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“Transverse” is a super fast way to design reverse sounds, risers, rhythmic riffs, performable textures, abstract beats and granular pads in Steinberg HALion.

Though suitable for all uses, Transverse is specifically useful for electronic music genres, game sound design, trailer music and film music.

With layers switchable between noise and oscillator and a user sample section with a granular synth, the texture and sound capabilities are numerous.

Note: Transverse runs in the free HALion Player, which can be downloaded HERE.

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A Highly Flexible Transition & Reverse Designer For Steinberg HALion

The name “Transverse” is a portmanteau of transition and reverse. As the name implies Transverse is a Halion instrument that focuses on designing reverse sounds, sweeps, transitions, risers and rhythmic riffs for your projects.

With the ubiquity of such sounds in modern music and sound design, having a focused tool that provides quick access to the most necessary parameters can greatly reduce the need for repetitive tasks & keep creative flow going.


  • 260 Presets for FX, Reverse Designs, Bass, Beats and more!
  • Curves Modulator with Three Layers
  • Metallic, Digital, Analog and User sound sources
  • Created by dvCompTools for HALion

Note: Transverse runs in the free HALion Player, which can be downloaded HERE.

60% off “Transverse” by dvCompTools

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Create Unique Epic Risers, Transitions, Rhythmic Riffs, Suspense Cues & Abstract Beats At Lightning Speed

The layout logic behind Transverse was to create a rapid design environment to remedy the above mentioned situations by having controls spread across the UI where they will be most needed. Having controllers at you fingertips rather than having to dig through menus promotes the creative process and reduces time spent on technical issues.

With its 36 noise profiles in 3 banks, 2 of which also contain 24 predefined oscillators and 100 preset wave sources, combined with synced and rhythmic envelopes and XY modulation, creating such sounds can be done in seconds.

All synced modulation can be switched to time based for sound designs that accompany visuals. Even LFOs can be set in seconds rather than Hz, where long cycle LFOs can also double as envelopes.

Main Page – General

  • 1) Master Filter and Resonance – filter on master bus which shapes tone independently from layer filters.
  • 2) Key Follow – for layer filter and pitch parameters. Set in percent. Can be negative.
  • 3) Layer Filter Shape – selection menu for filter shapes.
  • 4) Layer Cutoff – 10Hz – 22kHz.
  • 5) Layer Resonance – set in percent.
  • 6) Noise/Oscillator Selector – depending on the selected source (layers 2 and 3), this will change the selection to one of 12 oscillators per layer or a noise profile.
  • 7) Source Selector – for layers 2 and 3, this will switch between the noise or oscillator sources.
  • 8) Layer Pitch Settings – ranged from + 3 octaves to – 3 octaves.
  • 9) Stereo Image Settings – Stereo Width controls the stereo image width on a per layer base. Stereo Spread pans layers 2 and 3 to the sides, while keeping layer 1 in the center.
  • 10) Drive Settings – turn drive on and off for each layer and set the level as desired.
  • 11) Layer Levels – set layer levels.
  • 12) On/Off – mutes and turns layers On or Off.

Main Page – Envelope Section

The 2 main states for the envelope is ‘Reverse’ and ‘ADSR’.


  • 1) Sync Note – Select envelope sync resolution.
  • 2) Sync/Time – Switch from sync note to timed in seconds.
  • 3) Soft Release – For some lower pitched, purer tones, the reverse envelope can cause clicks due to abrupt envelope level cuts. This softens the release by 8ms to remedy these artefacts.
  • 4) Count – Length of the reverse envelope in multiples of the sync note.
  • 5) Curve – Reverse envelope’s curve.
  • 6) ADSR Switch.


  • 1) Sync Note – Resolution for sync point multipliers. Only available if sync ADSR is active.
  • 2) Sync ADSR – Syncs ADSR envelope.
  • 3) Amp\Mod – Switches between amp and mod envelopes for ADSR envelope.

Main Page – Settings & FX

  • 1) Sends – delay and reverb sends. Can be modulated by the XY Pad.
  • 2) Settings – opens the settings box in the mixer section.
  • 3) Outputs – select outputs for each of the 3 layers.
  • 4) Refresh Outputs – outputs refresh when the settings window is opened or closed.
  • 5) Monophonic – makes all layers monophonic.
  • 6) Limiter – the limiters are applied on a per layer basis to retain transparency.

Custom Pages That Are Designed To Let You Take Total Control Of Your Sound

The custom page is where you can select one of the built in presets as a sound source or drop your own sample on the display.

Wave Display

The bars to the left and right of the playback position bar are used to set sample start end end points. This also sets the loop points unless using crossfade, in which case an offset is created for the fade. Ctrl Click on point selection bar to reset sample length. Samples can be dropped from the DAW or OS browser on the sample display to load user samples.


  • 1) Custom On – turns custom layer on.
  • 2) Load Preset – opens the preset file select box.
  • 3) Granular – changes the custom layer from sample to granular.
  • 4) Follow Zone – if granular is active this will link the grain length to the zone pitch.
  • 5) Sample Level – sets the gain of the loaded sample.
  • 6) Normalize – normalize selected sample’s gain.
  • 7) Pitch – sets the pitch. This control is linked to main page pitch for layer 1.
  • 8) Fixed Pitch – ignores midi note pitch, but still keeps pitch control setting.
  • 9) Reverse & Loop – reverses and/or loops the sample.

Custom Page – Sample

  • 1) Loop XFade – creates a crossfade for reduction in audible loop seams. Shortens the loop range to compensate for the crossfade region.
  • 2) Xfade Curve – changes crossfade from linear to curved. Good for continuous sounds such as pads.
  • 3) Alt Loop – sets the loop to alternate direction between loop points.
  • 4) Stretch – activate stretching for samples. Use with Sync2End to preserve length if pitch is modulated to maintain correct ending alignment.
  • 5) Frmnt K/F – key follow for sample stretch formant.
  • 6) Formant – manual formant setting.
  • 7) Speed – set length of resulting sample stretch in percent.

Custom Page – Grain

  • 1) Speed – travel speed of playback head. Direction will reverse if Reverse is activated.
  • 2) Position – initial position of grain play head.
  • 3) Random – randomizes grain positions. Good for atonal and abstract sounds.
  • 4) Number – number of sample grains.
  • 5) Duration – length of individual grains.
  • 6) Grain to LFO – grain position and duration modulated by LFO 1 or LFO 2.
  • 7) Grain Ranges – in the event of a high LFO rate or long grain sample travel distance, sounds may lose pitch information or become gapped. Ranges can be used to limit travel distance or excessive duration modulation to regain pitch quality. It also avoids having to use excessively low controller values for finer adjustments in longer samples and becoming fidgety.

This can be done regardless of current automation, if present.

Custom Page – Sync2End

The Sync2End function can sync a sample to the end of a reverse envelope. This can be helpful to strengthen the reverse effect of longer envelopes by adding an extra reverse sample from the presets, or a user sample, to make the reverse effect more apparent.

  • 1) Sync2End – activates sync if available.
  • 2) Fade Length – sets the sample fade length as a percentage of total length.
  • 3) Fade Curve – like main page, reverse curve, sets the fade response curve.

Get Creative With Modulation & Effects

Mod & FX Page – Curves

The curves modulator is a 16 stage maximum envelope with various selectable shapes. Curves can be synced or run by time.

  • 1) Standard Mod Section – handles modulation for amp, filter and pitch.
  • 2) Grain Mod Section – handles modulation for the position and duration parameters.
  • 3) Grain Ranges – same as with the LFO grain ranges, this aims to temper modulation travel to achieve more pleasing results (if so desired).
  • 4) Shift Seq – shifts the visible curves sequence left or right.
  • 5) Randomize – sets random shapes for the sequence.
  • 6) Shapes – opens the shapes selector.
  • 7) Segment Index & Level – for currently selected segment.
  • 8) To Layers – adjusts the level of modulation sent to each layer.
  • 9) Seg Count – set the total amount of sequence segments
  • 10) Sync – tempo Syncs the sequence. Alternatively a timed envelope is produced.
  • 11) Triplet/Dotted – set the sync note to triplet or dotted.
  • 12) Sync Note – set the synced sequence segment resolution.
  • 13) Snap – snaps the segment levels to 12 steps.
  • 14) Soft – this softens sharp corners by 6ms to avoid clicks, if so desired.

Mod & FX Page – LFOs & ENVs

  • 1) LFO 1/LFO 2 – change from LFO 1 to 2
  • 2) Sync/Free – tempo sync or free LFO.
  • 3) Beat/Tempo – with Sync activated, beat will sync to song position while tempo will sync to tempo, but retrigger whenever a note is played.
  • 4) Hz / Seconds – while in free mode, the option is there to time an LFO cycle in seconds rather than Hz.
  • 5) Mono – makes the current LFO monophonic and triggers on the first note on.


Each horizontal row on the LFO/Env page, represents the modulation sources for one of the three Transverse layers. All vertical controls from the top down, are thus a repeat of the previous ones.

  • 1) Filt Env/LFO Rate/Pitch Env – ties the related parameter to an envelope for modulation.
  • 2) Rate – LFO rate in sync note/Hz or Seconds.
  • 3) Pitch/Filter/Amp – LFO modulation depth for the relevant destinations.
  • 4) LFO Waveform – drop down menu to select the waveform for the related LFO.
  • 5) Shape – modifies the shape of the LFO.
  • 6) Phase – adjusts the start point of the wave cycle at which the LFO is initially triggered.

Mod & FX Page – XY Pad

  • 1) XY Slot – 8 slots for XY Destinations. Blue indicator shows which slot is selected.
  • 2) Destination – menu to select XY destinations.
  • 3) Clear / All – clear an XY slot. Click ALL to clear all XY Slots in one go.
  • 4) Min / Max – sets minimum and maximum values for modulation.
  • 5) Response Curve – selects a curve to determine how modulation will respond to the puck’s motion.
  • 6) To Layers – sets the extent to which the XY pad affects individual layers.
  • 7) X/Y – shows the current puck position.

For more information read the User Manual HERE.

60% off “Transverse” by dvCompTools

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So What Can I Do With “Transverse”?

“Transverse” is a super fast way to design reverse sounds, risers, rhythmic riffs, performable textures, abstract beats and granular pads.

This is a library that is perfect for but not limited to the following:

  • Electronic Music
  • Game Sound Design
  • Trailer Music
  • Film Underscore

Note: Transverse runs in the free HALion Player, which can be downloaded HERE.


"Transverse" by dvCompTools

60% off "Transverse" by dvCompTools

Deal Expired

Normally €62 – get it at 60% off before it’s gone!

  • 60% off the normal price (normally €62)!
  • 260 Presets for FX, Reverse Designs, Bass, Beats and more!
  • Curves Modulator with Three Layers
  • Metallic, Digital, Analog and User sound sources
  • LFOs and Envelopes for endless modulation possibilities
  • Effects including Stereo Width, Stereo Spread, Reverb and Delay
  • Wave Display for sample editing
  • XY Pad for morphing sound design
  • Created by dvCompTools for HALion
  • Note: Transverse runs in the free HALion Player, which can be downloaded HERE
  • HALion Requirements:
  • Windows 8.1 (64-bit), 10 (64-bit), 11 Version 21H2 (or higher)
  • macOS Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey
  • Silicon based Macs require Rosetta 2 App
  • Plugin formats: VST 2, VST 3, AU, AAX
  • Perfect for Electronic Music, Game Sound Design, Trailer Music, Film Underscore & much more!

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