• 73% off “Physion” by Eventide

    73% off “Physion” by Eventide

    This Deal Still Available!

    “Physion” (formerly known as Fission) is the first plug-in to use Eventide’s ground-breaking Structural Effects technology – A new method for processing audio.

    With Physion, you can split a sound into its transient and tonal parts, independently manipulate them using Eventide’s world-class effects and then fuse them back together.

    With the ability to add effects and dynamic controls to the transient and tonal sections, you can produce a wide range of effects, from the subtle to the extreme.

  • 65% off “Blackhole” by Eventide

    65% off “Blackhole” by Eventide

    This Deal Still Available!

    Most reverbs are earth-bound and constrained by the physics of the real world. Eventide’s “Blackhole” reverb breaks the rules by allowing you to create virtual spaces that could never exist in reality (at least the one we inhabit).

    Whether you’re at the event horizon or closer to home, Blackhole will inspire and amaze while its intuitive controls will allow you to add that special something to your tracks without a degree in rocket science!

  • 83% off “Heater” by NoiseAsh

    83% off “Heater” by NoiseAsh

    This Deal Still Available!

    Almost every track needs some analog warmth & character. Making a weak-cold-lost track roar requires some special magic… and the name of this plugin says it all; “Heater”! This is a high-quality digital simulation of one of the most  powerful EQ based analog-style saturation tone shapers. It heats the signal with giving fat, colored, gritty, dirty or crystal clear tones to your tracks.

    Beef up your vocals, guitars, basses, drums other acoustic instruments and even master channels up! Put your tracks in the oven with Heater and your life will be better.

  • 89% off “All Seasons Sample Set Bundle” by Modern Producers

    89% off “All Seasons Sample Set Bundle” by Modern Producers

    This Deal Still Available!

    “All Seasons Sample Set Bundle” is the first 8 Volumes of Modern Producers’ award-winning MIDI & Loop Kit series covering a wide range of modern production styles including Trap, Hip Hop, RnB, Lo Fi, Pop, Electronic Music and more.

    With a massive 9GB+ of content you can be sure that you are getting A+ production material to work with!

  • 92% off “Serum Bundle” by Vandalism Sounds

    92% off “Serum Bundle” by Vandalism Sounds

    This Deal Still Available!

    Need an instant boost to your production toolkit? We have the answer for you! The “Serum Bundle” includes an INSANE number of professionally designed Serum presets that will give you more quality sounds than ever before.

    Designed for use in a wide variety of genres, the sounds included are perfect for Progressive, Electro, PSY Trance, Future Pop, Chillout, Downtempo and much more!

  • 87% off “FOCUS Techno Bundle” by Datacode

    87% off “FOCUS Techno Bundle” by Datacode

    This Deal Still Available!

    “FOCUS Techno Bundle” is a stunning 4 Pack Collection filled to the brim with high quality Presets, Samples, Loops and Construction Kits.

    These packs are specifically designed to help you produce top quality tracks in Techno, Minimal, Tech House, Dark Techno, Dark Tech-House and more!

  • 76% off “2021 Bundle” by Fallout Music

    76% off “2021 Bundle” by Fallout Music

    The “2021 Bundle” is a collection of three awe-inspiring libraries custom designed for use in Trailer Music, Cinematic Underscore, TV Productions and Video Games.

    Each library comes with an extensive selection of Hits, Whooshes, One-shots, Booms, Risers, Downers and Drops as well as Knocks, Plucks, Screeches, Grindings, Dives Ricochets, Clocks, Cranks, Levers, Metals, Steam, Engines, Machines, Ticks and Clicks. Each Kontakt instrument also provides a multitude of sound-shaping and effects tools, making it easy to customise the sounds to your specific needs!

    Note: Libraries require the FULL Retail version of Kontakt 5.8 or above (NOT compatible with the Free Kontakt Player).

  • 93% off “Drum Synth 500” by AIR Music

    93% off “Drum Synth 500” by AIR Music

    Building upon Air Music Technology’s heritage of creating Strike – considered “The reference Drum Instrument” for Avid Protools— Air have teamed up with music legends Akai Professional and Alesis Drums to carry on this legacy of excellence with “Drum Synth 500”!

    In the style of the popular 500 series synth modules comes an all new software drum synthesizer that delivers full control of all electronic drum sounds in an easy-to-use, comprehensive interface. “Drum Synth 500” from AIR Music Technology has everything needed to create an endless variety of custom electronic drum sounds for all styles of music!

  • 74% off “True Keys Pianos Bundle” by VI Labs

    74% off “True Keys Pianos Bundle” by VI Labs

    “True Keys Pianos Bundle” is a virtual piano collection based on three highly revered concert grands. With nearly 50,000 audio files recorded with multiple high end mics and preamps, the pure sound of these remarkable instruments is available at your fingertips.

    Fast loading times and minimal resource usage made possible with the UVI Workstation sample player all make for a powerful but easy to use virtual piano collection!

  • 65% off “Magnetism Vol.1+2 Bundle” by Sonora Cinematic

    65% off “Magnetism Vol.1+2 Bundle” by Sonora Cinematic

    Created by running an electric guitar played with an E-bow, rare Synthesizers, Percussion, an Upright Piano and Field Recordings collected from the Hebrides Islands in Scotland through a range of effects pedals, the “Magnetism Vol.1+2 Bundle” consists of two contemporary, cinematic sound design devices capable of creating experimental yet incredibly inspiring sound textures.

    With a wide range of sound sources and manipulation possibilities, these libraries are perfect for use in your next Track, Film Underscores or Video Game Music!

  • 95% off “Vocal Pack Bundle” by Black Octopus Sound

    95% off “Vocal Pack Bundle” by Black Octopus Sound

    Black Octopus Sound, one of the industry leaders for royalty free vocal sample packs brings you this truly special “Vocal Pack Bundle” featuring five of the best singers around.

    The 5 packs in this bundle contain everything you need to work multiple modern music genres including House, Dubstep, Chillstep, Trance, Pop, Progressive and much more!

  • 85% off “Echoes – Analog Echo Box” by Nomad Factory

    85% off “Echoes – Analog Echo Box” by Nomad Factory

    Nomad Factory is proud to introduce “Echoes”, an Analog Echo Box plugin designed to give you the warmth and richness of classic vintage delay effects.

    This effect can inject movement and space into the most basic of musical lines, bringing your tracks to life!