• 60% off “Hollywood Solo Instruments Bundle (Gold Edition)” by EastWest/Quantum Leap

    60% off “Hollywood Solo Instruments Bundle (Gold Edition)” by EastWest/Quantum Leap

    “Hollywood Solo Instruments Bundle Gold” is the combination of Hollywood Violin, Hollywood Cello & Hollywood Harp. Each of the instruments were recorded in Studio 1 at EastWest Studios, the same studio Hollywood Orchestra was recorded in. This gives the complete Hollywood Orchestral series a consistent sound and ambience, which emulates a traditional large studio orchestra.

    Produced by DOUG ROGERS, NICK PHOENIX, and Sound Engineered by SHAWN MURPHY (ACADEMY AWARD, C.A.S. (Cinema Audio Society), BAFTA, and EMMY award-winning sound engineer) this is a must have compositional tool for serious composers!

    Complete the collection with EastWest/Quantum Leap Hollywood Orchestra (Gold Edition)!

  • 96% off “Billboard Domination Bundle” by Modern Producers

    96% off “Billboard Domination Bundle” by Modern Producers

    “Billboard Domination Bundle” is an enormous collection of WAV Loops, MIDI Sequences and Construction Kits covering a wide range of modern production styles including Trap, Hip Hop. Pop, RnB, Dance, Electronica, Urban & Future Bass.

    With production credits such as 50 Cent, Tank, Fetty Wap, Method Man, Rick Ross, Ghostface Killah, Jadakiss, Uncle Murda, Shyheim, Sean Price, Epic Rap Battles Of History, Rockstar Games and countless other artists & companies, you can be sure that you are getting A+ production material to work with!

  • 69% off “Celestia” by Impact Soundworks

    69% off “Celestia” by Impact Soundworks

    “Celestia” is the ideal tool for atmospheric, ethereal, haunting and evocative instruments! With over 550 hand-crafted sounds ranging from acoustic instruments and textures, to hybrid synths, morphs, pads and beyond.

    It includes a slick, modern synthesis engine with deep editing and infinite ways to customize your sound making it perfect for EDM, dramatic flair, orchestral layering or anything else you imagine!

  • 97% off “Rigid Audio Bundle” by Rigid Audio

    97% off “Rigid Audio Bundle” by Rigid Audio

    The “Rigid Audio Bundle” is a powerful, feature rich collection of libraries filled to the brim with inspiring presets that cover Pads, Textures, Strings, Ambiences, Soundscapes, Effects and more!

    With this collection at your fingertips you are perfectly equipped to tackle all kinds of projects including Film, TV & Video Game Underscore, Ambient Music, Sound Design & much more!

    All Products Are Available Individually

  • 77% off “PRS Supermodels” by Waves

    77% off “PRS Supermodels” by Waves

    Created in collaboration with Paul Reed Smith, the Waves “PRS SuperModels” plugin superbly models three high-end PRS guitar amps: the coveted PRS Archon, the legendary PRS Dallas, and the ultra-rare PRS Blue Sierra/V9.

    With three boutique amplifiers to choose from, PRS SuperModels places countless tone options at your fingertips. Whether you are playing rock, jazz, country, metal, blues or any other genre, this exquisite amp plugin suite will cover all your guitar-playing needs!

  • 78% off “Broadway Lites 2.0” by Fable Sounds

    78% off “Broadway Lites 2.0” by Fable Sounds

    “Broadway Lites 2.0” features 15GB of multi-sample content, with over 20,000 unique samples of saxophones, trumpets, trombone and clarinet based on the legendary “Broadway Big Band” library.

    This is an affordable introduction to the best-sounding and most realistic emulation of contemporary brass and wind instruments to date and is perfect for Pop, Funk, Jazz, Big Band, R&B, Reggae, Latin Music and more!

  • 70% off “Master Restoration Suite” by Wave Arts

    70% off “Master Restoration Suite” by Wave Arts

    “Master Restoration Suite” is a comprehensive set of restoration plug-ins for cleaning up tape, vinyl, and acoustic recordings.

    The tools give extremely high quality results with minimal tweaking, hence they sound great and are easy to use. Every mixing or mastering engineer should have a good set of cleanup tools on hand, and with this bundle, you get a lot of tools for your money!

  • 60% off “Liquid Rhythm” by Wave DNA

    60% off “Liquid Rhythm” by Wave DNA

    “Liquid Rhythm” lets you create intricate, interesting beats with unprecedented speed and precision. It’s the first sequencer that lets you make beats using note clusters and patterns instead of individual notes. And it completely streamlines your workflow.

    Get started using the built-in sample library, trigger your virtual instruments, and experiment with new rhythmic patterns. Whether you use a Mac or PC, Ableton Live or other DAWs, Liquid Rhythm will help you realize your music’s full potential!

  • 67% off “Vikings Bundle” by Keep Forest

    67% off “Vikings Bundle” by Keep Forest

    “Vikings Bundle” consists of two unique libraries… a Cinematic Punk Folk Trailer Toolkit and a Cinematic Metal Toolkit  inspired by the Scandinavian world and mythology. The vibes of which can be heard in Guy Ritchie’s masterpiece “King Arthur” or in the extremely successful TV series “Game Of Thrones”.

    Guaranteed to bring the mighty and massive sounds of the Viking Age to your compositions, these libraries offer a huge number of organic sound design elements like Rolls, Hits, Braams, Benders, Punches, Trailers Hit Kits and more to explore!

  • 86% off “Blackhole” by Eventide

    86% off “Blackhole” by Eventide

    Most reverbs are earth-bound and constrained by the physics of the real world. Eventide’s “Blackhole” reverb breaks the rules by allowing you to create virtual spaces that could never exist in reality (at least the one we inhabit).

    Whether you’re at the event horizon or closer to home, Blackhole will inspire and amaze while its intuitive controls will allow you to add that special something to your tracks without a degree in rocket science!

  • 71% off “UltraTap” by Eventide

    71% off “UltraTap” by Eventide

    “UltraTap” is a unique multi-tap effect capable of rhythmic delays, glitchy reverbs, huge pad-like volume swells and extraordinary modulation.

    It’s the perfect tool for creating drum fills, vocal choruses, swelling guitar chords and other evolving effects — everything from reversed reverbs to a massed church choir singing a Gregorian chant in Notre-Dame Cathedral!

  • 79% off “Book Of Sounds Bundle” by BigWerks

    79% off “Book Of Sounds Bundle” by BigWerks

    “Book Of Sounds Bundle” is a unique collection of four distinctive yet complimentary Kontakt libraries containing over 20GB of sounds in multiple categories including: Tuned 808’s, Arps, Bass, Bells, Brass, Choirs, Guitars, Hits, Pianos, Leads, Pads, Plucks. Strings, Vocal Shots, Cinematic drones, FX, Synth Keys & Synth Leads.

    With extensive included effects and sound-shaping capabilities this is a collection that is perfect for Urban & Cinematic Sounds, Laid Back Beats, Hip Hop, Trap, R&B, Pop Music and much more!