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“Tactic” is a phrase generator geared towards evolving sequences and metamorphic patterns.

With its 8 Sample Slots, Trigger Sequencer with Per-Step Probability, Dual Per-Step Parameter Sequencers, Generative Sequencer, Comprehensive Randomizer, 640+ Factory Samples and 115 Factory Presets, Tactic brings a powerful new phrase generator to the world of electronic music production!

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Create Powerful & Unique Evolving Sequences & Metamorphic Patterns

“Tactic” is a percussive phrase generator featuring tools designed to make it easy to generate unique evolving sequences and patterns.


  • 8 Sample Slots
  • 4 Flexible Sequencers
  • Per-Step Parameter Values
  • Powerful Randomizer Panel
  • Scalable User Interface
  • Factory Sample Bank & Presets
  • Win/Mac VST3/AU 64bit

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82% off “Tactic – Phrase Generator” by Glitchmachines

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What Is The Idea Behind Tactic?

“Tactic” is a percussive phrase generator geared towards evolving sequences and metamorphic patterns. It offers 8 sample slots featuring several parameters that allow you to individually sculpt the loaded files with control over pitch, start/end points and amplitude.

At Tactic’s core, you will find the 16 step Trigger Sequencer, which allows you to trigger one of the desired slots for each step. This sequencer features per-step probability settings that breathe life into Tactic’s patterns by allowing you to determine the percentage of chance that a particular step will trigger the associated sample.

The Trigger Sequencer is supported by two Parameter Sequencers that allow you to choose several modulation targets, along with their values on a per-step basis. The Generative Sequencer enables parameter randomization on a per-step basis.

Each of Tactic’s sequencers can be augmented via several attributes that give you control of each lane’s playback direction, beat division and step length. You can also set the trigger sequencer to trig a random slot on any/every step.

All of these functions work together to extend Tactic’s capabilities far beyond an ordinary 16-step sequencer, allowing you to create evolving generative rhythms that are otherwise labour intensive to program manually.

What Can You do With Tactic?

To extend Tactic’s onboard functions, virtually every parameter is available as an automation target, maximizing your options to construct incredibly intricate modulation scenarios via your host application’s automation facilities. Tactic also features a comprehensive randomization panel similar to the ones found in Polygon and Palindrome, which allows you to randomize nearly every parameter in the plugin, either individually or in logically organized parameter groups.

Tactic comes with a specially curated factory bank with over 600 percussion samples and sound effects. While this bank includes all of the necessary elements to allow you to take advantage of Tactic’s strengths, you can certainly load your own samples in order to fully customize the plugin to your liking. Glitchmachines also offer a large range of separately available sample packs that cover a broad sonic landscape you can explore to keep Tactic loaded with content for years to come.

Inside The Tactic Interface

Tactic’s user interface is split into 4 sections:

  • SAMPLE SLOTS – 8 sample slots with control over various parameters
  • GLOBAL SECTION – optional internal clock, global controls and playback modes
  • SEQUENCERS – trigger seq, dual parameter seq and generative seq
  • FOOTER SECTION – preset browser, randomizer access and configuration menu

Parameter Value Display

Parameters that may require precise adjustments have been equipped with a parameter value popup. To reveal the current value of such parameters, click on the corresponding knob. Likewise, as you adjust the relevant parameter, its value will appear in a transparent popup.

Scalable Interface

You may scale the Tactic user interface by dragging the bottom-right corner of the window until you reach the desired proportions. This setting is automatically saved and the plugin will launch with the set dimensions until they are altered.

Sample Slots

Each of the 8 sample slots are located at the top of Tactic’s interface and numbered to correspond with the Trigger Sequencer. Click in the LOAD SAMPLE field to load a sample, or drag & drop .wav sample files directly onto the waveform display from your DAW or desktop. Once you load a .wav file, the < > arrows increment/decrement through the files in the currently active folder.

The following controls are available for each slot: Coarse, Fine, Start, End, Amp

Global Controls

These controls affect all sample slots simultaneously. Note that this set of parameters also corresponds with the Parameter Sequencers.

The following controls are available: Tempo, Start, Coarse, Amp, Pan, Att, Dec, L Size

Trigger Sequencer

The Trigger Sequencer is Tactic’s master sequencer. It features 16 steps, each of which allow you to trigger one of the 8 sample slots. Tactic is driven by your host’s clock, therefore the tempo is determined by the BPM settings in your DAW’s transport.

Parameter Sequencers

Tactic features two identical Parameter Sequencers that work in tandem with the Trig Sequencer to allow you to modulate a parameter of your choice for each step.

The Param Sequencers offer the following modulation targets: Start, Loop Size, Loop, Reverse, Coarse Tune, Attack, Decay, Amplitude, Pan

Generative Sequencer

Tactic features a Generative Sequencer that allows randomization of a parameter of choice for each step. The available targets are the same as in the Parameter Sequencer. In this case, however, instead of setting a specific value for a particular parameter, the target is set to a random value each time the step is active.


The Randomizer Panel features a sophisticated system that allows you to randomize isolated sections of the plugin or entire groups of parameters simultaneously. A comprehensive layout of buttons shows a macro overview of all of the plugin’s randomizable parameters. When clicked, buttons trigger the associated randomization.


The Footer section gives you access to the Randomizer Panel, Preset Browser and Configuration Menu.

Sample Content Overview

Tactic includes a selection of 640+ 24/96 .wav percussion-oriented sample files derived from Glitchmachines’ multitude of sound effects products. In most cases, these assets have been edited to respond more musically in the context of Tactic’s framework.

The Tactic factory sample bank consists of 4 sound categories:

  • COMPOSITE: processed, layered and designed sound effects
  • ORGANIC: unprocessed foley recordings derived from a broad range of objects
  • PERCUSSIVE: drum and percussion hits derived from a broad range of sources
  • SYNTHETIC: synthetic tones and effects derived from a broad range of sources

To get you started working with the plugin quickly, Glitchmachines also included a wide variety of Factory Presets (115) from some of their best designers. You can use the functions in the Randomizer Panel to easily swap samples in any of these presets to easily audition different files in these contexts or even replace the relevant files with your own samples.

For more information on these functions read the User Manual HERE.

82% off “Tactic – Phrase Generator” by Glitchmachines

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So What Exactly Can I Do With “Tactic – Phrase Generator”?

“Tactic” is a plugin that encourages experimentation and an adventurous mind. Its unique tools and effects are perfect for generating evolving sequences and metamorphic patterns for use in multiple genres including:

  • Electronica
  • EDM
  • Underscore
  • Sound Design

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"Tactic - Phrase Generator" by Glitchmachines

82% off "Tactic - Phrase Generator" by Glitchmachines

Deal Expired

Normally €49 – get it at 82% off before it’s gone!

  • 82% off the normal price (normally €49)!
  • 8 Sample Slots
  • 4 Flexible Sequencers – Trigger, Parameter, Generative
  • Per-Step Parameter Values
  • Powerful Randomizer Panel
  • Scalable User Interface
  • Factory Sample Bank (640+ 24/96 .wav files) & Presets (115)
  • 64bit VST3 or Audio Unit DAW
  • Mac OS X 10.12+
  • Windows 10+
  • Approx. 1.5 GB of HDD space
  • Minimum 2 GB RAM
  • Minimum CPU: Core 2 Duo, 2GHz
  • Approximately 1.5 GB of hard drive space
  • Minimum 2 GB RAM
  • Broadband Internet connection required for product download
  • Note: Please be aware you will be required to visit an external website in order to download your product. We do not host the download at VSTBuzz.
  • Perfect for Electronica, EDM, Underscore, Sound Design and much more!

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  • "At first glance, an exciting new plugin from Glitchmachines. Everything is very clean and simple structured. Certainly, a plugin with which you can discover new fields of pattern-based sound design. Again a lovely release."

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    Synth Anatomy

    Music Industry Blog

  • "Tactic is a load of fun and looks brilliant in a very clear and arresting interface. It can do everything from providing a background rumble to being your entire track. Glitchmachines recommend running it with some of their other plugins but it’s also quite capable of holding its own."

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