78% off “Harmonic Maximizer” by Audiority (VST/AU/AAX)

78% off “Harmonic Maximizer” by Audiority (VST/AU/AAX)

Breathe new life into your tracks with “Harmonic Maximizer” by Audiority, an affordable multi-band exciter and loudness shaping plugin.

Perfect for all types of music, this is an indispensable audio tool for the modern musician/composer that will make your tracks feel powerful and more alive!

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Breathe Life Into Your Tracks Like Never Before!

Harmonic Maximizerby Audiority is a simple but highly effective plugin that will help your tracks sound larger than life and take them to the next level. It comes complete with all of the following audio processing tools:

  • Multi-band Exciter
  • Loudness Maximizer
  • Auto Gain + Auto Release
  • Saturation
  • Blending

This is an indispensable audio tool for the modern musician/composer now at an unbelievable price!

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Saturate & Blend for Multi-Band Excitement!

“Harmonic Maximizer” is a very easy to use plugin and gives you six discrete frequency bands of ‘excitement’ to play with.

Each band of the Exciter section applies up to 24dB of harmonic saturation to its own adjustable frequency range, between them spanning 20Hz to 12kHz.

With low to moderate gain
 applied at key frequencies, gentle lifting takes place, while
 stronger settings bring out a crunchier character that needs to 
be handled with care.

Input & Output – Maximise Your Track’s Potential!

The multi-band exciter covered above ultimately feeds into the maximising limiter with it’s dry/wet mix blend for parallel processing and adding that final polish to your mix.

The Maximizer section performs the following functions:

  • Push – this lowers the limiter threshold and increases the make-up gain at the same time
  • Drive – This is an overdrive algorithm that introduces further, more blatant distortion.
  • Blend – this controls the wet/dry mix of the overall sound output sound

For more in-depth details you can read the manual HERE

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So What Exactly Can I Do With “Harmonic Maximizer”?

Strapped over the mix bus, “Harmonic Maximizer” enables 
satisfyingly detailed ‘brightness shaping’ and
 equally effective maximising of full tracks.

Not only that but it’s also great for
 working presence and colour into individual instruments including

  • Drums
  • Guitars
  • Vocals

… and many other mid-to-high-range signals.

Still not convinced? Try the DEMO (Downloads tab)

"Harmonic Maximizer" by Audiority (VST/AU/AAX)

78% off "Harmonic Maximizer" by Audiority (VST/AU/AAX)

Deal Expired

Normally €45.00 – get it at 78% off before its gone!

  • Absolute no-brainer at 78% off the normal price (normally €45.00)!
  • Multi-band Exciter.
  • Loudness Maximizer.
  • Auto Gain + Auto Release.
  • Saturation.
  • Blending.
  • VST, AU and AAX (32/64bit).
  • PC Windows XP SP3 or later
  • Intel Core2Duo 2GHz / AMD Athlon 64 or equivalent
  • 2GB RAM
  • VST2, AAX 32-bit or 64-bit host
  • MAC OSX 10.7.5 or later
  • Core Duo 2GHz
  • 2GB RAM
  • Screen resolution: 1024×768
  • VST2, AU and AAX 32-bit or 64-bit host
  • Perfect for adding that finishing touch to any track that will help it come alive!

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  • "Harmonic Maximizer enables 
satisfyingly detailed 'brightness shaping' and... equally effective maximising of full tracks. Quality maximising at a great price!"

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