  The fader controls the boost of the master volume of the instrument.
  • CHANNEL FADERS –  Use either of these faders to boost the volume of the channel instrument.
  • MUTE – Each channel can be muted/soloed easily by clicking the channel indicator “A” or “B” in the top left and right of the instrument.

Channel Controls

The Channel controls are the basic controls to make quick changes to your sound and sonic character.

  • TUNE – This knob will set the tune of the channel voice. This has a range of -36 to +36 semitones (note this is not midi pitch control).
  • PAN – Sets the Stereo Pan of the selected voice channel.
  • WIDTH – Increases the stereo width from 0% – 200%.
  • BYPASS INDICATORS – These are indicators to let you know if you have any Effects or LFOs activated on the channel. They also act as a fast way to bypass All Effects and LFOs on a channel.
  • ATTACK – Adjusts the initial time it will take the envelope to reach its maximum level after it has been triggered. Ranges from 0 ms to 15 seconds.
  • DECAY – Adjusts the time it will take the envelope to fall from its maximum value to the level set by the sustain control. Ranges from 0ms to 25 seconds.
  • SUSTAIN – Adjusts the level the envelope will stay at for as long as a key is being held (measured in decibels), after the attack, and decay phases. Ranges from -∞ dB to 0 dB.
  • RELEASE – The time it will take the envelope to fall from its sustain level back to zero after the key has been released. Ranges from 0ms to 25 seconds.
  • A > B – B > A – The fast and easy way to mirror your ADSR channel settings. Mirroring or swapping settings from channel to channel will be a pattern you’ll see across the instrument.

Effects Page Navigation

Effects Page Navigation Buttons – when clicked, will take you to the following page inserts.

  • Page insert – LFO – Modulation
  • Page insert – FX – Channel Effects

When selected the button will be highlighted and glowing blue. If not selected it will be greyed out.

Page Insert – FX – Channel Effects

The FX Page is a key component of Ambition and offers a wide variety of tools for shaping and creating cinematic sounds, ambient spaces, overtone FX and more. Ambition offers 8 effects and an easy to understand interface bringing you an unprecedented level of creativity with a simple way to control the effect parameters.

There are eight built in effects for each channel in Ambition, as follows:

  • EQUALIZER – Control the 3 band EQs – LF, LFG, BELL MF, MFG, HF, HFG, BELL – Frequency bands and Gains.
  • COMPRESSOR – Control the Compression. Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Release.
  • DISTORTION – Control the Drive, Dampening and Gain of two types of Distortion. Tube or Transistor.
  • LOFI – Controls the Bits, Sample Rate and the Gain of the LO-FI effect.
  • SATURATION – Control the Amount and Gain for 3 types of (tube) Saturation – Classic, Enhanced, Drums.
  • CHORUS – Control the Depth, Speed, Phase, Dry, and Wet signal for Chorus.
  • DELAY – Control the Time, Sync to the tempo of your DAW or have it free form. The Feedback, Saturation, and Mix for 4 types of Delay; Modern, Analogue, Tape, Vintage.
  • REVERB – Control the Size, Low Cut, High Cut and Mix of the Convolution Reverb. Ambition comes with 25 Custom IR’s (Impulse Responses).

Page Insert – LFO Modulation

One of the main staples of Ambition is Sound Yeti’s proprietary LFO modulation capabilities. Craft dynamic and evolving sounds and visualize them with the custom LFO visualizer. Ambition has 2 LFOs, 1 per channel. Sound Yeti built this to be simple to operate, but still have great flexible features to craft your sound.

Performance Effects

The performance effects were built to give you tools to quickly and drastically change the tonality and sonic texture of the sounds and patches you create. These controls are all built into fun to use X/Y pads. The 3 Performance Effects are:

  • SCULPT – An HP and LP Filter Matrix
  • ECHOES – A Dual Band Delay Effect
  • BREATH – A Global (speaker) Cabinet Simulator


The last part of the frame of Ambition is the Footer and its settings. Remember these are always visible in any view of Ambition. Functions
in the Footer are:

  • KEYBOARD LAYOUT – A/B Split Functionality
  • RESET – Resting Parameters Functionality
  • RANDOMIZE SAMPLES – By clicking on the Randomize Samples button Ambition will automagically randomize channel A’s and channel B’s sample selections simultaneously
  • X/Y MIDI CC – Midi CC the X/Y Pads
  • X/Y VALUES – Displays the X/Y pad control values

NKS Integration

Native Kontrol Standard (NKS) is Native Instruments’ extended plugin format for virtual instrument developers. NKS allows for intuitive and seamless interaction between plugin instruments and KOMPLETE KONTROL and MASCHINE hardware.

Ambition features a thorough and complete integration for the NKS plugin format, including Native Map, Light Guide, Integrated Browser and Snapshot Previews.

Native Map

The Native Map integration for Ambition features 4 pages of powerful mapping layouts. Sound Yeti exposed these controls because they are the most relevant controls of the instrument and will help you tweak your sounds quickly. Also remember if you need more, all controls are available to you via Midi CC for your own custom mappings.

For more detail on all of these functions read the user manual HERE.

55% off “Ambition” by Sound Yeti

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So What Can I Do With “Ambition”?

With “Ambition” you can explore a panoramic trail to undiscovered and timeless soundscapes, emotion-filled pads, evolving textures, anamorphic rhythms, elemental keys, and experimental undertones that are perfect for but not limited to the following music styles:

  • Ambient & Minimal Music
  • Cinematic Underscore
  • Video Game Music

… and much more!

Ambition runs in the free Kontakt Player 6 which you can download HERE!

"Ambition" by Sound Yeti

55% off "Ambition" by Sound Yeti

Deal Expired

Normally €122 – get it at 55% off before it’s gone!

  • 55% off the normal price (normally €122)!
  • 1 Master NKI template
  • 31 Multi(s) heavily designed presets
  • 252 sample sources
  • 221 snapshots (uniquely designed)
  • 3,351 high quality chromatic samples
  • 30,000+ sample combinations
  • 5.1 GB of (compressed lossless ncw’s)
  • 3 powerful global performance effects
  • 25 custom sampled impulse responses
  • 1 Master Lemur NKI template (coming soon)
  • Native Instruments NKS Ready with KOMPLETE KONTROL & MASCHINE
  • Full integration with Komplete S-Series keyboards and hardware
  • Use as a standalone virtual instrument plugin or VST-AU-AAX plugin or with popular DAWs like Ableton, Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase etc.
  • MacOS 10.12, 10.13, 10.14 or 10.15 (latest update), Intel Core i5, 4GB RAM
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (latest Service Pack), Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU, 2GB RAM
  • Mac OS X 10.12 and higher (latest update), Intel Core i5 or i7, i9, 8GB RAM
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (latest Service Pack), Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU, 8GB RAM
  • Note: Ambition runs in the free Kontakt Player 6 which you can download HERE, not other software is required!
  • Please note: Native Access is required for the activation of this Kontakt based instruments.
  • Note: Please be aware you will be required to visit an external website in order to create an account, redeem and download your product. We do not host the download at VSTBuzz.
  • Perfect for Ambient & Minimal Music, Cinematic Underscore, Video Game Music and much more!

What People Think About 55% off “Ambition” by Sound Yeti

  • "Ambition is [Sound Yeti's] 3rd venture into the world of Kontakt sound design and their first into the arena of ambient soundtrack and electronic hybrid scoring. The Pads and Textures are reminiscent of some of the best Omnisphere libraries and are highly moving and inspirational, definitely on a level that few Kontakt libraries have been able to achieve."

    Full Review

    Sample Library Review

    Sample Library Review

    Music Industry Blog

  • "A “go-to” on finding “that sound” you are missing or when you are needing inspiration. Sounds are genuinely inspiring."

    Gilde Flores

    Gilde Flores

    Producer / Composer

  • "Ambition is another excellent sample Library from Sound Yeti. Full with fantastic pads, it offers you the great possibility to mix and create your own sounds easily and creatively. Thanks for a great instrument Sound Yeti."

    Sami Elsheikhi

    Sami Elsheikhi

    Composer / Sound Engineer

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