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The “SFX & Atmospheres Bundle” from Glitchedtones features 24 Full Sample Packs with a total of 3039 files.

From glitched-out future computers to dark, ominous atmospheres, these libraries feature organic elements, analogue source material and extreme digital processing for a blend of the familiar and the experimental side of sound design.

The WAV files contained in this bundle will work with all of today’s music making software such as Live, Logic Pro, Reason, FL Studio, Studio One, Cubase, etc.

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A 12GB Collection Of Incredible Dystopian, Science Fiction & Horror Sample Packs

SFX & Atmospheres Bundle” contains dystopian environments, unexplored science siction spaces, unsettling horror ambiences, signals gone awry, abstract textures and harsh walls of noise!

What’s Inside?

SFX Atmospheres Bundle

96% off “SFX & Atmospheres Bundle” by Glitchedtones

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Abstract Sound Design

Abstract Atmospheres And SFX

Abstract Sound Design is a collection of unique audio material sourced from digital feedback loop experiments and granular processing sessions.

Featuring 25 Abstract atmospheres and 35 Abstract FX, this library is perfect for those moments when creativity may be running dry, serving as an inspiring starting point for some serious sound sculpting. Of course, they may just fit your needs as they are, too!


  • 25 Abstract Atmospheres
  • 35 Abstract FX
  • 60 Files Total


Unsettling, Horror Soundscapes

Featuring sounds taken from lo-fi instrumental recordings, harsh noise experiments and granular synthesis explorations, Atmosfear is a gritty soundscape collection geared towards the horror genre.

With a distinctly unpolished production style to bring a rough edge to your scenario, these sounds can be used to invoke feelings of suspense, dread, tension, fear and doom into your characters and environments.

What does an industrial scale torture chamber in an abandoned asylum sound like? What about a high-voltage electrical possession? Find the answer to these questions and more with Atmosfear. Enter if you dare.

Bass Weight: Low End Elements

Sub-Heavy Oneshots

Bass Weight: Low End Elements is a small bespoke library featuring 40 Sub-heavy Oneshots ready to be added to impacts, braams and general trailer SFX.

Pitch them up or down, stretch them out, add effects or simply use them as they are, these deep hits will prove to be a handy addition to your sonic toolkit.


  • 40 Sub-heavy Oneshots

Data Destruction

Extreme Digital Noise And Databent Audio

Data Destruction is a collection of sounds made using the technique of databending, the creative destruction of digital data.

It features 97 unprocessed raw data .wav files. Pure digital glitch/noise suited to a variety of musical styles and multimedia applications or as a creative springboard for further sound design.


  • 97 Unprocessed Raw Data .WAV Files

Data Disruption

Extreme Digital Noise And Databent Audio

Data Disruption contains 200 sounds sourced from raw computer files which have been interpreted as audio data. Bitmaps, executables, plugin files and more have been exploited to bring you a unique, varied collection of sound effects and atmospheres ready for a range of productions.

This sound collection has 100 ‘raw’ files which include harsh, random data noises, intense drones and a versatile selection of glitch one shots as well as 100 processed sounds which were subject to extreme editing and mangling to deliver an array of abstract sonic artefacts.

Most useful for scenarios where computer technology – known or otherwise – is glitching out, these sounds are best suited to Science Fiction productions which call for the noise of broken communications, signal failures, ailing machines, industrial settings, planetary ambience and dystopian soundworlds.


  • 100 ‘Raw’ Files
  • 100 Processed Sounds
  • 200 Files Total


Abstract Ambient Elements

Dreamstates is a collection of abstract ambient elements full of stretched-out swathes of noise, hazy, washed-out melodics, deep, tension-invoking drones, unique transitions and Lo-Fi, other-wordly textures to inspire dream sequences, flashback scenes and moments of character reminiscence.

Created using cutting-edge granular and wavetable synthesis techniques, this 120 sound library of instrument manipulations and heavily-processed, resampled musical phrases provides a large palette of ideas to draw from for your audio projects, whether using the production-ready sounds as they are, layering them, or as a basis for further sound design.


  • 40 Granular Abstract Ambient Atmospheres
  • 40 Granular Abstract Ambient Elements
  • 20 Synthesized Abstract Ambient Atmospheres
  • 20 Synthesized Abstract Ambient Elements
  • 60 Files Total

96% off “SFX & Atmospheres Bundle” by Glitchedtones

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Raw, Unique Drones

The distant industrial sounds of a dystopian society, the unsettling mechanical noise emanating from a mothership’s power hub with deep, planetary ambiance and spacecraft roomtones, or maybe there’s a serial killer or spirit on the loose in an abandoned factory or a long, dark tunnel…

Whatever the scenario, these drones will serve your project well whether using them as they are, or as source material for sound design.


  • 50 Files Total

Electromagnetic Field

EMF Transmissions

With a distinct lo-fi aesthetic and edge, this unique collection of electromagnetic field recordings is perfect for environments which require disrupted communications, electrical failures, signal breakdowns, computer malfunctions or any kind of abstract glitch element.

Sourced from various everyday household electronic devices such as modems, games consoles, digital TV receivers, extractor fans, laptops, tablets and mobiles phones, there are a total of 172 raw files in this collection separated into 3 categories, Loops, Oneshots and Sequences, giving you numerous options for utilisation.

This collection is well-suited to a huge number of projects and media, be it games, film, TV, art installations, podcasts, audio books or music production.


  • Loops: 18 (Mono)
  • Oneshots: 65 (Mono)
  • Sequences: 89 (Mono)
  • Processed: 157 (Stereo)
  • 329 Files Total

Feedback Loop FX & Atmospheres

Experimental No-Input Mixer Noise

200 sounds from no-input mixer recording sessions featuring cable & pedal noise, drones, harsh noisescapes, high frequency feedback, hum, interference, low frequency noise atmospheres, machines gone wild and a multitude of general feedback effects.

For inventive navigation tones, future technology sounds, glitch elements, horror atmospheres, corrupted audio flows and more, this original sound collection will serve as a versatile palette for sound designers/editors/artists, music producers and anyone looking for interesting audio artefacts.

All files are 24 Bit/96 kHz with embedded metadata.


  • 200 Files Total


Glitch FX

Glitches is a collection of 500 error sounds for use as communications interference, future computer malfunctions, data processing, Sci-Fi weapon elements, degraded circuits, out of control droids and any scenario which calls for the sound of equipment failure.

Sourced from analogue feedback loops, electromagnetic field recordings, databent computer files and abstract tonal textures then processed with granular synthesis techniques, you’ll find all the hums, buzzes, crackles, static and noise needed to construct a convincing Glitched-out soundscape.


  • 500 Files Total

Granular Textures

Unique Cinematic Textures

Granular Textures is a collection of foley sounds, instrumentals and lo-fi recordings which were fed into granular processors to deliver a set of unique and versatile atmospheres which bear little resemblance to their original source.

Instruments such as guitar, piano, kalimba and zither have been exploited, dissected, stretched, resampled and mangled beyond all recognition and served up as inspiring grainscapes which will find their home in a variety of productions.

Whether your project calls for gritty, industrial and dystopian soundscapes, surreal, science fiction elements, twisted signals and transmissions, horror soundbeds, deep drones or experimental noise pieces, Granular Textures is a versatile collection which will serve as a great sonic asset, whatever field of multimedia you work in.


  • 40 Files Total

Harsh Noise

Harsh Noise Textures

Harsh Noise is a collection of analog feedback loop manipulations where traditional audio equipment is pushed to extremes and sent spiralling out of control.

Featuring glitched-out signal malfunctions, huge walls of noise and piercing high-frequency tones, these sounds will really set the mood for any abstract scenes, unsettling moments or technological nightmare situations in your productions, particularly if working to a horror, science fiction, dystopian or experimental theme.

With each file coming in at 1 minute in length and recorded at a high resolution of 24/96, you are invited to go beyond the source material and explore your own sonic territory by way of editing, filtering and processing to suit your needs.


  • 40 Files Total

96% off “SFX & Atmospheres Bundle” by Glitchedtones

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High Frequency Feedback Loops

Harsh, Piercing Analogue Noise

High Frequency Feedback Loops is a 57 sound collection of harsh, piercing analogue noise sourced from a No-Input Mixer being pushed to its limits. With constant ringing tones, random oscillations and lots of signal screaming in the higher frequency range, this library is a useful addition for your audio toolkit.

Think situations where a character’s hearing is impaired, for constructing glitching communications and old school computers loading or to heighten the tension in horror and science fiction scenes. Whatever the requirement, if your next project calls for some seriously intense high-register noise, this one’s got you covered.


  • 57 Files Total


Solid Impacts

Impact is a 100 sound collection of light and heavy abstract hits sourced from lo-fi recordings of the destruction of laptops, mobile phones and a handheld games console.

The sounds have been manipulated with extreme editing and digital processing – leaving little to no trace of the original recordings behind – to bring a series of production elements ready to drop into your latest trailer, environment or Industrial/EDM music production.

Featuring huge sonic eruptions, metal on metal collisions, robotic movement, found sound snare drums, tech debris and more, this versatile array of sound effects may be just what you need to give your latest production that extra bit of Impact.


  • 100 Files Total

Noise Elements: Electrical & Interference

Noise Production Elements

Noise Elements: Electrical & Interference is a sound effects library featuring 36 noise production elements of imagined electricity and interference particularly well-suited to Dystopian, Science Fiction or Horror scenarios.

Think cameras on the blink in found-footage horror, industrial alien atmospheres or glitched-out, distorted communications, the potential applications for these sounds are vast and only limited by your imagination.

With sounds useful as electrical glitches, harsh static, hub drones, transmitter crackles, radio noise, broken circuits, and abstract planetary ambiences – further shaping, layering and processing only adds to this already versatile collection.


  • 36 Files Total


Eerie Synthesized Tones, Ominous Drones, Abstract Textures And Ghostly Vocals

A collection of eerie synthesized tones, ominous drones, abstract textures and ghostly vocals ready to add a whole new dimension to your horror projects. Inject a sense of fear, dread, despair, tension or some spooky ambience to your scene to get the audience on the edge of their seat with sounds ranging from low-end elements to piercing, high frequency noise outbursts.

Whether you are working on a full-scale scarefest film production, adding background atmospheres to a paranormal reality television series or documentary, soundtracking a gore-laden video game or need some sinister textures for a musical piece with a dark theme, this diverse collection of sounds is sure to have something to suit your project.


  • 171 Files Total

Process Malfunction

Science Fiction Computer Glitch

Process Malfunction features 40 intricate future technology glitch production elements for science fiction scenarios where computers are going way out of control.

You’ll hear corrupt data streams, servers overloading, user interface issues, generative, abstract rhythms and more in this detailed exploration of what the computers of tomorrow may sound like when they go wrong.

Perhaps the mainframe has been compromised from a series of lethal hacker attacks or alien communication signals are interfering with the network, maybe the CPU has just seen better days… Whatever the cause of the failure, the machines have been corrupted and they are struggling, screaming and hanging on for their last bleep…


  • 40 Files Total

Retro Video Game FX

Authentic 8-bit Chip Sounds

Glitchedtones have raided their huge archive of 8-bit samples and compiled 50 favourites into this inspiring collection of vintage video game sound effects.

All sounds sourced from a massively modified Gameboy and old-school generative software for a truly authentic flavour. Load these glitches, drum hits, arps, risers, lasers, abstract noises and general FX up in your sampler of choice and get adding that much-loved 8-bit vibe!


  • 50 Files Total

96% off “SFX & Atmospheres Bundle” by Glitchedtones

The deal ends in:

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Scare Tactics

Horror Productions Toolkit

Scare Tactics is a collection of unsettling atonal textures, menacing drones, abstract hits and ghostly transitions, providing all of the elements needed to construct convincingly creepy horror scenes full of dark ambience, jump scares and ominous presence.

Created using a combination of heavily-processed string instruments, manipulated field recordings and cutting-edge synthesis techniques, these production-ready sounds can be dropped straight into your project out of the box or further tweaked and tailored to your liking with your tools of choice.


  • 40 Abstract Textures
  • 20 Drones
  • 100 Oneshot Jump Scare Elements
  • 40 Transitions/Passbys
  • 200 Files Total

Scene Switch: Transitions & Textures

Sound Elements For Cutaways, Wipes, Time Shifts Or Any Kind Of Motion Change

Scene Switch: Transitions & Textures features 64 sound elements ready to bring an extra dimension to your cutaways, wipes, time shifts or any kind of motion change.

From subtle swooshes and smooth synth tones to glitched-out, abstract phrases and dramatic noise rushes, as well as serving as a ready-to-go sonic toolkit, this highly malleable bag of tricks is also useful for sound designers looking for inspiring source material to mangle.

With a raw, dark and edgy feel to a lot of the sounds, they are particularly well-suited to Science Fiction, Horror and Dystopian projects. If you’re looking for quick fix scene stitch sounds, this one is handy to have around!


  • 64 Files Total

Signal Interference

Broken Communications And Signal Interruptions

Signal Interference contains 40 feedback loops generated from a no-input mixer, each running for 1 minute for a total of 40 minutes of audio corruption.

These unique sonic textures feature crackles, hums, buzzes and glitches to suit a wide array of multimedia projects which require the sounds of malfunctioning machinery, twisted signals and future tech gone wrong.


  • 40 Files Total

User Interface

Interface Blips, Clicks And Bleeps

A versatile collection of interactive audio elements exploring both the abstract and the traditional side of User Interface sound design.

From familiar notification tones and subtle alerts through to future computer processing sequences and manic glitch outbursts, these sonic assets were designed to fit a multitude of scenarios and will add a unique identity to a variety of interface types.


  • 200 Files Total

Whooshes & Transitions

Sound Design Fundamental Elements

Whether you work in film, game or music production, it’s a standard requirement to have a wide range of whoosh and transition sounds at your disposal.

With raw, organic textures alongside heavily processed Doppler FX, the sounds in this library can be mixed together to create a multitude of variations which will give your projects a real edge.

Featuring power ups and downs, spacecraft passbys, robotic movement, machine failure, future technology sounds and more, Whooshes & Transitions features 150 unique audio files ready to process to your liking or drop straight into your production.


  • 150 Files Total


Horrific Vocal Sounds

In a remote research lab in the north-east of England, scientists have been secretly carrying out experiments on a number of human test subjects.

There is no record of what these experiments entailed or who authorized them, but one thing we do know is that something went horrendously wrong and transformed these once-innocent, everyday people into something else entirely… something inherently evil.

Herein lies an audio documentation of these wretched beasts as they run amok with only one thing on their minds… to feed and to destroy.


  • Subject A: 67 raw unprocessed vocal sounds
  • Subject B: 89 raw unprocessed vocal sounds
  • Subject C – Zombie Brat: 18 raw unprocessed vocal sounds
  • Processed: 27 vocal sounds with pitch down and reverb fx
  • Layered: 4 layered, looping sequences of Subject A & B
  • 205 Files Total

96% off “SFX & Atmospheres Bundle” by Glitchedtones

The deal ends in:

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So What Exactly Can I Do With The “SFX & Atmospheres Bundle”?

The “SFX & Atmospheres Bundle” contains everything you need to enhance your projects’ music and sound design elements, it is perfect for:

  • Cinematic Underscore
  • Epic Trailer Music
  • Hybrid Orchestral Music
  • Sound Design

The WAV files contained in this bundle will work with all of today’s music making software such as Live, Logic Pro, Reason, FL Studio, Studio One, Cubase, etc.

"SFX & Atmospheres Bundle" by Glitchedtones

96% off "SFX & Atmospheres Bundle" by Glitchedtones

Excluding EU VAT

$ £ ¥

Normally €249 – get it at 96% off before it’s gone!

  • 96% off the normal price (normally €249)!
  • Size: Over 12GB
  • Total Files: 3039
  • ABSTRACT SOUND DESIGN: 25 Abstract Atmospheres, 35 Abstract FX, 60 Files Total
  • ATMOSFEAR: Unsettling, Horror Soundscapes
  • BASS WEIGHT – LOW END ELEMENTS: 40 Sub-heavy Oneshots
  • DATA DESTRUCTION: 97 Unprocessed Raw Data .WAV Files
  • DATA DISRUPTION: 100 ‘Raw’ Files, 100 Processed Sounds, 200 Files Total
  • DREAMSTATES: 40 Granular Abstract Ambient Atmospheres, 40 Granular Abstract Ambient Elements, 20 Synthesized Abstract Ambient Atmospheres, 20 Synthesized Abstract Ambient Elements, 60 Files Total
  • DRONES: 50 Files Total
  • ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD: Loops: 18 (Mono), Oneshots: 65 (Mono), Sequences: 89 (Mono), Processed: 157 (Stereo), 329 Files Total
  • GLITCHES: 500 Files Total
  • GRANULAR TEXTURES: 40 Files Total
  • HARSH NOISE: 40 Files Total
  • IMPACT: 100 Files Total
  • PARANORMAL: 171 Files Total
  • RETRO VIDEO GAME FX: 50 Files Total
  • SCARE TACTICS: 40 Abstract Textures, 20 Drones, 100 Oneshot Jump Scare Elements, 40 Transitions/Passbys, 200 Files Total
  • USER INTERFACE: 200 Files Total
  • WHOOSHES & TRANSITIONS:  150 Files Total
  • ZOMBIE: Subject A: 67 raw unprocessed vocal sounds, Subject B: 89 raw unprocessed vocal sounds, Subject C – Zombie Brat: 18 raw unprocessed vocal sounds, Processed: 27 vocal sounds with pitch down and reverb fx, Layered: 4 layered, looping sequences of Subject A & B, 205 Files Total
  • Note: The WAV files contained in this bundle will work with all of today’s music making software such as Live, Logic Pro, Reason, FL Studio, Studio One, Cubase, etc.
  • Perfect for Cinematic Underscore, Epic Trailer Music, Hybrid Orchestral Music, Sound Design and much more!

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