93% off “Drum Kit And Sound Pack Bundle” by Audeobox

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“Drum Kit And Sound Pack Bundle” is an enormous collection of WAV Loops, MIDI Sequences, Construction Kits and Synth Presets covering a wide range of modern production styles including Trap, House. Pop, Future RnB, EDM, Urban & Future Bass.

When having the right tools for the job at hand is critical, you can be sure that with this bundle you are getting top quality production material to work with!

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€442 Worth Of Incredible Production Packs, Synth Presets & Loops Designed To Deliver Your Next Big Chart Hit!

“Drum Kit And Sound Pack Bundle” is an epic collection of one shot sounds, loops, synth presets, constructions kits and MIDI files that includes the following products:

93% off “Drum Kit And Sound Pack Bundle” by Audeobox

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#UNameIt Kit (Trap/Urban)


You know that look Grandma gets when she comes over for supper and something just isn’t right? Maybe Mom forgot that extra scoop of butter Grandma always used, maybe the gravy recipe lost something in the translation from mother to daughter, or maybe there just aren’t enough greens on the table.

Whatever the reason for “THE LOOK,” it’s a look that nobody wants to be on the receiving end of…ever! It’s the same with music. No producer should ever get caught not knowing how to make the most of the foundational sounds in this pack.

It’s kind of like the “school figures” ice skaters have to make; if you don’t have a handle on these basic tools of the trade, the more advanced stuff is going to throw you. And you’re going to get “THE LOOK” from people who have been in the business for a while.

With 18 highly usable melodies, 8 percussion/high-hat loops, 6 drum loops and 15 drum hits, this pack serves up a big, ol’ plateful of everything you need to lay down some hot home-cooking in the studio or live.

Product includes:

  • 18 Melody Loops
  • 15 Drum Hits
  • 8 Percussion/HiHat Loops
  • 6 Drum Loops

Bliss: Mega House Pack (House)


Audeobox asked ten people what House Music is. One said, “It’s just like Disco, right?” By the time the other nine finished correcting him, and one another, it was too late to finish the focus group. But they wrote everything down, and with all those perceptions in mind (well…except for the Disco guy) they got down to business.

Okay, what they actually did was assemble a handpicked team of veteran DJs who know what crowds want and expert sound engineers who know how to build crystal clear sounds with max flexibility, and told them to build their dream kit.

They came up with a versatile arsenal of 30 Arpeggios and leads, 94 bass parts, 38 chords, 104 drum loops, 70 drum one shots, 30 FX, 65 synth melodies.

Whether you’re playing deep house, microhouse. tech house, electro house, jump house or outhouse (okay, we made that one up), this kit gives you the sounds and flexibility to make any kind of house happen.

Product includes:

  • 300+ Melody, Bass & Drum Loops
  • 160+ MIDI Files based on Loops
  • 60+ Drum One-Shots
  • 30+ FX Sounds
  • 30+ Massive & Serum Presets
  • 24 Bit / 44.1kHz / Wav / Massive / 524MB

Clarity (Trap/Experimental)


First things first. When you’re handing out a compliment to a fellow producer, don’t refer to their music as “dope house” or “dope trap”. Other people may get the wrong idea and start asking for stuff that you DON’T produce.

Tell them their music is “Just Dope.” You’ll be saying what you mean while publicizing our very own hybrid genre. Thanks in advance, by the way! Just Dope is a genre that takes great sounds from across the musical spectrum and puts them at your fingertips to make magic with.

Open up the Clarity pack and feast your ears on a Just Dope selection of 75 music loops, 129 drum & percussion one shots, 51 drum & percussion loops, 65 808 subs, future 808’s & sub FX, 20 lush pads, 25 brass strikes, 40 bass elements and 28 SFX & impacts.

Product includes:

  • Music Loops
  • Drum & Percussion One shots
  • Drum & Percussion Loops
  • 808 Subs
  • Future 808s & Subs
  • Lush Pads
  • Brass Strikes
  • Bass Elements
  • SFX & Impacts
  • Tech Specs – 24 Bit / 44.1kHz / Wav / 586MB

Genesis Trap (Chiptune/Trap)


In the beginning, there was Atari, and it was good, but it wasn’t a fully immersive blu-ray playing supercomputer with WiFi, but it didn’t need to be that, and neither is this pack.

Genesis Trap is the chiptune inspired pack that you never knew you needed to level up your productions.

Going beyond 8Bit, Genesis Trap includes everything you need to sound like you’re ready to rescue a princess who somehow keeps ending up in someone else’s castle.

Whether your love of Zelda rivals Zedd’s, you’re a Street Fighter like Frank Ocean, you’ve been busy thinking about the Super Mario Boys like Charli XCX or you really just need your next beat to be a FATALITY, we’ve got you, and it’s game over.

Product includes:

  • 300+ 8 Bit Sounds
  • Chiptune Loops
  • Serum Presets
  • Tech Specs – 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz / 164MB / WAV / Serum

93% off “Drum Kit And Sound Pack Bundle” by Audeobox

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Infinity: Crush Kit (Future Pop/Trap)


Whether it’s a track for Big Sean, Flume or James Blunt, Infinity has you covered. The variety is REAL.

Complete with 26 Snaretastic Snares, 24 Flippin Loops, 17 Crunchy Kicks, 3 Claps, 3 Fills, 6 Shwazy Snaps, 17 Stabs, AND 3 Vox FX, you’ll have everything you need to crush your next session with creative possibilities.

In fact, you may want to warn your friends and family that they might not hear from you for a few days after you download this pack.

These sounds are so addictive the inspiration and musical genius won’t stop.

Product includes:

  • 28 Fresh Loops & Fills
  • 52 Drum & Percussion Hits
  • 18 Stabs
  • 3 Vox One-Shots
  • Tech Specs – 24 Bit / 44.1kHz / Wav / 110MB

Kaleidoscope (Future Bass)


Future Bass is such an innovative new genre, it started Audeobox innovating the second they heard it.

Their international team got absolutely intergalactic working on this pack. As a matter of fact, they’re actually still waiting for a few of them to get back. Do them a favor and watch the sky for producers and engineers next time there’s a meteor shower. You never know. They might turn up.

You like detuned synthesizers? They’ve got ‘em. Sawtooth waves, square waves, this pack could probably even wave down a cab for you if you needed one. And if you want to take a little space ride yourself, they’ve included the midis in the pack.

Feel free to tweak all you want. Signature stabbing chords, unique Future Bass water drops, metallic jangles, vocal chops and more – such as, of course, plenty of big, low-end sound to play with. Future Bass is so… now!

Product includes:

  • 100+ Future Bassy Drum Hits
  • 70 MIDI Files
  • 40+ Music Loops
  • 30 Raunchy Bass Loops
  • 30+ SFX
  • 17 Drum Loops / Build Ups
  • Tech Specs – 24 Bit / 44.1kHz / Wav / Sylenth / 228 Samples / 414MB

Kaleidoscope 2 (Future Bass)


Audeobox love Future Bass. It’s one of the most innovative new genres to take over the mainstream and indie scene. They had to give it our spin.

This Trippy kit will have you in the future, BASSically…. Modeled after such great future bass producers such as Flume, Marshmello, and many other great DJ’s/producers, the Kaleidoscope sound pack is sure to be a staple in your go to folder.

Plus, they included the midi files, so you can add whatever sound patch you like. You could also pretend you played these to your producer friends. It’ll be our little secret.  Shhhhh.

They’ve included our own spin on Future Bass of course, so expect the unexpected.

Product includes:

  • 16 Bassy Bass Loops
  • 52 Majestic Melodies
  • 27 Crazy FX and Vox One-Shots
  • 64 Killer Drum Hits
  • 23 Future Bassy Drum Loops
  • Tech Specs – 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz / 515MB / WAV

Swamped (Future Pop/EDM)


Maybe you’ve used every loop pack on the market. Maybe you’ve been experimenting here and there. Maybe you’re hoping for just one that can take you from beginner to boss.

Whichever one of those is you, Swamped will take you so deep into a new world of sound options that Audeobox may just have to send a team in to drag you out of your session. Of course, last time they tried that, the team didn’t come back either.

They sent some guys in after one of their testing producers and that session is STILL going on (and they’re going broke on their Chinese takeout bills).

Now, pretend you’re the disclaimer guy at the end of a radio commercial and read this next part really fast: 26 arpeggios, 43 bass lines, 30 keyboard melodies, 30 lead synth melodies, 26 percussion loops, 38 drum loops, 31 multi-synth loops, 40 pads, 32 pluck synth loops, 34 polysynth loops, 30 synth fill-ups and 30 vox.

Okay. Take a second to catch your breath. See what we mean? Every piece of sound in this pack, including the bonus Swamp Thing drums created by Young Fyre, are designed to swamp you with creative possibilities!

Product includes:

  • 400 Loops
  • 120+ MIDI
  • 50 Drum Hits
  • 30 Vox Hits
  • Tech Specs – 24 Bit / 44.1kHz / Wav / 1GB

93% off “Drum Kit And Sound Pack Bundle” by Audeobox

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Vibes (Future R&B)


This pack took a LONG time for Audeobox to finish. Every time somebody came up with a vibey new loop to play for their team, they’d all started staring into space, getting all cerebral, talking all deep about feelings and stuff. It’d go on for hours. And if anyone breathes a word of those conversations, they are OUT of there.

What all that means for you is a sound pack that will turn you into a magician of mood setting. And whatever you’re building your music on, Vibes is your key to R&B perfection. It’ll even make that bargain basement laptop you like to mess around with into a sweet little studio.

91 melodies & music loops, 50+ kicks, snares hats & percussion, 42 vibey drum & percussion loops, 41 risers, falls & other sound effects, 128 midi files. People will think you hired pro session players to come over the house.

Product includes:

  • 91 Melodies & Music Loops
  • 50 Dum Hits
  • 42 Vibey Drum Loops & Percussion Loops
  • 41 Risers, Downlifters, Impacts and other SFX
  • 120 MIDI files
  • Tech Specs – 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz / WAV / 488MB

Vibes 2 (Future R&B)


These Vibes packs always take Audeobox longer than expected. This time, they made the mistake of inviting significant others to a few sessions. Once the vibes started playing, things started getting all huggy and kissy and…well, you know what this music does to people.

Let’s just say everybody knocked off early those days. Audeobox made their first Vibes pack so that anyone who makes music could lay down vibes that create the perfect atmosphere for everything from love, to a little dancing, to a laid-back night at home.

Now, Vibes 2 is here with another set of marvelous, mood-setting sounds. You know that sweet, synthesized symphony you hear in your soul sometimes? Vibes 2 can help you share it.

40 entrancing melodies, 20 vocal chops, 40 smooth bass melodies, 50 percussion loops and fills, 41 amazing drum loops and 50 FX—that’s an amazing palette of sound to select from. The musical colors you can mix are endless.

Product includes:

  • 40 Entrancing Melodies
  • 20 Vocal Chops
  • 40 Smooth Bass Melodies
  • 50 Percussion Loops & Fills
  • 41 Amazing Drumloops
  • Tech Specs – 24 Bit / 44.1kHz / Wav / Massive / Serum / 469MB

The Loop (Future Bass/World)


You can NEVER have enough loops. Loops make our lives so much easier, and GOOD loops are hard to come by. Well, “The Loop” is the ultimate loop experience.

This mega pack has every loop you’ll need. From hi-hat loops, foley loops, to loose swag-filled percussion loops. These are not the stiff old loops you’re used to hearing. These genre-bending loops are usable in ANY style of music. Future bass, trap, EDM, hip hop and everything in between.

Audeobox’s sound warrior Evan, sampled live foley, drums, percussion, pots, pans, and kitchen sinks (Ok maybe not kitchen sinks) and processed them through top tier hardware (and some cool software) to come up with some truly unique loops that are ridiculously usable.

With tempos ranging from 90bpm all the way to 170bpm they’ve covered every tempo you’ll need! Their chief sound designer Shannan dropped in some SICK drum loops as well. Seriously, SICK.

Chop, flip, stretch, distort, and mangle these loops until they are completely your own, OR just drag and drop them in. Either way, these will turn up the swag level over your tracks up a notch… Yes, the swag level…

Product includes:

  • Exclusives from YoungFyre
  • Drum & Percussion Loops
  • Cinematic Textures
  • Toppers
  • Build Ups
  • 0 Fillers
  • Tech Specs – 24 Bit / 44.1kHz / Wav / 246MB

93% off “Drum Kit And Sound Pack Bundle” by Audeobox

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Monstrosities (Bass Music)


This is Audeobox’s first Serum presets pack and they wanted it BIG. Big enough to put out clouds of sound an audience can practically see filling the room. Big enough to be a go-to across the Dubstep spectrum.

They also wanted it big enough for anyone to get the most out of, whether you’re a top-tier producer looking for some new track seasoning, a veteran DJ looking for fresh ways to move a crowd, or a hobbyist mixer building a local reputation among your friends.

And when they say this pack is meant for the whole spectrum, they’re not kidding. From the most upbeat call to dance action to the most brooding and ominous Trapstep storytelling, Monstrosities has got you covered.

DISCLAIMER: Audeobox are not responsible for any crowds who storm a hobbyist mixer’s house, forcing him or her into the limelight and propelling them to fortune and fame (they might take credit for it, but that’s different).

Product includes:

  • 100+ Genre-bending Presets
  • 50 Custom Wavetables
  • Tech Specs – Serum Presets / Custom Wavetables / 235MB

Twisted Metal (Trap)


Twisted Metal is where trap meets extreme sound design. Inspired by tracks from artists like XXXTentacion, Lil Pump, Smokepurpp and the like, Twisted Metal is a trap pack that scraps tradition and leaves the fillers to the other guys.

This pack is meant to push your creativity with dope elements to chop, mold and manipulate to your taste, while also providing usable sounds that are fresh.

With a full library of original vinyl samples and loops that have been chopped and effected, random items being flipped into percussive synths, obscure melodies that keep tracks hype while keeping you inspired, and a whole library of insane new drums, Twisted Metal will be the trap megapack you didn’t know you needed.

Product includes:

  • Distressed Trap Drums
  • Trap Drum Loops
  • Organic Melodies
  • Original Vinyl Samples
  • Tech Specs – 24 Bit / 44.1kHz / Wav / 396MB

Trapbox (Trap)


Some people call Trap a “big” sound. But that doesn’t go far enough. Trap is downright looming in its intensity. It sounds kind of like a symphony orchestra having a musical street fight with a gang called The 808s. (If you think that sounded strange, you should see the rest of the stuff from that marketing brainstorm).

However you look at it, Trap is not for the faint of heart. Of course, like any genre, it’s gone through some evolution and experimentation over time, but that boldly gritty southern sound is still at its essence.

With these presets, you’ll have everything you need to produce traditional trap, hang on to tradition but give it a little twist or make your own statement on Future Trap. 43 leads, 20 Bass grooves, 4 Brass, 6 Pads, 7 Arps, 32 plucks, 16 SFX, 15 Subs, 16 Synths and that’s just some of what you’ll find.

Product includes:

  • 150+ Trap Presets
  • 20+ Custom Noise Profiles
  • 30 Custom Wavetables
  • Bonus Trap Kit
  • Tech Specs – Serum Presets / Noise Profiles / Wavetables / Wav / 175MB

93% off “Drum Kit And Sound Pack Bundle” by Audeobox

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Iridescent (Pop)

Behind every great song is a great melody that makes it shine through, and that’s the approach Audeobox took when creating Iridescent.

Their first pack completely absent of drums, flourishes, and the like, Iridescent focuses squarely on melodies that will spark your creativity, not replace it.

With varying instrumentation, voicing, and styles, Iridescent is unapologetically pop, but it doesn’t force itself into any of the tropes that may be associated with the genre.

Filled with only usable melodies to build from OR around, this pack’s versatility moves beyond the mainstream and for the first time ever, AudeoBøx is including a variety of live guitar loops to give your productions a forward-thinking edge.

Product includes:

  • 31 Piano Loops
  • 41 Guitar Loops
  • 20 String Loops
  • 53 Synth Loops
  • 10 Pad Textures
  • 14 Pad Chord Loops
  • 100+ MIDI Files
  • Tech Specs – 24bit / 44.1kHz / WAV / 531MB

Extasy: Festival Toolkit (EDM)

Just in time for festival season, Audeobox made a pack with the explicit intent to be a crowd pleaser, and when it wasn’t they made it again, and then with the help of Marie Kondo, they got rid of everything that didn’t spark joy.

Focusing on the lighter side of festivals, these hyper-melodic loops were created to immediately grab the ear, as well as work their way from day (party), to night(’s light show). Extasy is the perfect mix of uplifting chords, feel-good melodies, and frothy floor fillers!

Even if your audience forgets their night, they won’t forget your set or the amazing music you’ll make with this comprehensive festival pack that will surely keep them reeling… in ecstasy.

Product includes:

  • 5 Construction Kits
  • 56 WAV Files
  • 15 MIDI Files
  • Tempo Labelled
  • Complete Fully Mastered Mix
  • 123MB Download File Size (Zipped)

Stereobox (Future Pop)


Artists like Whethan, ODESZA, Mura Masa, and Louis the Child have all made names for themselves with unique sound selection paired with even more unique sound imaging.

StereoBox was crafted to create sounds that uniquely interacted with the stereo field and could easily expand and enhance the spectrum of a song.

Acting as the road less traveled, StereoBox is the perfect toolbox for producers who need sounds that are both slightly off-kilter yet perfectly placed, smooth yet jittery chords, live yet electric drums, and more to take their Alt Pop / R&B tracks to new widths and heights.

Product includes:

  • Exclusive Drums from YoungFyre
  • 119 One Shots
  • 116 Loops
  • MIDI for EVERY Melody & Chord Loop

93% off “Drum Kit And Sound Pack Bundle” by Audeobox

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So What Exactly Can I Do With “Drum Kit And Sound Pack Bundle”?

“Drum Kit And Sound Pack Bundle” is all about high quality one shot sounds, loops, synth presets, constructions kits and MIDI files that are specifically designed to take your productions to the next level!

This enormous collection is perfect for but not limited to all of the following styles of music:

  • Trap
  • Pop / Future Pop
  • Future RnB
  • EDM
  • Urban
  • Future Bass
  • House

When having the right tools for the job matters, you can be sure with this bundle that you are getting top quality production material to work with!

Note: Packs containing Massive and Serum synth presets require that you own those soft-synths in order to use those patches.

  • Massive – https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/synths/massive/
  • Serum – https://xferrecords.com/products/serum

"Drum Kit And Sound Pack Bundle" by Audeobox

93% off "Drum Kit And Sound Pack Bundle" by Audeobox

Deal Expired

Normally €442 – get it at 93% off before it’s gone!

  • 93% off the normal price (normally €442)!
  • An enormous 17 pack collection of WAV Loops, MIDI Sequences, Synth Presets and Construction Kits!
  • 6.5GB+ of Awesome Content!
  • UNameIt Kit (Trap/Urban)
  • 8 Melody Loops, 15 Drum Hits, 8 Percussion/HiHat Loops, 6 Drum Loops
  • Bliss: Mega House Pack (House)
  • 300+ Melody, Bass & Drum Loops, 160+ MIDI Files based on Loops, 60+ Drum One-Shots, 30+ FX Sounds, 30+ Massive & Serum Presets,
  • Clarity (Trap/Experimental)
  • Music Loops, Drum & Percussion One shots, Drum & Percussion Loops, 808 Subs, Future 808s & Subs, Lush Pads, Brass Strikes, Bass Elements, SFX & Impacts
  • Genesis Trap (Chiptune/Trap)
  • 300+ 8 Bit Sounds, Chiptune Loops, Serum Presets.
  • Infinity: Crush Kit (Future Pop/Trap)
  • 28 Fresh Loops & Fills, 52 Drum & Percussion Hits, 18 Stabs, 3 Vox One-Shots
  • Kaleidoscope (Future Bass)
  • 100+ Future Bassy Drum Hits, 70 MIDI Files, 40+ Music Loops, 30 Raunchy Bass Loops, 30+ SFX, 17 Drum Loops / Build Ups
  • Kaleidoscope 2
  • 16 Bassy Bass Loops, 52 Majestic Melodies, 27 Crazy FX and Vox One-Shots, 64 Killer Drum Hits, 23 Future Bassy Drum Loops
  • Swamped (Future Pop/EDM)
  • 400 Loops, 120+ MIDI, 50 Drum Hits, 30 Vox Hits
  • Vibes (Future R&B)
  • 91 Melodies & Music Loops, 50 Dum Hits, 42 Vibey Drum Loops & Percussion Loops, 41 Risers, Downlifters, Impacts and other SFX, 120 MIDI files
  • Vibes 2 (Future R&B)
  • 40 Entrancing Melodies, 20 Vocal Chops, 40 Smooth Bass Melodies, 50 Percussion Loops & Fills, 41 Amazing Drumloops
  • The Loop (Future Bass/World)
  • Exclusives from YoungFyre, Drum & Percussion Loops, Cinematic Textures, Toppers, Build Ups, 0 Fillers
  • Trapbox (Trap)
  • 150+ Trap Presets, 20+ Custom Noise Profiles, 30 Custom Wavetables, Bonus Trap Kit, Serum Presets / Noise Profiles / Wavetables
  • Monstrosities (Bass Music)
  • 100+ Genre-bending Presets, 50 Custom Wavetables, Serum Presets / Custom Wavetables
  • Twisted Metal (Trap)
  • Distressed Trap Drums, Trap Drum Loops, Organic Melodies, Original Vinyl Samples
  • Extasy: Festival Toolkit (EDM)
  • 5 Construction Kits, 56 WAV Files, 15 MIDI Files, Tempo Labelled, Complete Fully Mastered Mix
  • Iridescent (Pop)
  • 31 Piano Loops, 41 Guitar Loops, 20 String Loops, 53 Synth Loops, 10 Pad Textures, 14 Pad Chord Loops, 100+ MIDI Files
  • Stereobox (Future Pop)
  • Exclusive Drums from YoungFyre, 119 One Shots. 116 Loops, MIDI for EVERY Melody & Chord Loop
  • Note: Packs containing Massive and Serum synth presets require that you own those soft-synths in order to use those patches.
  • Perfect for Trap, Pop / Future Pop, Future RnB, EDM, Urban & Future Bass and House!

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