62% off “Enigma I + II” Bundle by Xtant Audio

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Enigma I + II are a set of Kontakt libraries created with everyday objects, from saucepans to cardboard boxes.

They’re perfect for creating unique soundscapes, loops, rhythms, and grooves in a range of styles including underscore, ambient, glitch and EDM.

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Enigma I: Curious Percussion from Everyday Objects

Enigma I is a curious percussion instrument created from the sounds of everyday objects.

The library contains over 2000 samples with multiple velocity layers and repetitions, an expertly scripted step sequencer (Loop Builder) designed exclusively for this library, and a handy key switch controlled interface for changing sample sets and loops on the fly.

The Loop Builder offers many ways to tweak and manipulate the library within the Kontakt interface. It has an innovative and easy-to-use design that allows you to quickly build complicated multi-instrument loops in minutes.

Produced and Engineered Using Analogue Equipment

Produced and engineered using analogue equipment and high quality A/D converters to retain a warm and natural sound, the library was built with complete consistency in mind.

To that end each sample set was carefully recorded at multiple velocity levels and elegantly processed to maintain consistent volume between every sample.

The library is 190MB in total, with 20 sample sets included.

62% off “Enigma I + II” Bundle by Xtant Audio

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Enigma II: Even More Curious Percussion

Enigma II is the sequel to the much loved Enigma curious percussion Kontakt instrument. This library contains lots of new interesting percussive sounds produced from obscure objects that you can use to enhance the rhythmic elements of your music.

Enigma II is a single Kontakt instrument that contains twenty different sample sets all of which are easily accessed by key switches.

The instrument makes use of our unique Loop Builder step sequencer that can be tempo synced to your VST host and allows you to create automatable loops using any of the sample sets in the library, you can even combine multiple instances of the instrument to create expressive Kontakt multis.

To further enhance the instrument we have included a few useful effects – distortion, delay, and a convolution reverb. We’ve even thrown in some impulse responses from our own IR collections.

The library is 140MB in total with 20 sample sets to choose from.

What Could I Use “The Enigma Bundle” For?

Enigma I & II are perfect for a range of styles including:

  • Cinematic / Underscore – eg. fast moving percussion under strings like The Bourne Ultimatum score
  • Experimental – unusual percussion with some interesting synth textures on top
  • Ambient / Downtempo – some nice beats with Enigma percussion on top to give it a natural feel
  • EDM / Glitch – chop up and resample the Enigma percussion for some unique percussion

"Enigma Bunde" by Xtant Audio

62% off "Enigma Bunde" by Xtant Audio

Deal Expired

Normally €25.96 – get it at 62% before its gone!

  • Absolute no-brainer at 62% off the normal price (normally €25.96!)!
  • Enigma I is 190MB (extracted) and Enigma II is 130MB (extracted)
  • 20 sample sets in each library
  • Perfect for a range of styles including cinematic, underscore, EDM, glitch, ambient and more
  • Full version of Kontakt 4.2 or higher required (NOT COMPATIBLE WITH KONTAKT PLAYER!)

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