60% off “Stormdrum 2” by EastWest Sounds

60% off “Stormdrum 2” by EastWest Sounds

QUANTUM LEAP “STORMDRUM 2” is the sequel to QUANTUM LEAP STORMDRUM (one of the best selling acoustic percussion based virtual instruments ever released).

Featuring some of the most amazing, and unique multi-sampled percussion imaginable, SD2 has an unmistakable Hollywood sound-stage vibe and a sound far beyond any other commercial percussion collection!

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The Next Generation of Cinematic Percussion!

Produced by Nick Pheonix and featuring over 12 Gigabytes of ALL NEW (except the included Metallica black drum kit from Ministry Of Rock) acoustic percussion instruments, this unique selection of drums and percussion exceeds all other collections. As a sequel to STORMDRUM it sets new standards that will exceed the expectations of everyone who owns a QUANTUM LEAP product.

StormDrum 2 includes over 100 instruments in the following categories:

  • Drumkits and Related
  • Ethnic Drums
  • Ethnic Metals
  • Sound Design Percussion
  • Woods and Shakers
  • Zendrum Programs

Also included are 100+ film score oriented MIDI PERFORMANCES, each with dozens of variations, intros and endings from bombastic to hypnotic!

The libraries all run in the Play 5 engine which comes free and works in VST, AU, AAX & RTAS format.

Perfect for Film. TV & Video Game Underscore, Hybrid Orchestral and Epic Trailer music, this is a must have compositional tool for serious composers!

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Experience The Quantum Leap Stormdrum 2 User Interface!

“Stormdrum 2” comes with a comprehensive yet easy to use graphical interface with plenty of controls to help you customise your sounds. Here is an overview of some of the main controls avaiable:

Round Robin Reset Button

A round robin articulation is one in which several different samples are recorded with all parameters, such as volume, speed of attack, and so on, being essentially constant. The PLAY Engine then knows to alternate between the two or more samples during playback. The goal is to avoid what’s often called the “machine gun effect,” in which playing the same sampled note repeatedly causes the unnatural sound of consecutive notes being mechanically identical. You can use this button to reset all round robin instruments on demand. Or use your choice of a MIDI note or MIDI control code to reset them one instrument at a time from a MIDI keyboard or the data stored in a sequencer project.

Stereo Spread Controls

The knob in this set of controls affects the apparent width of the sound of the instrument within the soundscape. Turning the knob all the way to the left makes the sound seem to come from a specific location as indicated by the Pan control. The more this knob is turned to the right, the wider the apparent source of the sound, making it harder to pinpoint in the stereo field.

The Left and Right buttons specify the source of the input for this control, the left or right channel. Note that by clicking the button that is on, you can turn it off, which means that neither channel is selected.

Filter Controls

The Filter controls take the sound of the instrument, and modify it by filtering out some of the sound above a certain frequency. This type of effect is commonly called a Low Pass Filter.

  • The Frequency knob  – determines where the sound starts to be filtered out.
  • The Resonance knob  – specifies how much the filter “rings” at the dialed frequency. The higher the resonance knob is set, the more focused this ringing becomes.

The graph gives you visual cues about the frequency distribution you are creating with the settings you select.

Reverb Controls

A generic Reverb control is described in the main PLAY manual, and that description applies here as well. The Reverb control in Stormdrum 2 contains an extra knob, Predelay, not present in most other PLAY UIs. Increasing the level with this knob delays the onset of the reverb so that the initial section of the sample is unaffected. This feature allows the sound of each attack to maintain its true color while the rest of the note still gains the benefit of the reverb effect.


This control defines a mapping between the velocity of the MIDI notes and the velocity of the notes that sound. Being able to control the sensitivity is primarily useful when playing live, for example on a keyboard, drum pad, or Zendrum.

The Graphical Representation of the Envelope

The total width of the graph represents the total length of all phases of the envelope. Therefore, when you change something in one part of the graph, for example, the decay, you may see the slopes of other components, the attack and the release, change as well because those phases become a larger or smaller percent of the whole; this is as expected.

Read more about these controls in the User Manual HERE

Inspirational Sounds – 100+ Instruments and MIDI Performance Files!

The “Stormdrum 2” instrument collection comes in seven categories covering a wide range of percussion types:

  • Drumkits and Related: A variety of rock, orchestral, and specialized drumkits. Each SD2 instrument contains samples from multiple drums and maybe other percussion that might be used together to form a drummer’s kit.
  • Ethnic Drums: Various drums from around the world.
  • Ethnic Metals: Various metallic instruments from around the world, including bells, bowls, cymbals, gongs, and others.
  • Midi Perf Multis: Each .ewi file in this collection loads up to 16 instruments (selected from the other collections) at the same time. They are designed to be used with the MIDI Performance Files, as described at the end of this section, but can also be used on their own.
  • Sound Design Percussion: Sound bites created with digital effects such as filters, panning, and distortion to achieve sounds and patterns that do not occur naturally.
  • Woods and Shakers: A variety of samples from tambourines, wood blocks, rattles, and the like.
  • Zendrum Programs: Copies of instruments in other SD2 collections, but specially programed for live performance on the Zendrum.

MIDI Performance Files

Stormdrum 2 also includes 100+ MIDI files that capture performances with the SD2 instruments. You can load these MIDI files into your sequencer and have ready-made percussion tracks that you can run once in a song or loop them. You can also use them as a starting point and customize them to your needs.

Each of these MIDI files includes an East West multi-instrument file (with extension .ewi) that should be loaded into the PLAY instance running on the matching MIDI track. In this way, you will be hearing the exact same instruments and articulations the performance designer heard.

The Matching MIDI and instruments files have the same name, but with extensions .ewi and .mid. Also included is a short audio file in MP3 format so you can hear at least part of the MIDI performance without having to load it into a sequencer.

Overall these MIDI files make for a great starting point for your own compositions or purely as inspiration by showing what is achievable with this incredible library!

Read more about all the instruments included and further details on MIDI file use in the User Manual HERE

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So What Exactly Can I Do With “Stormdrum 2”?

“Stormdrum 2” is quite possibly one of the best percussion libraries you can buy, containing every epic percussion instrument that you’ll ever need in your compositions. Also, thanks to the free “Play” engine, you don’t need to buy the full version of Kontakt or any other software to run it either!

“Stormdrum 2” is well suited to a vast range of musical styles, here are just some of the possible uses:

  • Epic Trailer Music
  • Cinematic Underscore
  • Hybrid Orchestral Music
  • Video Games
  • Sound Design!

"Stormdrum 2" by EastWest Sounds

60% off "Stormdrum 2" by EastWest Sounds

Deal Expired

Normally €340 – get it at 60% off before it’s gone!

  • 60% off the normal price (normally €340)!
  • Over 12GB of Percussion Insanity!
  • A huge selection of incredible Percussion instruments in the following categories:
  • Drumkit and related
  • Ethnic Drums
  • Ethnic Metals
  • Woods and Shakers
  • Sound Design Percussion
  • Zen Drum Programs
  • 100+ film score oriented MIDI PERFORMANCES!
  • MAC – Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 2.1GHz or higher (PPC not supported)
  • Mac OSX 10.7 or later
  • PC – Intel Core 2 Duo, or AMD Dual Core 2.1GHz or higher
  • Windows 7 or later – Sound card with ASIO drivers
  • 8GB RAM
  • 7200 RPM or faster (non energy saving) hard drive for sample streaming
  • Note: iLok account required for machine (electronic) license placed on your computer or use optional iLok Key; internet connection required for one-time product activation
  • Perfect for Epic Trailer Music, Cinematic Underscore, Video Games & Sound Design!

What People Think About 60% off “Stormdrum 2” by EastWest Sounds

  • "Ok, the phrase "big ass drum" is definitely pigeonholing Stormdrum 2, but when I find myself showing off what SD2 can do, I'm loading up the epic bangers of the Godzilla set or the Earthquake ensemble or the likes and just pound away. It's an instant wow factor demonstrating the presence and quality of some of these drums. SD2, the hands down winner of percussion libraries."

    Full Review


    Music Industry Blog

  • "This is an overwhelming truckload of fresh percussion to have dropped at one's fingertips. Thanks to the acoustics of that gorgeous Hollywood soundstage, you feel the sound as much as you hear it. It shakes your bones and brings tears to your eyes for its sonic purity, majesty and realism. You totally forget you're playing a VI; that's what makes SD2 the "big percussion" instrument on the market today."


    Music Industry Blog

  • "As a former percussion major and as someone who's spent many an hour on the scoring stages of Los Angeles with some of the best percussionists in the world, I am mightily impressed. But as someone who writes and produces, I am grateful, because what I'm hearing in Storm Drum 2, just with the percussion, and not the MIDI performances, is the caliber of percussive sound I've heard so often at Fox, MGM, Universal and Warner Brothers studios that I can now use in my music. If you're doing Film/TV work, ya gotta have it. The sounds are really that amazing. "

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    Film Music Magazine

    Music Industry Blog

  • "Beautifully recorded, there is a stunning range of instruments on offer, from gongs, buddha bells and a Roman war drum to all manner of things you've probably never heard of. Each is unique and brilliantly suited to film music, whether it's as part of an exhilarating chase scene or subtle mood enhance. The big sounds are absolutely huge-powerful and punchy-and the smaller ones are suitably delicate and ethereal. Providing your system is up to it, you'll be creating scores that people will never know have been made not on a Hollywood soundstage, but on a computer."

    Music Tech

    Music Tech

    Music Industry Blog

  • Stormdrum 2 contains 16,000 samples... there's a sense of devotion about these projects, the long months spent recording and programming seeming to go well beyond the call of duty. Sample libraries don't get much better than this, and any composer with an ear for sound will find much inspirational material."

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    Sound on Sound

    Sound on Sound

    Music Industry Blog

  • "The powerful, forcedul, driving, exhilarating, mix-ready samples out-of-the-box are to die for, especially if you score for flm or video. Even better are the included MIDI loops that allowed me to actually see how a loop was constructed in full detail, and easily remove anything out of a loop that I didn't care for. Those of you looking for a more eclectic, and dare I say unique selection of drums, this library should not be missed. SD2 is highly recommended, from film composer to drum connoisseur."

    Devon Brent

    Recording Magazine