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It includes over 2.000 pages of tutorials, gear and knowledge in English + German language, plus about 280GB of software downloads!

Note: Download links for all software content contained in this bundle are found on Page 9 in every single issue. This link also leads to details about where to get the licenses (which is also explained on page 3).

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Over 2.000 Pages Of Tutorials AND Almost 280GB Of Software Downloads

What Do You Get?

  • 09/22 Issue #200: Producer Tips
  • 08/22 Issue #199: Make Money With Music
  • 07/22 Issue #198: Mixdown Secrets + Nusofting Sinmad BE
  • 06/22 Issue #197: Total Synths + Nostromos BE
  • 05/22 Issue #196: Deep & Bass House + Playbeat Lite
  • 04/22 Issue #195: Perfect Acoustics + Synthmaster Player
  • 03/22 Issue #194: Synth Tricks
  • 02/22 Issue #193: Get Tracks Done
  • 01/22 Issue #192: Total Drums + Analog Techno Drums
  • 12/21 Issue #191: The Perfect Drop
  • 11/21 Issue #190: Synth Wave + Audiothing Tilt
  • 10/21 Issue #189: Better Vocals + Tube & Tape Bundle
  • 09/21 Issue #188: Producer Hacks
  • 08/21 Issue #187: Top Ten Sounds
  • 07/21 Issue #186: Studio Synths + Overloud TH-U Beat
  • 06/21 Issue #185: Sound Tracks + Akai MPC Beats with 13 GB Expansions
  • 05/21 Issue #184: Drums & Groove + WA Fundamental Bass
  • 04/21 Issue #183: Trap & Hip Hop
  • 03/21 Issue #182: Interface Finder
  • 02/21 Issue #181: Melodic Techno
  • 01/21 Issue #180: Selling Sound
  • 12/20 Issue #179: Studio Acoustics
  • 11/20 Issue #178: Streams & Podcasts
  • 10/20 Issue #177: Killer Hooks

Note: Download links for all software content contained in this bundle are found on Page 9 in every single issue. This link also leads to details about where to get the licenses (which is also explained on page 3).

85% off “PDF Bundle” by Beat Magazine

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09/22 Issue #200: Producer Tips

How much content does a track need? Am I investing too little time? Am I too cerebral in my approach? Why can‘t my sound keep up with Spotify and Beatport? These are questions that everyone has asked themselves at some point.

But now there are answers! In this special, we‘ll give you concrete advice on what to consider when arranging, how to improve the quality of your tracks, and how to produce release-ready material. Extra-large collection of tips included!

89 Stabs & Basses for Trap like 2 Chainz & Night Lovell

Tuned cars, naughty basses and the middle finger at the ready… we totally admit: For this sound bank, we were inspired by the YouTube channel of the Gangster Gang crew.

Their sound is simply the best that Trap and Grime have to offer in 2022. And 4.5 million followers can’t lie. Let more than 2 GB basses, synths, brass stabs and acoustic instruments guide you to new, atmospheric tracks.

Please Note: Licenses are no longer available for the “IK Multimedia Orchestral Percussion” package mentioned in this issue of Beat Magazine.

08/22 Issue #199: Make Money With Music

Bandcamp, YouTube, Patreon… or rather the classic way via label and distribution? The possibilities for successful self-marketing are almost endless. But what can you do yourself in your limited free time? Which distribution channels are recommendable?

And can digital distributors, social media and newsletters replace a label? Our marketing special provides the answers and shows how you can push your music to the max and gain a foothold in the business without sacrificing studio time.

77 Moog Matriarch Basses & Synths for Zampler & your MPC

Matriarch shines with very special sounds when the four oscillators are coupled via sync or FM“, we once said in a review.

Reason enough to create 77 particularly classy patches that show the legendary Moog sound from a completely different side: powerful and punchy basses and synth sounds familiar from the Minimoog, but with even more punch and – thanks to FM – a partially metallic character. In addition, exotic pads and textures provide atmosphere.

Please Note: Licenses are no longer available for the “Tonespot Voice Express” package mentioned in this issue of Beat Magazine.

07/22 Issue #198: Mixdown Secrets + Nusofting Sinmad BE

This much is certain: Mixing is (not) an art. The inclined hobbyist can try his hand at the perfect compressor settings, while turbo makers mix while arranging, true to the motto „sounds good, is good“. But what to do when the kick doesn‘t bang, the track in the car makes you howl or the hi-hats on the big PA make your ears bleed? Then there‘s our 13-point plan …

Free with Beat 07/22: Drones and synth guitars for Ambient & Dark Techno

SinMad BE is an extravagant combination of virtual analog synthesis and physical modeling. This synthesizer is an excellent choice for drones, dirty feedback sounds and organic textures; thus, its eccentric sound is naturally predestined for Ambient, but can also provide exciting accents in other styles with its unique and experimental sounds.

For Zampler & Akai MPCs: Death To The Kore

Too loud, brutal and broken: With distorted bass drums, screaming synth sounds, aggressive vocal samples and insanely fast beats between 140 and 300 BPM and up, Hardcore Techno, Gabber, Hands-up & the like have been a constant far away from the mainstream since the early 90s.

Bet that our latest soundset Death To The Kore brings everything you need for style-typical tracks? Hakkeeeee!!!

06/22 Issue #197: Total Synths + Nostromos BE

Synths are awesome! That‘s why we‘re dedicating an entire feature to them. We’ll introduce the latest releases from desktop synths to huge workstations and show their best features and strengths for daily use. Furthermore, we asked some of the most famous „synthfluencers” like Cuckoo, Look Mum No Computer and Espen Kraft about their favorite instruments.

Free with Beat 06/22: Instant Cinematic Sound – with Nostromo BE

Want to soundtrack a Sci-Fi game or the zombie apocalypse? With 40 epic pads, gritty drones and otherworldly textures, SampleScience Nostromos BE is the first choice for creating cinematic atmospheres.

Our software highlight inspires with expressively playable instruments that show their strengths in film, game and trailer music, as well as in Ambient, Chillout, Downtempo & more.

For Zampler & Akai MPCs: Behringer’s Magnificent 7

The development of new synths and clones is running at full speed at Behringer and makes countless musicians happy; musicians who can now enjoy the cult sound of the classics for a fraction of the original price.

Since some of the new releases are still a long way off, we‘re going to treat you to 9 Presets from 7 synth legends, from JP-8000 and Jupiter-80 to Oberheim SEM and Moog Model 15. With Behringer‘s Magnificent Seven for Zamplers & MPCs, a strong piece of synth history is coming to your studio!

05/22 Issue #196: Deep & Bass House + Playbeat Lite

Deep & Bass House and related styles such as Future, Vocal and Ibiza House have not only taken the dancefloors by storm in recent years, but also radio, YouTube, Spotify and more. But what makes a successful House track and what needs to be considered during production?

You can find out all this in our big feature. In addition, we reveal the hit secrets of Tiësto & Ava Max as well as Acraze feat. Cherish. To help you get started right away, we‘ve also created six track templates for different house styles to be fired up in your DAW.

Free with Beat 05/22: Be faster with beats – Playbeat Lite + 88 XXL drum kits

Playbeat Lite is the little brother of the world‘s smartest groove machine: a plugin with huge fun potential that lets you build original beats for any type of electronic music instantly. Fire up a kit, hit two buttons and your beat pattern is ready. Furthermore Playbeat allows to create an infinite number of groove variations in real time.

For more instant fun Beat mag added 88 drum kits with legends like Alesis HR16, DMX, Vermona DRM1, Nord Drum as well as collections for Techno, Trance, Hip-Hop, Urban and Drum & Bass.

For Zampler & Akai MPCs: 95 ethnic & hypnotic sounds for Trap & Chillout

Asian plucked instruments combined with rumbling basses and gloomy atmospheric sounds … these are, on the one hand, a current recipe for success, from which not only subgenres like Japanese Trap or Samurai Beats have emerged.

On the other hand, this combination can also provide atmosphere in Chillout, Trip Hop, Trance and Hypnotic Techno. If you are looking for depth for your next tracks, you will find it here. Have fun on this true journey through the sounds!

04/22 Issue #195: Perfect Acoustics + Synthmaster Player

The bass is boomy, the treble is sibilant, mixing is tedious, and in general, tracks just don‘t sound as fat as they should. Such problems are almost always due to poor acoustics.

But no matter if you‘re a bedroomproducer or a pro, we‘ll show you how to train your ears to detect problem sources, how to perfect your studio on a small budget and clear up all the half-truths about acoustics.

Free with Beat 04/22: 2000 Sounds à la Avicii, Zedd with SynthMaster 2 Player

Zedd, Martin Garrix, Avicii, Tiësto, Armin Van Buren, Axwell, Knife Party, Laidback Luke, Paul van Dyk, Robin Schulz… the list of SynthMaster users reads like a Who‘s Who of the Club scene. Our software highlight, SynthMaster 2 Player, offers 2000 of the iconic plug-in‘s thrilling sounds, ready to play, to refine your tracks and rock the Clubs!

For Zampler & Akai MPCs: 128 acoustic and synthetic bases with Cojónes

Whether it’s Techno, Trap, Grime, Dance or House, nobody can do without them: Next to the kick, basses are the most important element of any track, as both form the foundation and basis.

With Bass Thrill, you get the ultimate compendium in low-end, consisting of 128 basses, from acoustic to neuro, from synth basses for current Electro to 12-bit sampler basses for authentic Hip Hop, which will easily turn your tracks into floorshakers. Let there be Bass!

85% off “PDF Bundle” by Beat Magazine

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03/22 Issue #194: Synth Tricks

Whether hardware or plug-in: synthesizers are a cool thing! But do you really know every trick? Are all sound generators properly integrated into the setup, is the workflow optimized, and is everything ready to go when your creativity kicks in?

Our comprehensive feature shows indispensable sound design tricks, how to get chart-ready sounds out of your synths and – possibly most important – how to get new synths at a budget! 150 stylish MIDI patterns.

For Zampler & Akai MPCs: 128 analog patches from the Studio Electronics SE-3X

Some synths that produce a nice sound, and then there’s those that leave you speechless with their fatness. On top they trigger the ultimate G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome).

The Studio Electronics SE-3X clearly belongs to the second category, offering hard basses and pristine leads. The analogue battleship isn’t just a Minimoog clone, it offers much more creative possibilities, which we have captured in our sound bank. Cowabunga!!

Please Note: Licenses are no longer available for the “IK Future Synths” package mentioned in this issue of Beat Magazine.

02/22 Issue #193: Get Tracks Done

The goal is clear: More songs and tracks should be finished. But not heartless and by template, but polished and with attention to detail. But how do you achieve this goal when time and muse in everyday life don‘t play along at the push of a button?

No problem! Because the Beat editorial team has plenty of tips and helpers ready to help you optimize your studio workflow, get the ideas out of your head and into the DAW, and ultimately make more projects ready for release.

For Zampler & Akai MPCs: 3.2 GB basses, synths & pads for Trance & EDM

When it comes to Techno, Trance and EDM, fat and unique sounds are a must. That‘s why we didn‘t hesitate to marry our modular Beat Studio Rack with analog synths and combine the resulting sounds with organic sounds from instruments like acoustic guitars, pianos, koto and glockenspiel. The multi-faceted result is 96 basses, synths and pads that enhance every track.

Please Note: Licenses are no longer available for the “AAS Sounds Instruments” package mentioned in this issue of Beat Magazine.

01/22 Issue #192: Total Drums + Analog Techno Drums

Drums are the foundation of almost every production, regardless of language, music style or trends. But how do you create a drum sound that is as fat as possible and what do you have to consider when recording acoustic drums? How do you balance the mix and how do you achieve a particularly fat drum sound? And which sound generators and effects turn out to be an insider tip for beat production? We provide the answers to these and many other questions about drums on the following pages.

Free with Beat 01/22: Analog Techno Drums – Fat beats for Electro & more

Whether it‘s Electro, Techno, Acid or Minimal, every genre of club music thrives on powerful and crisp drums. This month‘s software highlight, Analog Techno Drums comes with 1,056 drum sounds and matching synths.

The perfect complement is the two MPC expansions, Melodic Horizon and Sound Mob for AKAI‘s MPC hardware and the free software MPC Beats. These offer multi-faceted melodic sounds for R&B, Hip Hop and more. Get inspired!

For Zampler & Akai MPCs: 109 brutal basses and leads for D&B, Future Bass & EDM

Whether it‘s House, Future Bass, EDM or Drum & Bass, the low end has to be powerful and defined or the whole track won‘t pop! So it stands to reason we would provide you with a concentrated load of bass.

These are no bread- and-butter sounds that you already have in your collection, but 70 powerful and contemporary, punchy low end sounds plus 39 hybrids that can be used as leads as well as basses. Also perfect for Bigroom House and Trance!

12/21 Issue #191: The Perfect Drop

Often the drop is the deciding factor in whether or not a song carries the listener along. It has long played an important role not only in club music such as EDM, Trap and Trance.

Even if you produce Pop, Hip-Hop, rock or even trailer music, you can learn a lot from the skilful tension flow of successful club tracks. In this big special, we reveal how you can provide all your tracks with coherent and rousing arrangements and inspire the listeners and dancers.

For Zampler & Akai MPCs: Deluxe Houze Junkie Expansion with 82 patches

A whopping 82 contemporary patches for the hip styles Deep, Slap, LoFi, Tech and Pop House await you in the new sound bank for Zampler and Akai‘s MPC series.

Deluxe Houze Junkie inspires with a variety of crisp basses, fresh lead and synth sounds, as well as sweeping pads, chords and arpeggios. Just right for productions in the style of Felix Jaehn, Dynoro, R3hab and VIZE; but even producers of EDM and Techno won‘t go empty-handed here!

Please Note: There are a limited amount of licenses available for the “IK Synctronik Pro-V” package mentioned in this issue of Beat Magazine.

11/21 Issue #190: Synth Wave + Audiothing Tilt

Back to the eighties! The dazzling synth-dominant sound of the eighties is experiencing a revival in genres such as synth, retro, dream or chill wave, but also in pop, R&B and club music.

We show you how to create trendy retro sounds and typical bass lines, sequences and melodies and how you can give your productions – regardless of the style – an extra dose of SYNTHWAVE charm.

70 patches for Techno, Trap & Chill ­– for Zampler & your MPC

In the 70 included patches in LAYERZ, enchanting harps meet vicious basses, modified pianos meet supersaws and Indian santur loops meet delicately bubbling pads.

As usual, all sounds in this 3.2 GB soundbank have been prepared – ready to play – for our SFZ player Zampler//RX. Whether you need powerful sounds for EDM or Techno, bass foundations for Trap or Chillout or mysterious atmospheric sounds for soundtracks … you will find it in LAYERZ!

10/21 Issue #189: Better Vocals + Tube & Tape Bundle

No musical element plays as much of an important role in the recognition value and success of a song as the vocals. In our feature, we show you how to create great-sounding vocal recordings and which tools are recommended for a professional and punchy sound.

In addition, you‘ll learn how to find original vocals even without a singer and how to put them in the limelight. And let’s not forget the 5 GB library with loads of vocals for instant use.

Over 1 GB sounds for Acid, Techno, House & the Like – Corrosive for Zampler & MPCs

In the latest soundset, Corrosive, for our Zampler//RX and Akai‘s MPC series, biting basslines and synth sounds meet crisp retro drum loops. Here, Roland‘s magic acid machines are allowed to flex their muscles.

Besides 32 loops and 32 bass patches from Roland‘s TB-3, a whopping 99 loops from the drum classic TR-8 are on board. A total of 1 GB of hand-picked sounds, ready for our SFZ Player Zampler, are waiting to be used in your tracks.

85% off “PDF Bundle” by Beat Magazine

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09/21 Issue #188: Producer Hacks

For those who hate manuals, find recording books too dry, and don‘t like searching on YouTube, we‘ve got 98 compact answers to the most important studio and technology questions, plus useful power tips ranging from creative boosters to tricks concerning songwriting, arranging, and sound design and well-kept mixing and mastering secrets.

Also included: the best add-ons, shortcuts, and workflow accelerators specifically for your DAW so that production becomes less work and more fun again!

Free: Synthwave expansion for Zampler & MPCs

Back to the 80s!“ is the motto of the new Starwave soundset for our Zampler//RX, as well as for AKAI‘s MPC series, which provides 90 powerful basses, gripping leads, shimmering keyboard sounds and warm pads with an extra dose of retro feeling.

No less inspiring is the 4 GB sample collection with fresh sound fodder for House, Dark Techno, Electronica, Hip & Hop and Drum & Bass, and also distinctive Eurorack drums and retro sounds.

Please Note: Licenses are no longer available for the “Retromod Fat” package mentioned in this issue of Beat Magazine.

08/21 Issue #187: Top Ten Sounds

Most of the acts on Spotify and TikTok are already known, but many newcomers are also starting out here. The recipes for success for a hit are the same as ever: a catchy melody, distinctive vocals, a gripping groove and musical hooklines.

But what can be learned from the big hits – whether for underground or high-gloss pop? And how can you recreate the sound of the hit guarantors? In our huge feature we reveal the songwriting, groove and sound secrets of the hits and reveal how you can reach a larger audience on streaming portals.

Free: Dark Modular for Zamplers & MPCs

Massive basses, brutal leads, hypnotic sequences and lush pads await you in Dark Modular, our newest soundset for Zampler//RX & AKAI‘s MPC series. This brings you the distinctive sound of Erica Synths‘ Black System III into your DAW.

The 6 GB sample collection is also multifaceted: Fresh loops and sounds for House, Garage, Dubstep, Trap and more are offered here, not to mention acoustic drums and percussion sounds and acapellas.

Please Note: The “Pro Tools First” package mentioned in this issue of Beat Magazine has been discontinued by Avid, so any available license keys may no longer work.

07/21 Issue #186: Studio Synths + Overloud TH-U Beat

The current Beat is a real summer smasher, as this issue features the Beat Workzone as an issue within the issue. A whopping 116 pages with the main topics Studio Synths 2021 and a Headphone Mixing Guide, plus the software highlight Overloud TH-U Beat Edition.

A total of 26 GB of high-quality plug-ins and samples. Everyone will find what they are looking for!

3.2 GB dark spheres & whispering voices – Voices From The Dark

Spherical pads, abysmal rumbling, whispered mantras… this soundbank is all about atmosphere.

Whether you want to add more musical depth to your Techno or Ambient tracks with mystical voices and wafting pads or underline images with atmospheric textures, you‘ll find what you‘re looking for in these 64 patches for Zamplers and MPCs.

06/21 Issue #185: Sound Tracks + Akai MPC Beats with 13 GB Expansions

Completely unaffected by the Corona crisis, the film and gaming industry continues to grow. It‘s practical that producers can also participate in this, because both worlds depend on good sound – just like documentaries, commercials, YouTube videos and much more.

In our big feature you will find out what to consider when producing music for films, games and trailers and how you can earn money with production music. Find out which tools help and where you can offer your music for licensing.

Software-wise this issue comes with two huge MPC expansions worth €96 including the MPC Beats DAW & plugin. Plus our latest Model 1978 expansion, adding a fully fledged Korg MS-20 to your Zampler and MPCs. Altogether 20 GB of samples, tools, effects and instruments.

2.4 GB of Brute Korg MS-20 sounds: Model 1978 for Zampler & MPCs

Bass monster, Hammerhead, Powerhouse … the Korg MS-20 from 1978 is a born rock star, because with the roaring sound of its two filters, it can cut through every mix.

No wonder that artists like The Prodigy, Deadmau5 and Aphex Twin swear by this synthesizer. However, when it really wants to, it can also sound artful. Look forward to a soundset with 64 basses and synth patches with the rating „unique“. Be sure to play the presets 017 BS Monster and 057 SY Niceguy!

05/21 Issue #184: Drums & Groove + WA Fundamental Bass

Whether techno, EDM, Hip-Hop or Chillout, drums have to sound crisp, need to be used cleverly and above all: they have to groove. But how do kick and bass become one, how can ready-made loops and samples be combined into a signature sound?

Look forward to all the answers, techniques and personal equipment recommendations from the editorial team in our big Drums & Groove feature.

Software-wise this issue comes with a full version of the bass enhancer Fundamental Bass by WA Production, as well as our power-horse SynthMaster BE. Plus our latest Trap Orchestra expansion for Zampler and Akai MPCs. Altogether 13 GB of samples, tools, effects and instruments.

2 GB Symphonic Sounds for EDM & More: Zampler Trap Orchestra

Abyssal basses, shimmering strings, roaring brass and tinkling bells … when it comes to instrumentation, Trap is not squeamish and also likes to resort to using orchestral sounds. So, it is already clear where the journey goes with our current expansion.

Look forward to a whopping 116 hybrid sounds from strings, woodwinds and brass, marimbas, xylophones and synth sounds; and, of course, nasty 808 subs for Trap, EDM and all styles that need symphonic force!

04/21 Issue #183: Trap & Hip Hop

While hip-hop and electro were initially two parallel universes, they have long been inseparable and trap is just one of many symbiotic relationships of the two. Stars like Drake, Eminem or Alison Wonderland show more than clearly how well the fusion of both worlds works.

In our big feature we not only have hip acts in an interview, but also look over their shoulders as they produce and give you all the tools and tricks you need for contemporary Trap as well as classic sampling & turntablism Hip-Hop with 12-bit aesthetics.

2.1 GB of Premium Sounds from EMS Synthi and VCS3: SYNTHIA for Zampler & MPCs

Depeche Mode, Pink Floyd, Aphex Twin, Astral Projection… the list of VCS3 users is impressive. Thanks to a replica by Erica Synths and a planned clone by Behringer, this enormously successful synthesizer from the 70s is currently hipper than ever.

Our new soundset, SYNTHIA, features 50 must-have basses, leads and pads with analog power to show just how cutting-edge EMS Synthi and VCS3 can sound!

Please Note: Licenses are no longer available for the “IK Syntronik Bully” package mentioned in this issue of Beat Magazine.

85% off “PDF Bundle” by Beat Magazine

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03/21 Issue #182: Interface Finder

Whether you want to record melodies or vocals, record or sample beats, integrate a modular system or perform live, you need the right MIDI, audio or CV interfaces and controllers to keep things running smoothly. Our INTERFACE FINDER will help you find the right gear and speed up your workflow.

3.2 GB Gregorian Choir and Synth hybrids: Ænigma for Zampler & MPCs

Pure emotion and ethnic vocal power … Gregorian chants have without question a mysterious and unique sound; however, since such chants also quickly sound outdated, we have sampled them by all the rules of the art, sliced and twisted through the sound grinder.

The result are 64 production-ready bass, pad and lead hybrids of choir and synthesizer sounds that give each track a unique touch.

Please Note: Licenses are no longer available for the “Waves Codex” package mentioned in this issue of Beat Magazine.

02/21 Issue #181: Melodic Techno

This month we focus on of the hottest contemporary styles of electronic music: MELODIC TECHNO. Learn how to develop hooklines and arrange full tracks. Software-wise this issue comes with a full version of Tracktion RetroMod LoFreq Wired, a workstation plugin hosting sounds from Make Noise 0-Coast, Moog Grandmother, Kraftzwerg and other remarkable power-synths.

Plus our latest ZA2600 expansion, bringing 65 ARP2600 patches to your for Zampler and Akai MPC. Altogether 11 GB of samples, tools, effects and instruments.

2 GB finest ARP 2600 patches: ZA2600 for Zampler & Akai MPC‘s

It‘s often called the Holy Grail of synths… and rightly so, because hardly any other instrument has as big a want-to-have factor as the legendary ARP 2600.

With our ZA2600 soundbank, we present you 65 exquisite patches that capture the independent and distinctive sound of this analog cult synthesizer, so you‘re just as equipped for music styles with a retro vibe like Synthwave and Electro-Pop as you are for modern club productions.

Please Note: Licenses are no longer available for the “Retromod Lofreq Wired” package mentioned in this issue of Beat Magazine.

01/21 Issue #180: Selling Sound

It cannot be whitewashed, the current crisis affects us all. Above all, however, music makers and artists are standing on the edge and an end is not in sight for the time being. But do not despair, because every need also holds opportunities and alternatives.

Those who have expertise can ultimately use and pass it on in various forms. In our big special we will not only show you alternative sources of income around music, production and DJing, with which the crisis can be overcome, but also how new, long-term footholds can be build up.

Over 100 crunchy patches for EDM, Glitch-Hop & More: LoFi EDM for Zampler & MPCs

No Doubt: Lo-Fi is the new chic. From Hip- and Glitch-Hop, Downtempo and Chillout to Trap and EDM, this crunchy retro sound has already infected numerous music styles and there’s no end in sight!

Therefore, there‘s no need to worry, here we provide you with 108 patches of the finest material, which will make room in any mix with its massive rough but charming sound. Have fun browsing!

Please Note: Licenses are no longer available for the “d16 Nephoton” package mentioned in this issue of Beat Magazine.

12/20 Issue #179: Studio Acoustics

Desktop and home studios are, in most cases, anything but acoustically optimal, which makes an objective evaluation of a mix extremely difficult. How can the most common acoustic problems, such as reflections, be dealt with?

How can weaknesses in the room be found? In our feature we will not only show you how to optimize your room acoustics, but also which monitoring solutions are best suited to the room and your workflow and how modules and speakers are ideally placed!

Ultimate Drums for Zampler & MPCs

For this Zampler expansion, we have recorded the sounds of legendary drum machines from our studio with great attention to detail and refined them with our outboard setup: the Roland TR-8 and TR-09, our well rocked Novation DrumStation and a brand new MC-707.

In addition, there are lots of patterns in MIDI format. The perfect bonuses are the equally captivating raw analog synth sounds of the two Zampler expansions Analog Warrior and Brute Factor!

Please Note: Licenses are no longer available for the “IK Multimedia Tape Echo” package mentioned in this issue of Beat Magazine.

11/20 Issue #178: Streams & Podcasts

YouTube, TikTok, Facebook… Streaming is more popular than ever, but classic media forms like podcasts are also gaining in popularity. It‘s no surprise when parties are transmitted over the net and DJs play their sets in front of a virtual audience.

In our big special, we take a holistic approach to the topics and show you the best techniques and equipment for streaming and simultaneously explain how you can not only collect likes but also generate revenue.

71 exciting patches from the Nord Wave 2

Clavia‘s Nord series continues to enjoy uninterrupted popularity. Like no other synthesizer, the Wave 2 is uncompromisingly designed as a performer and there is almost no sound that it cannot master to perfection.

You can look forward to 71 basses, spherical pads, and hybrids of real and synthetic instruments that we have designed especially for you with the Nord Wave 2!

Please Note: Licenses are no longer available for the “Voltage Modular BE” package mentioned in this issue of Beat Magazine.

10/20 Issue #177: Killer Hooks

Sure, the mix has to sound excellent and the arrangement has to create tension, but vocals and melodies are and remain the most important elements that stick with the listener and encourage him to hum along.

But how do you create such ear-catchers? In our big special, we show you the tricks of various chart producers and give you techniques to make your own hit a breeze.

88 Gripping Patches for Melodic House & Techno

Melodic House and Techno are the hottest styles of the electronic under- ground. Thanks to artists like Stephan Bodzin, Monolink and Umek, they reach a huge audience and also influence the sound of commercial radio and spotify playlists.

You can look forward to 88 patches for both genres, ready to play for the Zampler, including powerful basses, rousing leads, floating pads and expressive arpeggios.

Please Note: Licenses are no longer available for the “Ozone Elements 9” package mentioned in this issue of Beat Magazine.

85% off “PDF Bundle” by Beat Magazine

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So What Can I Do With “PDF Bundle”?

“PDF Bundle” gives you Over 2.000 pages of tutorials, gear and knowledge in English + German language, plus about 280GB of software downloads!

The 50GB+ bundled Zampler / MPC packs cover genres including:

  • Ethnic, Underscore
  • Techno, Electro, Trance, Chill
  • Trap, Drum & Bass, Hip-Hop,
  • Industrial, Dubstep, EDM, Lo-Fi
  • Deep, Slap, Tech, Hardstyle, Gabber

… and much more!

This bundle contains everything you need to write any of the above styles and more, and will keep you busy with sounds for years!

Any references to any brands on this site/page, including reference to brands and instruments, are provided for description purposes only. VSTBuzz do not have (nor do they claim) any association with or endorsement by these brands. Any goodwill attached to those brands rest with the brand owner. VSTBuzz or its Suppliers do not accept any liability in relation to the content of the product or the accuracy of the description.

Note: Note: Download links for all software content contained in this bundle are found on Page 9 in every single issue. This link also leads to details about where to get the licenses (which is also explained on page 3).

Note: The MPC packs provided are compatible with Akai standalone models MPC One, X, Live, Live mkII, Force, as well as Touch, Renaissance, MPC Beats and Software (see individual packs for more details).

"PDF Bundle" by Beat Magazine

85% off "PDF Bundle" by Beat Magazine

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Normally €119 – get it at 85% off before it’s gone!

  • 85% off the normal price (normally €119)!
  • Over 2.000 pages of tutorials, gear and knowledge in English + German language, plus about 280GB of software downloads!
  • Sample oscillators with SFZ, REX and REX2 support.
  • Multi-mode filter.
  • Three LFOs.
  • Three ADSR envelopes.
  • Complex modulation matrix.
  • Arpeggiator/step sequencer.
  • Effect section with overdrive, equalizer, phaser, chorus, delay and reverb.
  • Easy to use.
  • Low CPU usage.
  • VST, AU 64-bit)..
  • Note: Download links for all software content contained in this bundle are found on Page 9 in every single issue. This link also leads to details about where to get the licenses (which is also explained on page 3).
  • Note: The MPC packs provided are compatible with Akai standalone models MPC One, X, Live, Live mkII, Force, as well as Touch, Renaissance, MPC Beats and Software (see individual packs for more details).
  • ANALOG WARRIOR: Zampler  2.4GB sample content, 112 patches, 16 loops – MPC – 1.26GB of content, 672 samples, 112 keygroup programs
  • LOFi EDM: Zampler – 2.2GB sample content 108 patches – MPC – 1.13GB of content, 630 samples, 105 keygroup programs
  • ZA2600: Zampler – 2.1GB sample content, 65 patches – MPC – 1.1GB of content, 65 keygroup programs
  • ÆNIGMA: Zampler – 3.2GB sample content, 64 patches – MPC – 1.5GB of content, 64 keygroup programs
  • SYNTHIA: Zampler – 2.1GB sample content, 50 patches – MPC – 1GB of content, 50 keygroup programs
  • TRAP ORCHESTRA: Zampler – 2GB sample content, 116 patches – MPC – 1GB of content, 116 keygroup programs
  • MODEL 1978: Zampler – 2.4GB sample content, 64 patches – MPC – 1.17GB of content, 64 keygroup programs
  • VOICES FROM THE DARK: Zampler – 3.2GB sample content, 64 patches – MPC – 1.53GB of content, 64 keygroup programs
  • DARK MODULAR: Zampler – 2.7GB of sample content, 70 patches – MPC – 1.2GB of sample content, 67 keygroup programs
  • STARWAVE: Zampler – 2.1GB expansion, 1462 samples, 97 patches – MPC – 1.1GB Samples, 552 samples, 92 Patches
  • LAYERZ: Zampler – 3.2GB Soundbank, 70 Patches – MPC – 70 Keygroup Programs, 350 Samples
  • DELUXE HOUZE JUNKIE: Zampler  2.4GB Soundbank, 1066 Samples, 82 Patches – MPC – 1,2GB Samples, 492 Samples, 82 Keygroup Programs
  • BVRST: Zampler – 2.5GB Soundbank, 1417 Samples, 109 Patches – MPC – 1.52GB Samples, 545 Samples, 109 Keygroup Programs
  • BIG ROOM SYNTHS: Zampler – 3.2GB Soundbank, 1461 Samples, 96 Patches – MPC – 1.4GB Samples, 546 Samples, 91 Keygroup Programs
  • ANALOG PRESSURE: Zampler – 2,53GB Soundbank, 1664 Samples, 128 Patches – MPC – 1.3GB Samples, 640 Samples, 128 Keygroup Programs
  • BASS THRILL: Zampler – 2.61GB Soundbank, 128 Patches – MPC – 1.32GB Samples, 580 Samples, 116 Keygroup Programs
  • TRAVELLER: Zampler – 2.84GB sound bank, 1235 samples, 95 patches – MPC – 1.41GB Samples, 1235 samples, 95 keygroup programs
  • MAGNIFICENT SEVEN: Zampler – 2.54GB sound bank, 1287 samples, 99 patches – MPC – 1.27GB Samples, 495 samples, 99 keygroup programs
  • DEATH TO THE KORE: Zampler – 1.62GB sound bank, 1100 Samples, 128 patches – MPC – 969MB samples, 452 Samples, 128 Keygroup Programs
  • THE MATRIARK: Zampler – 2.14GB Sound Bank, 1078 samples 77 Patches – MPC – 1.07GB samples, 385 Samples, 77 Keygroup Programs
  • TRAP EMPIRE: Zampler – 2.27GB Sound Bank, 1157 Samples, 89 Patches – MPC – 1.04GB Samples, 445 Samples, 89 Keygroup Programs
  • CORROSIVE (MPC ONLY): Zampler – 32 Acid loops, 32 Bass patches, 99 TR-8 drum loops – MPC – 302MB of content, 28 keygroup programs
  • BRUTE FACTOR (ZAMPLER ONLY) – 47 Pure Analog MiniBrute 2S Patches, 404 MB of content, 47 keygroup programs, Audio previews
  • MELODIC (ZAMPLER ONLY) – 88 Patches For Melodic House & Techno, 745 MB of content, 468 samples, 88 keygroup programs, Audio previews
  • NORDIC NATURE (ZAMPLER ONLY) – 71 Patches Made With Nord Wave 2, 1 GB of content, 426 samples, 71 keygroup programs, Audio previews
  • ULTIMATE DRUMS (ZAMPLER ONLY) – 77 Classics Refined, 197 MB of content, 504 drum samples, 20 keygroup programs, 57 drum programs, 42 .mpc patterns and .sxq sequences each, Audio previews
  • Libraries include instruments and loops in the following genres:
  • Ethnic, Underscore
  • Techno, Electro, Trance, Chill
  • Trap, Drum & Bass, Hip-Hop,
  • Industrial, Dubstep, EDM, Lo-Fi
  • Deep, Slap, Tech, Hardstyle, Gabber
  • Over 2.000 Pages Of Tutorials AND Almost 280GB Of Software Downloads!

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