95% off “Super VST Bundle” by Thenatan

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“Super VST Bundle” contains all the tools you need to start turning out classics!

Supercharge your 808’s with X-EIGHT 808, add the hardest hats around with Hatz, melodies to die for with Tape Piano 2 and cutting edge effects with Vybz!

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The Complete Music Production Suite For Trap, Hip Hop, Lo-Fi & Chill

“Super VST Bundle” contains everything you need to reproduce that authentic lo-fi sound in your tracks.

  • Vybz
  • Tape Piano 2
  • Hatz
  • Trax
  • X-Eight
  • TapeFX
  • Clone

95% off “Super VST Bundle” by Thenatan

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Vybz Gif

Vybz – Lofi Multi FX Plugin

Bring back the Nostalgic Vibes of the old/retro days, and take your listeners to when all the ‘faults’ were a part of the songs.

Whether you’re heating up breaks, crafting broken beats, or looking to add more musical material to your beats, we’ve got the tool that’ll help you do it.


  • You can Layer Textures onto your existing audio With the Texture Unit.
  • III Verb, Designed for getting a very fast, powerful, and high-quality reverb sound. + Convolution Reverb.
  • Get short Slap, Or Infinity Feedbacks With The Echo Unit, a Tempo Synced Delay Effect, With Color Control & Chorus.
  • Distort your signals Using inBuilt analog-style distortions, Or Shape your sounds with Vybz modern Waveshaper.
  • With Time Machine Select the record’s year of your Beat, from 1930 up until NOW, Or Feel the lo-fi magic With VHS & Drop-out Effects.
  • Stereo Enhancement, Volume modulation / Side Chain, Trance Gate, Tremolo / Panner All available on Motion Module.
  • II Band, Equalizer designed to correct Or balance issues in the most important frequencies, the low and high end + Dynamic EQ.
  • And Plenty of presets to help you Get to work Right Away.

This is a swiss army knife that includes everything about a modern or classic wet tone and it looks great while doing it.

With Vybz ultimate all-purpose effect modules, you can colorize your mixes and crank it back a few decades when snaps, crackles, and pops were a necessary part of the experience.

For more information see the product page HERE.

Tape Piano 2 – Lofi Piano Keys VST

A major update to our hugely successful Tape Piano ( Tapex ) Lofi Piano-Keys VST Loved by music producers across the globe.

Tape Piano 2 Is Now Lighter, Faster, And Packed With more Features… And Getting the right lo-fi Keys in your DAW has never been easier.


  • 4 Samplers, Each with, filters, envelopes, reverse, pan, stereo width, and tuning.
  • Texture Layer can load samples, drag and drop onto the sampler or select from the Bonus Pack That shipped With your Tape Piano.
  • Delve deeper into the sound design by assigning Mod Envelopes / LFOs to almost any control.
  • Two Master Filters with 10 popular filter models for each one.
  • FX Modules ( Algorithmic, Convolution Reverb – Stereo Delay – Soft & Hard Distortion – 8Bit Degrader – 2 Band Phaser – Compressor – Gate – Surgical Eq. )
  • Scaler With 17 Popular Scales.
  • Over 200, Categorised & Diverse Factory presets + Tapex 1 Presets. (Shareable Patches)
  • Preset Randomizer.
  • Modulation Matrix Page with sources and targets all over the instrument.
  • Surgical EQ is designed to instantly deliver clean and transparent EQ to your tracks
  • Highly Compressed Sample Library ( Tape Piano 2 Is Only 300 M.b On Your Disk. )
  • Fully resizable Vector / HD interface.
  • Get inspired with Realistic Reels & Raining Animations.
  • Large output meters And peak level readout.
  • 4 Octave Piano keyboard and ±24 Transpose Control.
  • Undo / Redo Controls.

We have hopefully succeeded in bringing you a collection of awesome Piano-Key Sounds That are not only perfect for Lo-fi / Chill / HipHop but for most other genres as it has a vast array of phenomenal Presets.

For more information see the product page HERE.

Tape Piano 2

Hatz UI

Hatz – Hi-Hat Rolls Engine

“What if I Told you Hatz Will make your Life Easier?”

Hi-hat and snare rolls have existed for a long time in a number of genres, in most beat-making videos you see that producers spend a lot of time in their software’s piano roll, changing up division times to get the groove they want, but with Hatz..


  • Make Rolling Hi-hats In Less than a Second and Play Different Patterns to Combine with your drums.
  • Built-in Effects ( Reverb – Delay – Bit Crusher – Saturation – Lp/Hp Filters – Stereo Widener ).
  • 4 Layers to add Over the Main Hihat.
  • Hatz Comes with Over 550 HD Hihat Samples ( In 9 Categories), And Also the Ability to import your Own One-Shot Samples Such As Hihats, Snare, and ETC. ( Drag & Drop )
  • Customizable Patterns, This means You can Select between 30 Different Patterns Alongside The Fixed Repeating Keys. ( Yellow Buttons Are Customizable )
  • Pitch / Pan / Gain and Filter Designers, Simply Create Uplifters or Crazy Pitching Hihats, Auto Panning Effect, and Auto Filter. Gain Designer Helps you to Make your Hihats Groovy & Humanize.
  • Hatz is Synced to your DAW, and It also can Play in half time Or Double Time using the Speed menu ( Top Right-hand side ).
  • Mono / Poly ( To avoid overlapping Notes )
  • Random Velocity, and Random Sample Start.
  • Sample Start & Endpoint controls.
  • Play in reverse.
  • Modern user-friendly GUI made out of Vector elements ( No PNG At All, all Codes ).
  • Resizable UI ( up to 200%, Sharp and Smooth )
  • Intelligent Randomizer ( You will be amazed Of Results )
  • Preset Browser system. ( 120 factory Presets & Shareable Patches )
  • Mac & PC All Updates Compatible.
  • And More…

Creating hi-hat patterns, snare rolls, and stutters have never been easier. Hatz is here to do it all for you. Save TONS of time instantly. Make rolling Hihats in less than a second and play different patterns to combine with your drums.

For more information see the product page HERE.

Trax – Drum Machine.

TRAX is a virtual instrument plug-in featuring 400+ hard hitting drums suitable for a variety of styles of music from modern trap, to EDM, soul and more.


  • 50 brand new pre-mixed quality drum kits that cover the entire spectrum of Trap.
  • 400 + dope drum samples, already EQ’ed and treated for instant use.
  • 16 Stereo Outputs for All 8 channels.
  • Includes a built-in analog style reverb.
  • Includes a built-in analog style Distortion.
  • AttackRelease for Drum dynamics.
  • Mixer.
  • Hiss / Noise / Crackle And Cassette Effects For A Realistic Sound Design.
  • Ultra-low CPU usage [perfect if you own a laptop / low spec PC/MAC]
  • Ultra-fast patch loading.
  • Monthly Expansions With Brand New Gui’s That Matches The Feel Of The Kits.

“TRAX is a drum machine plugin built to work within a variety of style of music…Its easy-to-grok interface serves as a front end for mixing and processing a roster of 50 eight-channel kits, composited from more than 400 samples, and incorporates reverb, distortion, and filtering, and vinyl and tape noise layers…monthly expansions have been promised.”

For more information see the product page HERE.

X-Eight – 808 Sub-Bass VST

Are you looking for an 808 VST Plugin? If Yes, Then You Can End Your Search Now!

Thenatan presents a fire 808 VST. X-EIGHT 808 VST comes with over +1000 Bangin’ 808s and Sub Bass Presets and after market Expansions.

When working on a track using X – EIGHT VST – you can play out your bassline, then go back and click next to switch through the 808 Presets until you find the perfect 808 for the track you are working on.

Each patch is pitched correctly to your keys. So if you hit C1 – you’ll get an 808 pitched perfectly to C. This means you can save time, and make your workflow so much faster.


  • Over 1000 Bangin’ 808s and Sub Bass Presets.
  • All Presets processed, EQ’d, compressed and transient shaped perfectly.
  • 24 bit 48kHz, HD Samples.

On-Board Effects

  • ADSR Envelopes
  • Reverb
  • LFO Parameters
  • Glide
  • Amps Low & High
  • Filter
  • Fine Tune Pitch
  • Volume

X-EIGHT 808 VST was created with Trap and Hip Hop production in mind but the contents can be suited to other genres such as Drum and Bass, Dubstep, House, Down tempo, Electro, Nu Disco and Future RnB and also others.

For more information see the product page HERE.

Tape FX – That Missing LoFi Plugin

Tape FX is a carefully crafted vintage, lo-fi Multi-fx Plugin with an eye-catching interface.

Take any beat, sound, or project, and instantly inject beautiful nostalgic flavor and endless vibes.


  • 6 Different cassette types, Each one delivering different Sonic Characteristics.
  • Real-life cassette hiss or low-fidelity hardware.
  • Built-in Effects ( Noise Player – Reverb – Delay – Glitch Machine – Bit Crusher – Saturation – Stereo Widener – Dropouts).
  • Mix, Input, Output Controls.
  • Can be used for Video Audio Post Productions as well as Music Productions & Mixing Purposes.
  • Amazing, user-friendly Vector GUI (No PNG At All, all Codes).
  • Animations, And in/out VU Meters
  • Resizable UI ( up to 200%, Sharp and Smooth )
  • Preset Browser system. ( 70 factory Presets & Shareable Patches )
  • Mac & PC All Updates Compatible.
  • And More…

From subtle analog fatness to Glitchy pitch fluttersLushfat, and crunchy, all your lo-fi needs within seconds.

For more information see the product page HERE.

Clone – Double Check your Mix

“Clone” is a realistic emulation of different types of speakers with their acoustics and environments, an ultimate mixing assistant that helps you to get better mixes instantly.

Clone simulates a wide range of playback speaker systems for auditioning purposes, from studio monitors, hi-fis and headphones, to car stereos, phones, tablets and TVs.

Choose from 16 different convolution-based speaker sims and quickly turn your studio monitors into classic reference monitors or get creative and “Colorize” your mixes.

95% off “Super VST Bundle” by Thenatan

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So What Exactly Can I Do With “Super VST Bundle”?

“Super VST Bundle” contains all the tools you need to start turning out classics in the following music genres:

  • Trap
  • Hip Hop
  • Lo-Fi
  • Chill

… and much more!

Note: Please be aware you will be required to visit an external website in order to create an account, redeem and download your product. We do not host the download at VSTBuzz.

"Super VST Bundle" by Thenatan

95% off "Super VST Bundle" by Thenatan

Deal Expired

Normally €380 – get it at 95% off before it’s gone!

  • 95% off the normal price (normally €380)!
  • VYBZ – Convolution Reverb, Echo Unit, Waveshaper, Time Machine, Motion Module, 2 Band Equalizer
  • TAPE PIANO 2 – Over 200 Factory Presets, Preset Randomizer, 4 Samplers, Texture Layer, Mod Envelopes / LFOs, Two Master Filters, FX Modules, Scaler, Modulation Matrix Page, Surgical EQ, ±24 Transpose Control.
  • HATZ – 550 HD Hihat Samples, Customizable Patterns, Built-in Effects, 4 Layers, Pitch / Pan / Gain and Filter Designers, Synced to your DAW
  • TRAX – 50 pre-mixed drum kits, 400+  drum samples, 16 Stereo Outputs, analog style reverb, analog style Distortion, Mixer, Hiss / Noise / Crackle And Cassette Effects
  • X-EIGHT – Over 1000 808s and Sub Bass Presets, ADSR Envelopes, Reverb, LFO Parameters, Glide, Amps Low & High, Filter, Fine Tune Pitch, Volume
  • TAPE FX – 6 Different cassette types, Real-life cassette hiss, Built-in Effects, Mix, Input / Output Controls, Resizable UI, Preset Browser system (70 factory Presets & Shareable Patches)
  • CLONE – simulates a wide range of playback speaker systems
  • Windows ” VST / VST3 ” 32 & 64 Bit
  • Mac ” AU / VST / VST3 ” 64 Bit
  • 37Mb or More for Each Plugin.
  • 100Mb Or More Samples Library.
  • Serial Number Protection.
  • No iLok / Dongle Needed.
  • Windows” 7, 8, 10 or above
  • 4 Gb ram / 2 GB free space on the system drive
  • Mac” OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks or above
  • 4 Gb ram / 2 GB free space on the system drive
  • macOS Catalina / Bigsur Ready (Compatible With M1 Silicon Computers Under Rosetta 2)
  • Works In Most Major DAWS Excluding Pro Tools. (No AAX)
  • Note: Please be aware you will be required to visit an external website in order to create an account, redeem and download your product. We do not host the download at VSTBuzz.
  • Everything you need to start turning out classics in Trap, Hip Hop, Lo-Fi, Chill and much more!

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