70% off “The Sampletekk Piano Bundle” by Sampletekk

70% off “The Sampletekk Piano Bundle” by Sampletekk

“The Sampletekk Piano Bundle” offers four pianos. Each piano in this collection possesses a unique character of it’s own making them incredibly useable across a wide range of musical styles.

With over 26GB of pristinely recorded and eminently playable content these libraries make for a powerful and flexible, but easy to use virtual piano collection which work in HALion, EXS24 and Kontakt (full version)!

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26GB+ of Diverse & Unique Pianos in HALion, EXS24 and Kontakt Formats!

Four unique pianos are offered in this collection , each of which will provide endless inspiration for your performance and composition needs:

Each piano in this collection is entirely sample-based and offers a full suite of controllable parameters to tailor them to your particular playing style.

The deal ends in:

Vertikal – The Piano Alternative (14.9GB)

There are so many sampled pianos on the market today and you as a musician have the benefit to be able to choose from the multitude of different brands and sounds.Most, or nearly all, of the sampled pianos are great, wonderful grand pianos like Steinway’s, Bosendorfer and other truly amazing instruments.

But, sometimes you need something different…

“Vertikal” is a upright piano recorded and designed to do the job when you need that little extra “umpf” in your songs, whether that is rock, blues, jazz, gospel or anything that needs the extra attitude. In short, it’s perfect for when you need something that’s not that “grand”.

The details:

  •  Yamaha MJ5 Upright Piano
  • Two different perspectives to choose from.
  • More than 2300 individual samples per perspective – giving you over 4600 samples that are perfect for pop, rock, jazz, blues, gospel and everywhere in between.

Vertikal – The piano alternative, . Two different perspectives, Pop and Jazz gives you two different instruments to choose from. Incredible 48 samples/note (36 for Gigastudio 2), cut’s this sampled instrument in a class of its own!


Cin-C – Cinematic Grand (3.4GB)

”This is a piano that doesn’t exist”

“Cin-C – Cinematic Grand” is a totally unique instrument that will inspire you to explore new musical boundaries or maybe just poor a glass of your favorite beverage and play and play and play…

It’s an instrument that breathes and resonates, but at the same time has the contact and clarity of a close miked instrument. This piano is totally unique, the fact that it doesn’t exists in the real world gives you a brand new sound texture to work with that you’ve never heard before. It is a Grand Piano, but a very, very beautiful one! Bells and whistles already applied – just load and be inspired!

The Bells & Whistles

Sampletekk wanted to make an instrument that was ambient but at the same time had the touch and exactness of a close miked instrument. Using ambient mikes only can lead to a great sound, but as a musician, you might experience a bit of inexactness in the attack.

Just blending two signals together didn’t really accomplish what Sampletekk wanted, so instead they used a combination of different sources, morphing and convoluting techniques that gave them the result they where after.

The resonance of a Grand Piano is very interesting! With all the dampers up, (by pressing the sustain pedal), all strings are undamped, so when hitting a note, you will get a very complex variation of sympathetic resonances from the strings and soundboard.

Sampletekk have captured that resonance and enhanced it so this instrument really, really breathes and sings!

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Singularis – Old School Recording Piano (2.73GB)

In the 50’s, the recording studios weren’t what they are today. A few microphones and few tracks on the tape machines made sessions a bit different than today’s workflow. Most of the music was recorded live with very few, if any, overdubs.

This led to a way of recording that made a special sound, you can hear it on most recordings from the late 50’s through the first years of the 60’s.

The “Singularis” is an instrument that recreates that sound andis a part of SampleTekk’s “No nonsense, load and play” series.

Through recording and processing, vintage analog equipment has been used to provide you with the sound of that magic era. The goal with this library was not to provide you with a fancy GUI, but to give you an instrument and a sound that is inspiring to play and create with.

Oh, and it’s in mono, since the 50’s was in mono, (and black & white…)

White Grand – Studio Grand (5.3GB)

SampleTekk proudly presents the “White Grand”, probably the best contemporary pop/rock/jazz grand piano in the sampled world today.

This library was recorded using a Malmsjo Grand with the finest equipment available, and employed a specially designed digital recording technique to give you unequalled performance and sound. Prepare to explore a tactile and expressive feast, unparalleled in sampled pianos today!

You get an astonishing 32 different velocity samples, not only layers, but 32 DIFFERENT samples per note, (plus 4 release samples). This gives you total control over the dynamics that surpasses most of todays existing sampled pianos.

The instrument was recorded in Studio Kuling, Sweden, in a room specially built and designed to record acoustic instruments. All the equipment used was chosen to deliver the best playing and recording results possible!

The deal ends in:

So What Exactly Can I Do With “The Sampletekk Piano Bundle”?

The “The Sampletekk Piano Bundle” provides you with four truly unique pianos. Each has it’s own individual sound that makes them perfect for writing music in a diverse range of styles. In particular they are great for:

  • Jazz – think Bill Evans or Herbie Hancock
  • Blues – from chilled out to in your face, rocking out Blues
  • Classical – find your perfect piano recital sound
  • TV/Film Scores – Choose your piano to produce anything from soft and delicate scores to bigger and more booming tracks.

Note: Compatible with EXS24, GigaStudio, HALion and the Full Retail version of Kontakt 4 or higher (NOT comaptible with the free Kontakt Player)

"The Sampletekk Piano Bundle" by Sampletekk

70% off "The Sampletekk Piano Bundle" by Sampletekk

Deal Expired

Normally €280 – get it at 70% off before its gone!

  • An absolute no-brainer at 70% off the normal price (normally €280)!
  • Vertikal
  • Size – 14.9 Gb
  • Upright piano virtual instrument.
  • Two different perspectives to choose from.
  • More than 2300 individual samples per perspective – giving you over 4600 samples
  • 48 Samples/Recorded note, 16 Pedal Up, 16 Pedal Down and 16 Release Samples
  • Impulses for Convoluting included
  • Cin-C
  • Size – 3.4 Gb
  • 24 bit, 44.1 Stereo Samples
  • 16 velocity levels
  • Singularis
  • Size – 2.73Gb
  • 44.1, 24 bit MONO samples
  • 16 velocity levels for pedal up, down and release samples.
  • Total of 48 samples/recorded note – Over 2300 samples
  • White Grand
  • Piano used – Malmsjo Grand
  • Size – 5.3 Gb
  • 32 Samples/Recorded note, 16 Pedal Up, 16 Pedal Down and 4 Release Samples
  • Compatible with EXS24, GigaStudio, HALion and the Full Retail version of Kontakt 4 or higher (NOT compatible with the free Kontakt Player)
  • Perfect for Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop, Cinematic Underscore and much, much more!

What People Think About 70% off “The Sampletekk Piano Bundle” by Sampletekk

  • "In the professional world we don't have time to waste in the studio, so when I need an acoustic piano, I always start with White Grand - it just works. It's presence and brightness is hard to achieve with other piano samples"

    ermey Whaley

    Producer, Composer, Musician

  • "Probably the very best pop/studio piano that has ever been released. In terms of its evenness and playability, and its consistency of presence from pp to fff, I think it is the best piano sample that has ever been released, period."

    Bruce Richardson

    Composer, Sound Designer, Music-Technology Guru.

  • "The White Grand is the best piano sample I have heard. It sits beautifully in a mix, as well as alone. It actually sounds alive!"

    Paul Linford

    Film Composer, Mixer, Programmer for Trevor Rabin