• 75% off “Alpine Concert Zither” by Precisionsound

    75% off “Alpine Concert Zither” by Precisionsound

    The “Alpine Concert Zither” is a very common instrument in Alpine Europe but rarely heard nowadays in modern music. Precisionsound have sampled both the open strings and the fret board strings and a lot of sound effects made by the zither.

    This library is well suited to Film Underscore, Acoustic and Folk music in traditional and contemporary styles alike.

  • 72% off “Complete Guitar Bundle” by Dream Audio Tools

    72% off “Complete Guitar Bundle” by Dream Audio Tools

    “Complete Guitar Bundle” is a unique collection of seven inspiring guitar libraries that have been beautifully recorded and lovingly scripted to offer maximum playability.

    This diverse collection of Kontakt based libraries will lend themselves well to many music genres including Cinematic Underscore, Ambient Music, Folk, Rock, Electronica/Industrial, Hip Hop and more!

  • 65% off “Elixer – Prepared Tape” by Beautiful Void Audio

    65% off “Elixer – Prepared Tape” by Beautiful Void Audio

    “Elixer Prepared Tape” is the sequel to “Elixer The Lost Tapes”. However, instead of using synthesizers, this time around only old audio recordings were used.

    The result is a diverse, unique, sometimes strange, sometimes quirky set of samples that are inspiring and nostalgic!

  • 61% off “The Hand Pan!” by SampleHero

    61% off “The Hand Pan!” by SampleHero

    Now is your chance to have a truly awesome and inspiring instrument for literally a fraction of the price with “The Hand Pan!”.

    This wonderful, warm-sounding instrument, classified as an idiophone, has such a somber and peaceful vibe that you’ll be swept away by its mystical tones. We’re pretty sure a unicorn is born every time you play this thing…it really is THAT magical!

  • 60% off “Cello Textures” by Ben Osterhouse

    60% off “Cello Textures” by Ben Osterhouse

    The “Cello Textures” instrument by Ben Osterhouse is a carefully curated playground of expressive cello articulations.

    If you are looking for inspiring, niche string sounds to add splashes of color and realism to your music, this instrument is for you!

  • 60% off “Blossom” by Audiowarp

    60% off “Blossom” by Audiowarp

    Inspired by old tapes in the attic, the golden age of analogue synths worn down by the hands of time and a true love of pushing the boundaries of what analogue can do, “Blossom” by Audiowarp is the result of years of recording, re-recording and twisting countless numbers of vintage synths to produce something truly unique that has become Audiowarp’s trademark sound.

    Paying homage to artists such as Mogwai, Grails, Explosions In The Sky, Tame Impala, Deftones and of course Boards Of Canada, the results are mesmerizing and unlike any sounds heard before!

  • 60% off “Glass Hand Drums” by Sonic Zest

    60% off “Glass Hand Drums” by Sonic Zest

    Halfway between percussion and melodic instrument, Sonic Zest’s  “Glass Hand Drums” Kontakt library captures the beauty and quirky nature of these instruments.

    Sitting perfectly in any mix, it’s great for any set-up and is ideal for playing lullabies and other lead melodies that you may be working on.

  • 60% off “Vector X Bundle” by Synth Magic

    60% off “Vector X Bundle” by Synth Magic

    “Vector X Bundle” is a custom instrument based on the legendary mid 80’s Sequential Circuits Prophet VS synth, recreated for Native Instruments Kontakt 5.

    The sound of the Prophet VS was different from the usual analogue polysynths of that era and was notable for its use by many film score composers (including John Carpenter).

    This bundle features a huge library of inspirational sounds and samples taken directly from Synth Magic’s very own Prophet VS!

  • 57% off “Vermon Synth” by Synth Magic

    57% off “Vermon Synth” by Synth Magic

    Introducing “Vermon” – based on the rare Vermona Piano Strings synth, the interface for this Kontakt instrument goes way beyond original hardware!

    Synth Magic sampled their rare Vermona Piano Strings synth and also created a heavily processed version using valves, distortions, filters, tape and ensemble units. So, Vermon comes with both a clean and true to original hardware sample set, and a heavily processed sample set…

    The result is a highly usable and unique collection of sounds that will be able to find a place in most styles of music!

  • 55% off “Platter” by Rhythmic Robot

    55% off “Platter” by Rhythmic Robot

    Possibly Rhythmic Robot’s gnarliest, grungiest instrument yet, “Platter” is a kind of bastardised string synth hybrid, taking as its starting point a variety of synth waveforms but reimagining them as built into a vinyl-based replay machine.

    If a Solina and an Optigan were abandoned in an attic for fifty years and had babies, this is what they might sound like…

  • 55% off “Tubes & Wires” by Rhythmic Robot

    55% off “Tubes & Wires” by Rhythmic Robot

    “Tubes & Wires” is a huge, rusting hulk of a synthesiser, smelling of Bakelite and hot valves, glowing and humming and breathing.

    This is a synth that wears its vintage credentials on its sleeve: dusty, crusty, growling and screaming, it’s a world away from today’s squeaky-clean digital world!

  • 53% off “Volt 2” by Castle Instruments

    53% off “Volt 2” by Castle Instruments

    “Volt II” is packed with deeply sampled and highly playable sounds including hard hitting and gritty bass sounds, ethereal pads and strings, arpeggios, distorted other-world textures, alien atmospherics and dreamy uplifting chordal synths.

    Volt II is perfect for all kinds of electronic music from ambient, abstract Electronica to Techno and is also great for writing breakdowns for your next electronic masterpiece!