70% off “MKSensation Xtreme + Expansion” by Gospel Musicians

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“MKSensation Xtreme” is a live gigging module with all of the bread and butter sounds any urban musician could ever need, with an emphasis on the nostalgic MKS-20 piano module sounds.

With a live gigging mode, the ability to layer sounds, a dedicated split key mode, and a ton of high quality sounds, this will be the only module you’ll ever need. It’s like having 20 modules full of nothing but the most used bread and butter sounds at your disposal!

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Step Back In Time With This Updated Plugin Of One Of The Most Revered Electric & Digital Piano Modules Ever Made

Absolutely the #1 live performance, gigging, bread and butter virtual instrument. “MKSensation Xtreme” is packed full of the best sounding pianos, pads, strings, synths, brass, and of course an exhaustively sampled MKS module.


  • 51 GB HQ Sound Library (20GB Lossless Compression)
  • 85 High Quality Stacked Presets
  • 362 Individual Sounds
  • Layer and Stack up to 8-Sounds
  • Mix in your own plugins and effects
  • Dedicated Graphical Split Mode

License: 3-Activations Per License; Requires Internet To Activate; Ability to Reset License through Manager

**This is not an iLok product, so please do not try to register via iLok. It is a normal serial registration.**

High Speed Internet: High Speed internet greater than 300MB/s required. Wi-Fi Hot spots or hubs will not work.

70% off “MKSensation Xtreme + Expansion” by Gospel Musicians

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The Piano Sound That Defined The 80s


The “MKSensation Xtreme” is a continuation of Gospel Musicians’ famous MKSensation plugin library. At its core it represents the highest quality and the most accurate sampled representation of the classic MKS-20 piano module.

You see, coming from a Gospel Musicians background, this MKS sound is a staple of the gospel sound and has been featured in some of the top gospel albums throughout the years. For years you would see gospel musicians’ racks sfilled with the MKS-20 module and a ton of other vintage racks such as the JV-Series, Motifs, and other auxiliary brass, strings, and bell sounds.

This would create a complex and massive MIDI setup of the thickest stacked sounds imaginable with the ability to control the levels of each on the fly for a very fluid and dynamic concert experience with minimal sound switching, because the layers can be easily controlled with one or two controllers. So what Gospel Musicians did was recreate this entire experience in one plugin to replace decades of modules.

Bonus P-330 Sounds

A little known secret is that many gospel musicians who thought they were listening to a record containing the classic MKS Piano 1 sound, were actually hearing the P-330 piano sounds. For the most part, the MKS’s sounds are richer and thicker than the P330, with an odd exception of the Piano 1 sound.

The P330 Piano sounds cut through the mix a lot better than the MKS and was a tad bit thicker and vintage sounding. So as an added bonus, not only do Gospel Musicians include two different versions of the MKS sounds sampled using different Mic Pres for different flavours, they have also included an amazingly accurate version of the P330 Piano 1 and Piano 2 sounds as well.


The presets they created are unapologetically gospel and urban in nature—representing all of the classic stacks of a Gospel, R&B, Hip-Hop, and live band arrangement sounds one could ever need. Gospel Musicians have created the most incredible stacks with a ton of mod wheel filter cutoff with pads and strings.

They have also not forgotten about the Tine lovers, so they created a ton of layered EPs that would never be possible without a ton of hardware racks. For example, try mixing a JD Crystal EP, an MKS-EP 2 Chorus, an FM TX816 with a warm pad. You would need a ton of hardware to do this, but MKSensation has all of the emulations of the hardware in one plugin.

Why Is This Version Of MKSensation Better Than Version 1?

There are a whole heap of reasons why “MKSensation Xtreme” is an massive improvement on the original version, including:

  • Far superior sounds and quality
  • 350 More Sounds
  • 70 More New Presets
  • 20 or more effects
  • Over 100 New controls
  • New Live Mode
  • Better Preset System
  • Ability to load plugins
  • Ability to Load effects
  • Better CPU and streaming

Stacking & Layering

The entire purpose of MKS X is to stack and layer sounds. Gospel Musicians provide up to 8-sounds per preset, so stacking and layering sounds is paramount. Mute, Unmute, and volume control any layer with MIDI learnable assignments on virtually any parameter.

Dedicated Split Mode

Easily add seamless splits, zones and regions for the most beautiful left hand bass and right hand keys. Or put a nice pad or string sound in the left and add a nice sine or saw lead in the right. Remember you have up to 8-sounds so each layer can be stacked as much as you wish.

Dedicated Live Set Mode

Use the Live-Set Buttons to be able to load in different presets and launch the preset from the quick pads. Gospel Musicians have increased the loading time to seconds and you are able to send a patch control change to switch between presets from your keyboard. You can also use patch control to select banks of live sets automatically from your keyboard for the ultimate life experience.

Load In Your Own Plugins & Effects

Not only do you have the ability to load your own virtual instruments, but you can also load your own sound effects into the effects bank sound slots. So not only do you have high quality sounds to use, but you can mix and match your own favourite plugin virtual instruments and effects for a huge soundscape that will never get old.

New Features Just Added

  • Virtual Effects Hosting – You can now host virtual instruments and effects
  • Use Synthesis With Your Plugin – Use synthesis to control your plugin
  • Select Multiple Faders – Hold CTRL and select multiple faders at one time to control
  • Disable Sustain and Pitch – For split sounds, now you can disable the sustain, mod wheel, and pitch wheel

For more detailed information read the user manual HERE.



Bonus iFX Rack, Completely Free!

The #1 Effects Module For A Vintage Sound

Anyone who knows effects knows that the Overloud™ VKFX Effects suite was one of the best created. The developers took pride in modeling every electronic detail to the most iconic vintage gear. Well, Gospel Musicians licensed this and stacked on 15 more vintage effects for an amazing combination of effects that are warm, phat and full of life.

You get all of the factory presets from the VKFX and previous owners can load in their existing presets… and you get this all absolutely free!


  • 27 High Quality Effects Modules
  • All Overloud™ VKFX Modules
  • Can Read VKFX Presets
  • 94 Factory VKFX Library
  • Moveable Effects Buss

Receive all of the VKFX FX and 17 additional effects with the effects bundle. Reposition the FX buss by dragging a module. Add additional FX modules through the expansion system.

iFX Rack is fully compatible with all of the VKFX effects presets and includes all of the VKFX factory presets as well. This is one of the most complete all-inclusive effects bundles ever created.

Highlighted Effects

  • 11-Band Graphic EQ
  • Dimension D Chorus use don the MKS-20
  • Two Lush Convolution Reverbs
  • Cab IR and Circuit Spring Reverb
  • DP-4/ASR-10 Lush Reverb Impulse
  • Apogee-Like Soft Limiter with Tube Sat
  • Two Stereo Widener Circuits
  • Sub-Harmonic Bass Enhancer
  • 8-Bit Crusher and Bit Tune Effect
  • Dedicated Detune Module
  • Rotary Emulation with b
  • Full Modulation with MIDI Learn
  • Velocity modulatable Auto-Wah
  • Phaser and Flanger Circuits

70% off “MKSensation Xtreme + Expansion” by Gospel Musicians

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So What Exactly Can I Do With “MKSensation Xtreme”?

With 85 High Quality Stacked Presets and 362 Individual Sounds, “MKSensation Xtreme” is a live gigging module with all of the bread and butter sounds any urban musician could ever need.

This library is perfect for the following music styles:

  • Funk
  • Jazz
  • RnB
  • Soul
  • Gospel

Note: Internet connection required for the license activation.

Note: Please be aware you will be required to visit an external website in order to create an account, redeem and download your product. We do not host the download at VSTBuzz.

"MKSensation Xtreme + Expansion" by Gospel Musicians

70% off "MKSensation Xtreme + Expansion" by Gospel Musicians

Deal Expired

Normally €265 – get it at 70% off before it’s gone!

  • 70% off the normal price (normally €265)!
  • 51 GB HQ Sound Library (20GB Lossless Compression)
  • 85 High Quality Stacked Presets
  • 362 Individual Sounds
  • Layer and Stack Up to 8-Sounds
  • Mix in your own plugins and effects
  • Dedicated Graphical Split Mode
  • Runs in Standalone
  • Supported Plugin Formats: Audio Units, VST, AAX, Standalone
  • Tested DAW Compatibility: Digital Performer 8+, Pro Tools 11+, Logic Pro X, Mainstage 3+, Cubase 7+, Ableton Live 8+, Studio One 2+, Garage Band 6+, Reaper 4+, Reason 9.5+, FL Studio, Reaper 4+, Sonar. (Does not Support Maschine)
  • Supported Operating Systems: Mac OS X 10.12+ / Windows 10 / M1 Native
  • Solid State Drive (SSD) Required
  • 8 GB RAM or Higher Required
  • i7 Processor or Higher Required
  • Does not use iLok and No iLok Authorization Used
  • Note: Internet connection required for the license activation
  • Note: Please be aware you will be required to visit an external website in order to create an account, redeem and download your product. We do not host the download at VSTBuzz.
  • Perfect for Funk, Jazz, RnB, Soul, Gospel styles and much more!

What People Think About 70% off “MKSensation Xtreme + Expansion” by Gospel Musicians

  • "This is the absolute best EP sound module ever!!! Nothing comes even close! Thanks Jamal for your professional programming work-you made the lives of musicians so much better! It's the expression that is possible with MKSENSATION Extreme!!!"

    Nelson Clark


  • "I bought this and the new NSK. In the context of gospel and Neo-Soul, this is as good as it gets (and I have Keyscape and Pianoteq Pro.) I have one suggestion. Eventually, Jamal needs to switch from sampling to modeling. Physical modeling is the future."

    Paul LeBon


  • "I got mine last week. The sound man was bugging about the blends but I told him just set my signal and because I'm the main/aux player it will naturally be full and it was!!! You can play dude!!!"

    Tim Johnson Official YouTube Channel


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