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“Atheos” is a 9GB timestretching cinematic soundscape instrument that features four distinctive engines, hundreds of source sounds, a flexible sequencer and a comprehensive multi-fx section for each engine.

This is a library that is perfect for all kinds of contemporary music styles and genres including Ambient, Chillout, Cinematic Underscore & Video Games.

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Meet “Atheos” – A One Of A Kind Timestretching Soundscape Machine!

“Atheos” is a powerful, feature rich plugin filled to the brim with inspiring presets that will give you endless inspiration for your next track.

  • 260 preset instruments (click to view)
  • Effects, noises, drones, textures, atmospheres and soundscapes.
  • 120 built-in categorized engine presets ranging from damaged/lofi sounds to subtle and rhythmic variations.
  • Each engine preset can be loaded into any engine.
  • Random creation of engine presets based on pre-selected categories (e.g. gated, filtered, spacey).

With 9GB of content, all instruments offer flexible sequencers, automation, five freely assignable insert effect slots and more for endless creativity!

95% off “Atheos” by Rigid Audio

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4 Distinct Engines Designed For Creating Completely Unique Sounds!

Browsing Presets

“Atheos” comes with 260 inspiring presets in a vast range of styles. These are available via the snapshot presets and are categorized by type for easy access as follows:

  • Bright
  • Damaged
  • Dark
  • Lofi
  • Noise
  • Rhythmic
  • Split
  • Texture
  • Warm Presets

GUI Overview


“Atheos” has four different engines. The main difference between each engine is the type of sample playback mode:

  • The Sampler Engine plays back samples normally. (As you would expect from a sampler).
  • The Time Machine uses a high-quality timestretching algorithm to play back sounds.
  • The Tone Machine uses a similar technique, but with this engine, the samples will sound more like a vocoder.
  • The Noise Engine is similar to the Time Machine engine. (Also plays back samples with realtime timestretching).

Each engine has the same set of controls.


Each engine has controls for:

  • Keysplit (the — controls at the top) – These are actually sliders, that you can drag left/right with your mouse to set up a key-range for that particular engine.
  • Select/Edit button (e.g. sampler).
  • Sound Category Selection (e.g. string or wave) – From here, you can choose a sound category for each engine (except the noise engine). You can mix categories freely – this will affect the sound selection menu underneath.
  • Sound Selection (e.g. 104: pad | rotating saw wave) – Click on this menu, to select a sound for the chosen engine. Note that the chosen sound categories also affect sounds randomization. If you want to let Atheos choose a random sound, you can do that by category. This is useful if you like a particular preset that has e.g. only pad sounds but want some different sounds within the same style.
  • Playback Mode Button (forward, backward or both) – Click on the button with the playback icon, to cycle through the three sample playback modes: forward, backwards (reverse), forward and backward together.
  • Randomize (dice button) – The dice button will open up a menu from where you can let Atheos choose a random tone for the currently selected engine. You can also choose to randomize the sound sources for all four layers at once. Choose “Randomize Tone (all)” for that.
  • Pitch Bend Range (e.g. pb: 2) – From here, you can select the pitch bend range for each engine.
  • Volume – Controls the individual engine volume, ranging from infinite to +12 dB.
  • Pan – Controls the individual engine panning.
  • Glide – Controls the individual (polyphonic) note gliding.

Shape Your Sounds & Add Movement – Envelopes, Filters & The Sequencers!

Envelope And Filter Controls

Each engine has its own amp and filter envelope (ADSR) controls plus 11 different filter types. Use the engine select buttons to control these:

  • Curve (amp envelope attack curve) – This lets you change the shape of the amp attack envelope.
  • Att (amp envelope attack)
  • Dec (amp envelope decay)
  • Sus (amp envelope sustain)
  • Rel (amp envelope release)
  • Cutoff (filter cutoff frequency)
  • Reso (filter resonance, also called q or bandwidth)
  • Env (filter cutoff envelope amount) – With this you can control the filter cutoff envelope. You can choose negative values to get an inverted envelope.

The Sequencers

Each engine in “Atheos” features four sequencers that you can use to modulate various parameters at once. You can either modulate engine-specific parameters like pan, grain length, speed or formant shifting or you can modulate effects that you’ve inserted into one of the five effect slots of each engine.

Each sequencer also features a comprehensive functions menu. From here you can:

  • Shift table / pattern data to the left or right by a single step (nudging).
  • Increase / Decrease table / pattern data.
  • Randomize table / pattern data.
  • Alter table / pattern data.
  • Shrink/Stretch table / pattern data.
  • Reverse table / pattern data.
  • PingPong (Forward/Backward) table / pattern data.
  • Repeat steps.
  • Erase steps.

Sequencer Targets

Each sequencer features four freely assignable targets. With these, you can choose what the current sequencer pattern should modulate. For each target you can also set up a random category and target to modulate which will also take all inserted effects into account. Simply click on the dice button for that purpose

Table Editing

To edit pattern data / table contents, you simply click into the sequencer area itself to place steps, you can also use the right mouse button to draw straight lines. Additionally there are two sliders next to the sequencer: the left one sets all steps to a fixed value, the right slider rescales the table contents.

For more detailed information on all of these features, read the comprehensive (44 page) User Manual HERE.

95% off “Atheos” by Rigid Audio

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Add The Finishing Touches & Take Complete Control Of Your Sound!

External Modulation (MIDI CC)

Each sequencer from each engine can be modulated externally via a standard continuous (MIDI) controller (#CC). To apply external modulation, click on the MW or CC button. The sequencer will be set to a single step and react to incoming MIDI CC data automatically, pattern data will no longer be played back.

This external modulation can be set up for each sequencer in each engine.

Engine Presets

You can load an engine preset for each engine in Atheos. Click on the Presets button in the top-left corner of the sequencer-area and a list will open up. From here you can load one of the 120 categorized engine-presets. The following categories are available:

  • Damaged – distorted, raw and driven presets.
  • Filter – filter-related presets.
  • Gated – rhythmic and gated (trance gate) presets.
  • Lofi – degraded and crushed presets.
  • Rhythm – rhythmic presets.
  • Spacey – flanged, echoey and reverberated presets.
    Subtle – presets, that only have subtle tone variations.
  • Sweep – mostly filter and effect-sweeps.
  • Time – presets designed for the time machine/noise engine.
  • Tone –  presets designed for the tone machine engine.

You can also create a random preset based on a selected category by clicking the Dice button to open a category selection menu, choose any category you want and a random preset will be created and loaded.

Note that this will alter all engine settings. However, you can choose to only manipulate certain settings by using the wrench icon menu, you can decide which options/settings should be affected by creating random presets.

The FX Section

Each engine in Atheos features an effects-section with five freely assignable effect-slots. The following effects are available:

  • SV LP2, BP2, HP2, 2 Band Eq
  • Vowel Filter
  • Bus Comp, Tape Sat. Distortion, Lo-fi, Skreamer
  • Van51, Ac Box
  • Rotator, Cabinet, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser 1, Phaser 2
  • Delay, Delay Bpm
  • Reverb
  • Stereo-modeller

To insert an effect to an effect-slot, click on the — button. You can also insert a random effect by pressing the Dice button.


Each engine in Atheos can be set up to only react to a user-defined keyrange, to adjust a keyrange, click and drag the desired slider to the right or left. In this way you can define key-splits easily, which is very handy when you want to have e.g. a pad sound on the lower range of the keyboard and e.g. a texture on the upper range.

The snapshots labelled with split at the beginning demonstrate some possibilities of using keysplits.

Whenever you adjust a keyrange, the virtual Kontakt keyboard will show the defined range(s) as well for a better visualization.

Audio Routing

Each engine in Atheos has its own bus / audio output so that you can easily route any engine to a physical output in Kontakt. To route each engine to its own output in Kontakt, do the following:

  • Open up the Kontakt Outputs panel
  • Then click on the Outputs + sign to add 4 channels

Once the new channels are created, you’ll need to route them to physical outputs in Kontakt or DAW outputs in your Host.

So What Can I Do With “Atheos”?

“Atheos” is a powerful, feature rich plugin filled to the brim with inspiring presets that will give you endless inspiration for your next track.

While it is primarily designed for timestretching cinematic soundscapes, it is extremely versatile and well suited to all genres of music creation, including but not limited to:

  • Ambient
  • Chillout
  • Cineamtic Underscore
  • Video Games

Note: Requires the Full Retail version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher (NOT compatible with the free Kontakt Player).

"Atheos" by Rigid Audio

95% off "Atheos" by Rigid Audio

Deal Expired

Normally €116 – get it at 95% off before it’s gone!

  • 95% off the normal price (normally €116)!
  • ATHEOS delivers 260 cinematic soundscapes and otherworldly textures.
  • 4 simulatenous running engines.
  • 300 instruments for engines 1-3 (“sampler”, “time-machine” and “tone-machine”).
  • 150 instruments for the fourth “noise” engine.
  • String, bass, piano, pad, ambient, texture, bell, wind, wave and fx instruments.
  • Forward, reversed and “both” playback.
  • Sound category filters/selectors.
  • Volume, pan and glide control per engine.
  • 11 filter types (incl. vowel and phaser).
  • Comprehensive and musical randomizing features.
  • Adjustable key (note) range for each engine for keysplits.
  • Each engine has its own output for individual mixing and processing in your DAW of choice.
  • 4 sequencers with 4 steps table buffers for each engine.
  • Up to 16 simultaneous running sequencers.
  • 2 – 128 steps per sequencer (up to 512 steps using the four table buffers).
  • Table buffer playlist options.
  • Inter-sequencer modulation.
  • 40 built-in sequencer table presets.
  • Random table speed per sequencer.
  • Extensive non-destructive table editing functions (incl. Rescaling and stretch/shrink).
  • 7 sequencer playback modes (incl. Flam, random and step).
  • 4 modulation targets for each sequencer.
  • Each modulation target features inverting, low/high range control and randomization.
  • Each sequencer can be modulated via modulation wheel or any continuous midi controller.
  • Realtime modulation of any parameter (incl. Effect parameters).
  • Modulation of engine features like speed, smooth, grain, formant and others.
  • Random modulation target selection.
  • Freely assignable effect slots per engine.
  • 22 effects to choose from (incl. Filters, eq, distortion and tape saturation).
  • Effect slots can be exchanged (nudged left/right) while taking modulation routings into account.
  • Random effect type selection per slot.
  • Six controllable parameters per effect slot (incl. Dry/wet controls when applicable).
  • Note: Requires the Full Retail version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher (NOT compatible with the free Kontakt Player)
  • Perfect for all kinds of contemporary music styles and genres including Ambient, Chillout, Cinematic Underscore & Video Games!

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