70% off The “Black Grand” Piano by Sampletekk

70% off The “Black Grand” Piano by Sampletekk

The “Black Grand” (18GB) is a beautiful Steinway D Grand Piano recorded in a gorgeous hall with 3 mic perspectives with a huge 48 samples per note.

Due to its incredible level of realism, it’s perfect for every style of music including underscore, jazz, blues and classical! (Kontakt, HALion and EXS24 formats included!)

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Stunning 18GB Steinway Grand Piano With 3 Mic Perspectives

The magnificent Steinway D grand piano was recorded in stunning 24bit / 44.1kHz quality at the Orebro concert hall in Sweden for a true concert grand experience. Three different perspectives were recorded – Close, Ambient and Medium Ambiance – giving you three completely different instrument sounds to choose from.

Weighing in at a huge 18GB with an incredible 48 samples per note providing serious realism (sixteen velocity layers for pedal up, sixteen for pedal down, and matching release samples) and 10 patches per microphone perspective to give you a range of sounds to choose from, this piano has such a beautiful sound that you’ll never want to stop playing it.


Close Perspective – Bold, Aggressive & In Your Face

The “Close” perspective was recorded with a set of Milab DC-96B and MG UM30 microphones placed very close to the strings. Normally, this isn’t the way you would record a classical piece, but you will find that this perspective gives you a great presence and brilliance.

Try this version for an in-your-face pop or jazz sound, or for bold and aggressive features. Definitely reach for this version first on a live performance.

This microphone perspective gives the sound a raw edge needed to cut through a pounding rhythm section, or to back up a powerful vocalist.

The more live your playing space, the more likely that the Close Perspective instrument will work for you.

The deal ends in:

Medium Perspective – Great for Classical & Jazz

The “medium” perspective was recorded using a set of Neuman KM84  microphones placed at a moderate distance from the instrument. This perspective works well for both classical and acoustic jazz recordings, where the perception of some room in the tone is desirable.

Don’t be afraid to try this version in places where you might consider the Close Perspective to be ideal. Sometimes a little distance on the piano can actually make it easier to bring up in the mix.

This perspective will give you more of the room sound and the perfect middle-ground between the close and ambient perspectives. It will cut through a mix or sit softly at the back if you need it to.



Ambient Perspective – The Full Piano Hall Sound

The “Ambient” perspective was recorded using a set of Rode NT5 microphones placed at a sufficient distance let the tone fully engage the room. This is normally the preferred configuration for recording a live classical piano performance, such as a recital.

You might even say that the room is really the featured player here, as much as the piano. As a player, you are responding as much to the way the instrument is acoustically interacting with the room as you are to the piano itself.

You might want to start with this piano if you are seeking to emulate the sound of a piano being played onstage with other instruments. Try it for solo piano work as well. Ultimately, again, only the final mix and mood you’re trying to achieve can inform your decision.

The deal ends in:

30 Kontakt, HALion and EXS24 Patches – 10 Patches Per Mic Perspective

Each “Black Grand” perspective has ten different patches, each one providing you with a different set or subset of the full sample set. Since the Black Grand has so many discrete samples, we can further fine-tune the instrument by shaving samples off the top or bottom of the range—yet still have enough samples mapped to give a fully-expressive playing experience. Once you have found the best perspective for your task-at-hand, you can further refine the “match” by experimenting with the different patches. Sometimes, you may find that less is more in a particular setting!

  • Perspective 1 – This is the main patch. It has sixteen velocities pedal up, sixteen pedal down, and matching release samples. The different velocity layers have been laid out to provide you with a good dynamic response and a well-balanced piano.
  • Perspective 2 – This patch is similar to the first one, but has the boundaries velocity layers equally laid out. This is a good patch if you want to experiment with different settings for the velocity curve on your midi keyboard or a good patch to start with if you want to make your own modifications.
  • Perspective 3 – This patch is a bit mellower than the standard patch–the two highest-recorded velocities have been removed.
  • Perspective 4 – An even mellower patch than Perspective 3. Here the four loudest velocities have been removed.
  • Perspective 5 – You guessed it! Mellower and mellower This has the top six layers removed.
  • Perspective 6 – Call him Mr. Mellow. The top eight velocities have been removed. This is for the soft, laid back romantic playing.
  • Perspective 7 – The other way around! This gives you a brighter tone, since the two softest pianissimo recordings have been removed.
  • Perspective 8 – Yet a bit brighter. If you need to be heard above a crowd, this is the one to play.
  • Perspective 9 – See the pattern? The six lowest velocity layers have made room for the brighter ones.
  • Perspective 10 – Banned in seventeen different countries! Smokes crack for breakfast. Kills cockroaches at distance of fifty feet. Cuts through stainless steel. Will slice a guitar player in half!!!

What Exactly Could I Use “Black Grand” For?

The “Black Grand” piano is a very flexible and beautiful sounding piano, perfect for any looking to write jazz, blues, classical, or underscore music and even for playing live. In particular, its great at:

  • Jazz – think Bill Evans or Herbie Hancock
  • Blues – from chilled out to in your face, rocking out Blues
  • Classical – start playing with the “Hall Perspective” and you’ve got that piano recital sound
  • TV/Film Scores – the wide selection of mic perspectives means you’ll have plenty of different sounds to choose from for soft and delicate scores to bigger and more booming tracks.

The "Black Grand" by Sampletekk

70% off The "Black Grand" by Sampletekk

Deal Expired

Normally €127.99 – get it at 70% before its gone!

  • 3 Microphone Perspectives – Close, Medium and Ambient
  • 18GB in total size on hard drive (approx 6GB per mic perspective)
  • Recorded with the best studio microphones including Neumann and Rode
  • 10 Patches per Instrument Perspective
  • Up to 48 samples per note on each patch (sixteen velocity layers for pedal up, sixteen for pedal down, and matching release samples)
  • Can be used for music or sound design
  • Recorded in stunning 24 bit / 44.1 kHz clarity
  • Goes from soft and delicate to huge and powerful in an instant
  • Comes in HALion and EXS24 formats as well as Kontakt format (all formats included!)
  • Full version of Kontakt 4.1.1 or higher required for Kontakt Patches – NOT compatible with Kontakt Player
  • NB. This instrument has no fancy looking Kontakt GUI interface- just a basic one. The sound is more important 🙂

What People Think About 70% off The “Black Grand” Piano by Sampletekk

  • "It's great. Especially the version "close".
    This piano is versatile but has a very nice sound color, fairly soft, with charm, realism in the game (dynamic) and in the sound.
    One of the best simulation of piano but again, it's special and will not suit everyone. I agree with another opinion here to say that the audio demos on the site of sampletekk do not put in value. But hey, at least you can get an idea of ​​its style."

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