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“Sektor” is a polyphonic wavetable synth plugin with a highly intuitive user interface and a lot of customization features. Sektor was built to use a low amount of system resources while having a massive high quality sound.

“Sektor’s” built-in Heat Up 2 multisample engine lets you combine the real sound of a modern rompler with Sektor’s advanced wavetable synthesis engine, which means “Sektor” quickly becomes a remarkably expressive synth for any type of music!

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A Remarkably Versatile & Expressive Wavetable + Sample Synth!

With advanced modulation features such as feature rich modulation Envelopes, ADSR’s and LFO’s can be routed to the synth’s parameters via drag and drop, or via the right click menu of the knobs, “Sektor” quickly becomes a remarkably expressive synth for any type of music.

Shape each parameter of 16 voices per wavetable oscillator with OSC+. Create massive unison sounds and change the waveform, phase, pitch, stereo spread, level and detune of each individual unison voice.

Sektor also comes with two effect racks including high quality effects such as Reverb, Delay, Distortion, Chorus, Phaser, Trance Gate, Compressor, Stereo Shaper and a 4 Band Equalizer.

86% off “Sektor” by Initial Audio

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Sektor – An Incredibly Easy To Use But Also Deeply Customizable Synth!

Deeply Customizable

“Sektor” was made to be deeply customizable, offering many features to make it your own. Change Colours, Backgrounds, Skins and more. Create custom made Arps and Sequences with the built in Sequencer, create your own Skins, add your own Samples, create your very own Presets, Expansion Packs and much more. Offer your content to others or share it with your friends. Learn how to skin Sektor by clicking this link: How To Skin Sektor

Ease of use

Sektor comes with a highly intuitive and unique interface design, making it very easy to use and understand. Even if you are not very experienced in synthesis, you can achieve great results and fast. Modern drag and drop features make the modulation matrix almost unnecessary. Sektor also gives permanent visual feedback, helping you to understand what is happening with each preset. Not sure what a control does? Hover over each control for a tooltip explaining the feature.

Craft your own sound

The Factory Library comes with over 750 Unique Presets which will suit a broad range of genres such as EDM, Hiphop, Trap, RnB, Dubstep, Drum N Bass and much more. With over 200 Factory Wavetables, 100 Multisampled Instruments, over 250 Single Samples and dozens of Sequencer Presets, you will have plenty of content to craft your own unique sound. Edit Wavetables and Waveforms with the built-in Wavetable Editor or create your own Wavetables from scratch.


The benefit of owning Sektor, you will always be able to update your library by downloading new EXPANSION LIBRARIES created by our professional producers and sound designers or even 3rd party developers.

Sculpt A Sound that’s Uniquely Yours – Using The Oscillators & Samples!

“Sektor” provides many tools for shaping and customising your sound.

The wavetable oscillators (Oscillator A and B)

Sektor comes with 2 Wavetable Oscillators. Wavetable synthesis is probably the easiest form of synthesis to create complex and evolving sounds over time.

Each oscillator contains a table of waveforms which can be selected via the display or morphed together using the Morph Control. Many of the wavetables in Sektor are designed for smooth morphing over time, enabling the creation of complex and evolving sounds.

The Osc+ page

The Osc+ page is a really powerful feature that gives extra control over the individual voices of an oscillator.

By default this is disabled, to use it first set the voices knob on either oscillator to more than 1. Each oscillator has a maximum of 16 voices. You should think of each voice as its own oscillator. Looking at the grid we see numbers from 1-16, each numbered section represents an oscillator.

Here we can set the pitch in semitones of each voice, as well as detune, stereo, phase and level. Giving full control over unison type sounds popular on many synths.

We can also change the waveform for each voice in the WT Pos (Wavetable Position) tab, changing the WT Pos will temporarily update the waveform display so you can see exactly which waveform you are setting for that voice.

The Sub Oscillator

The sub oscillator is a useful and quick way to add some extra low end bass to a sound. The sub is just a pure sine wave which can be pitched up or down relative to the note played by up to 5 octaves. It also comes with a drive setting to overdrive the sub adding extra harmonics.

The Sample Player

The sample player in Sektor supports playback of single samples (wav files) as well as multi samples which have been expertly recorded across the range of keys.

The sample player also seamlessly supports Heat Up 2 instruments. If you own Heat Up 2 all your instruments will automatically show up in the sample selection menu.

For more details on these features read the Manual HERE.

86% off “Sektor” by Initial Audio

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Bring Your Sounds To Life With Filters, Modulation & Envelopes!

This is the heart of “Sektor”, where the basic sounds shaped in the previous section are brought to life through creative use of the built-in Filters, Oscillators and Evelopes.

The Filter Section

In “Sektor” we have two separate filters. The oscillators have a filter mix knob which controls the amount of the signal to send to each filter.

By default all oscillators are sent to filter 1. To send for instance Osc B to filter 2 we simply move its filter mix knob all the way to the right to send 100% of Osc B to filter 2. We can split the output of the oscillator between both filters by setting the mix to 50/50.

Each filter comes with its own AHDSR envelope which directly controls the filter cutoff. This is a quick and handy way of modulating the cutoff without having to route one of the ADSRs or Mod envelopes.

Modulation And Routing

Modulation is a massively important part of sound design. Without it a synth would sound incredibly boring and static.

The key to creating natural or even experimental sounds is that the sound is changing over time. This could be a lowpass filter cutoff being modulated by an envelope giving a nice bass sound where the highest frequencies dampen over time, or modulating the pitch of a sine wave giving a nice kick sound.

The Expression page

The expression page contains 8 Graphical Envelopes. These are used to shape certain parameters from your midi keyboard, such as Velocity, After Touch, Mod Wheel and Key Tracking. More parameters are available when in MPE (Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression) Mode.

The ADSR Envelopes

In Sektor we have two routable ADSR Envelopes, each one has up to 4 possible destinations available. Each destination has an amount knob which has both positive and negative range. We can also enable or disable a destination.

The Modulation Envelopes

We have 3 Graphical Modulation Envelopes in Sektor. These are really powerful and allow you to shape your modulation in very specific ways, it also syncs easily with the host tempo and time signature.

Each numbered line in the grid represents a beat. To sync with these beats we can set the “Sync” to anything other than free.

The LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators)

In Sektor there are 4 available LFOs or Low Frequency Oscillators. These LFOs are not strictly low frequency, we also have an osc mode which turns the LFO into a fully fledged bandlimited oscillator.

The Modulation Matrix

The modulation matrix is one of many ways to route sources to destinations in Sektor. The matrix has 12 available slots, each with a source, amount, destination and Enable button.

Routing via a knobs right click menu

We can also easily add sources to destinations via the right click menu of any knob that is a destination.

The Macro knobs

In Sektor we have 3 Macro knobs, these can be used to control multiple parameters at once using just one knob. We can also give each knob its own name by clicking the name below.

Add Movement & Space To Your Sounds With The Sequencer & Effects Rack!

The Sequencer

Sektor comes with a super powerful yet easy to use sequencer. It is more like a Sequencer, Piano Roll and Arpeggiator combined. The sequencer has a maximum of 32 steps with a note range of 4 octaves allowing for very complex melodies to be created.

Each horizontal line is numbered starting at 0 in the center and going to +24 upwards and -24 downwards.

The center of the sequencer represents the current note held, ie the base note. The numbers are semitones so when we add a note at say +2 this is the base note plus 2 semitones.

So if the base note is a C on your keyboard the note at +2 will play a D because +1 semitone would be C# and so +2 is then D. Because 12 semitones makes an octave then +12 would be C one octave higher.

The Effect Racks

In Sektor we have 2 Effect Racks which contain 9 high quality effects: Reverb, Compressor, Phaser, Chorus, Delay, Panner, Trance Gate, EQ and Distortion. Each effect can be reordered in the list via drag and drop.

The changes are updated in realtime, move an effect around and listen if there is a significant difference, certain orders of effects might sound better to you than others.

The Settings

The settings page is split into 2 parts, General and GUI Colours. The general tab is where we can select our skin, enable rainbow or MPE Mode and learn more about Sektor.

The General Tab

Rainbow mode: Changes Modulation colour and piano key colour when pressed based on the average output level of the synth.

MPE Mode: MPE (Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression) is a new midi standard which Sektor supports. Turn this ON if you have an MPE keyboard such as the Seaboard Rise by Roli to get the most out of it. If you don’t have such a keyboard leave this feature off.

The GUI Colours Tab:

In the GUI colours tab we can visually change the colours of different elements of Sektor’s interface, allowing you to change the colours to ones you may prefer.

Any colours you change are saved automatically for the current skin you have selected. Lots of elements can be changed such as the white keys of the keyboard, the main screen colour and even the Sektor and Initial logos.

The Preset Browser And Expansions Page

The preset browser is organised into categories on the left side and presets on the right. Above the screen is a button to select an expansion and a button to select a preset from the currently selected category.

Previous and next buttons allow quick and easy auditioning of presets.

Within the browser page you can right click any preset to set it as a favorite to the “Favorites” Expansion. The favorites expansion is where all your favorite presets are stored for easy access.

Click the Expansion button in the left corner to open the Expansions page, from here we can select the Favorites expansion or any other you may have.

An Expansion in “Sektor” contains content such as Presets, Samples, LFOs, Sequencer Presets, Mod Envelope Presets, Wavetables and Skins. It is up to the creator of the expansion what they choose to include, but at the very least it should contain new preset sounds.

For more details on these features read the Manual HERE.

86% off “Sektor” by Initial Audio

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So What Can I Do With “Sektor”?

With it’s unparalleled flexibility “Sektor” opens up a whole new world of sound design possibilities for your next track, thanks to it’s huge collection of Oscillator, LFO, Modulation and Sequencing options.

With over 750 Unique Factory Presets “Sektor” enables you to get to work right away on your next track in whatever style you choose, including but not limited to:

  • EDM
  • Hiphop
  • Trap
  • RnB
  • Dubstep
  • Drum N Bass

Still not convinced, try out the demo for PC or Mac

"Sektor" by Initial Audio

86% off "Sektor" by Initial Audio

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Normally €126 – get it at 86% off before it’s gone!

  • 86% off the normal price (normally €126)!
  • Hybrid Wavetable + Samples Synth plugin
  • Over 750 Unique Factory Presets
  • Over 200 Unique Wavetables
  • Built in sampler engine with hundreds of samples. Also plays back Heat Up 2 Instruments (Requires Heat Up 2)
  • Sculpt a sound that’s uniquely yours with Oscillators & Samples!
  • Bring Your Sounds To Life With Filters, Envelopes & Modulation!
  • Add movement with an incredibly flexible Sequencer & two independent Effects Racks!
  • Completely customizable right down to the look of the interface!
  • 64 Bit and 32 Bit VST Plugin
  • AUDIO UNIT Plugin
  • Stand Alone App
  • Windows and Mac compatible
  • Supports the new MPE Midi Standard (Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression)
  • Perfect for all types of music including EDM, Hiphop, Trap, RnB, Dubstep, Drum N Bass and much more!

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  • "Sektor is a really fun synth to play around with, it has an exceptional amount of control when it comes to shaping and modulating your own unique sound and with so many ways to manipulate almost every single aspect of the sound you’re creating you could, in theory, create anything you could want."

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    Producer Spot

    Producer Spot

    Music Industry Blog

  • "Sektor is an incredible wave table synth by Initial Audio…. and, for the price tag, it’s a must have!"

    Full Review

    Joshua Caspar

    Music Industry Blog

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