60% off “MAD Drums” by Handheld Sound

60% off “MAD Drums” by Handheld Sound

MAD Drums is a REMO® custom 5-piece Rock kit recorded in stunning 24bit clarity with a huge range of features to choose from.

Its the perfect punchy drum kit for Rock, Pop, Indie, Punk & Funk music!

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MAD Drums – 3GB REMO® custom 5-piece Rock kit

In a sea of drum kit products out there, MAD Drums are something quite different – affordable drums that bring back the joy and simplicity of working with sampled drums and pack new powerful concepts. With an extended dynamic range of pure raw attitude, the top velocities are at the point of stick-breaking power!

MAD brings an integrated hi-end environment for creating Uber realistic grooves with maximum impact, while retaining a very focused and direct tonal quality. With its versatile mixer, groove engine, and playability features, anyone can quickly program realistic beats and rhythms.


Punchy Drums for Rock, Pop, Indie, Punk & Funk!

As a slightly smaller kit than usual, the kit sounds very tight and direct with a punchy and focused tone. MAD produces a rich, warm, analog(ish) tone that is forward sounding, yet, without ever chewing unnecessary frequencies, making it seamless to fit in a mix, straight out of the box!

MAD is is suitable for a variety of music styles but we aimed particularly at Indie Rock/Punk and Funk. It was designed to utilize an extended dynamic range that is true to the instrument and that reflects the dynamic balance of real drummers.

To compliment the extended dynamic range for a truly unique sound, the kit was miked and recorded along with a small PA system (semi-isolated), which naturally blended with the direct microphone signals, especially on the higher velocities. The resulting tone is powerful with lots of impact. It gradually becomes squelchy with a bit of saturation towards the top of the dynamic range, combining the overall aggressive playing style with the natural feedback infused through the live PA.

Other offerings such as dynamic microphone bleed control, absolutely noiseless samples, and a custom script that focuses on realistic playback, help unleash a fresh new drum kit, with lots of attitude.

The deal ends in:

Intuitive Interface – Easy, Mix & Groove

MAD’s user interface includes 3 main sections:

  • Easy tab that gives access to the essentials including a macro control panel,
  • Mix tab which includes a full featured mixer with extensive control over microphones blending and bleed control
  • Groove tab with over 350 grooves.

Playability is further controlled via MAD’s custom script featuring a totally variable velocity sensitivity, Legato grace notes, a robust Hi-Hat engine with modulation, auto cymbal chokes, and many other realism enhancements that work in the background.



Groove Engine with 350+ Grooves to Get You Started

The Groove engine in MAD is where you can quickly audition rhythmic ideas and use them in your host as building blocks or as is.

You have a choice of 16 Rock or Funk Core grooves. Each Core Groove has 5 alternate grooves and 5 fill-in grooves. Alts and Fills go from subtle to extreme while retaining the context of their respective core grooves.

All grooves are un-quantized and can be dragged to your host as standard MIDI files.

Start with a groove and make it into your own!

The deal ends in:

Powerful Mixer to Shape & Control Your Sound

MAD comes complete with extensive tools to shape and control the sound and playability of the kit.

In addition to including traditional mixing tools such as a full mixer, EQ, compression etc., it includes a full featured mixer with extensive control over microphones blending and bleed control.

MAD takes a unique approach to microphone blending and bleed control, allowing flexible sonic design and signal flow that’s otherwise impossible to achieve with a traditional mixing console.


Articulations, Techniques & OTher Special Features

MAD really shines at indie punk/rock and funk. Given the extra wide dynamic range, loud is indeed very loud!

We utilized various playing techniques and articulations to deliver a tonal and dynamic response that is true and idiomatic to the instrument. Here are some other special features of the library:

  • Multi-sampled hits of Kick, Snare, Hi-Hat, 3X Toms and Cymbals.
  • Integrated user interface with a full mixer, EQ and Compression, Bussing, and a sophisticated control panel.
  • Abundance of velocity layers and 4X round robin samples.
  • Extended dynamic range and realistic velocity curves suitable for drumming.
  • Separate Left/Right hand samples for Snare and Toms with multiple drum zones articulations.
  • Extensive Hi-Hat engine with 6 degrees of Close-To-Open modulation with automatic foot pedal and Legato transitions.
  • Automatic ‘same hand guard’ keeps your programming or live triggering realistic.
  • Innovative Snare Grace notes Legato transitions.
  • Automatic Cymbal Chokes.
  • Recorded in a room with a live small PA setup. The combined signals improved dynamic range and power.
  • Recorded through premium mics and preamps (Neve, API and Demeter) using oversized custom Cooperman Sticks.
  • Ability to shape the kit sound completely inside MAD and save snapshots, or Buss every channel to your host.
  • Independent level control within the Overheads channel elements. Change the levels of the Hi-Hat or Cymbals independently within the Overheads Stereo channel.
  • Ultra realistic Hi-Hat implementation with numerous articulations, 6 gradual Close-To-Open states, modulation and transitions, and automatic foot pedal blending.
  • Full control over microphone bleed from multiple perspectives including Kick, Toms, and Snare.
  • Musically tuned decay envelopes and velocity control.

"MAD Drums" by Handheld Sound

60% off "MAD Drums" by Handheld Sound

Deal Expired

Normally €74.99, now only €29.99 (60% off)

  • Huge 60% off the normal price!
  • Perfect for rock, pop, indie, funk and punk
  • Recorded in high quality 24bit / 44.1kHz
  • 5,400+ individual samples, 4x Round robin
  • Extended and realistic dynamic range
  • Extensive Hi-Hat engine with many articulations and modulation options.
  • Separate Left/Right hits on Snare and Toms
  • Intelligent Legato Snare Grace notes, Cymbal Chokes, and note overlap cleanup.
  • Full mixer with EQ, Compression, and innovative mic bleed control.
  • Includes a useful Groove engine with over 350 grooves.
  • Optimized for studio production and LIVE triggering
  • 3GB Harddrive space required
  • Full version of Kontakt 5.2 or higher required – NOT COMPATIBLE WITH KONTAKT PLAYER