• 80% off “AHM 5050 Dual Amp Sim” by Audio Assault

    80% off “AHM 5050 Dual Amp Sim” by Audio Assault

    “AHM 5050 Dual Amp Sim” is a dual amp simulator that’s been modeled after one of the most iconic high-gain amplifiers ever made, with grind and chunk that can cut through the heaviest mixes.

    Combined with a flexible stomp pedal and effects racks, as well as a dual IR loader“AHM 5050 Dual Amp Sim” makes it easy to craft the tone you desire!

  • FREE! “VU Meter Plugin” by Waves

    FREE! “VU Meter Plugin” by Waves

    Mix and track in your DAW using the industry’s classic metering method, in order to help you achieve optimal levels, sufficient headroom and a clearer mix.

    With unparalleled smoothness and perfect ballistic response that equals the best hardware VU meters, the Waves VU Meter plugin will help you maintain proper gain staging for a clear and spacious mix!

    Get it FREE for a limited time!

  • 76% off “Sample Pack Bundle” by Audiomodern

    76% off “Sample Pack Bundle” by Audiomodern

    Audiomodern are proud to present the complete “Sample Pack Bundle”, a collection of 9 unique sample packs covering Beats, Basses, FX, Pads, Synths, Vocal Phrases, Textures, One Shots, Loops and more.

    These sample packs are perfect for Ambient, LoFi, Electronica, Cinematic Music and much more!

  • 60% off “ZoneMatrix” by HD Instruments

    60% off “ZoneMatrix” by HD Instruments

    “ZoneMatrix” is a powerful Kontakt extension that turns sample libraries into powerful Dynamic Patches. Create, Control and Play Kontakt like never before! Build multis on the fly and perform anything from trios, quartets to fully blown orchestras!

    Free Kontakt Player compatible (version 5.8.1+), no other software is required!

  • 89% off “Garbage LSD” by Nomad Factory

    89% off “Garbage LSD” by Nomad Factory

    “Garbage LSD” is a mind-bending audio transformation plugin with user adjustable signal chain and dual modulation matrix.

    This audio destruction plugin can also trash any innocent audio signal path converting it to a highly hallucinogenic sensory experience. Great for inspired Post-Production, DJs and Sound Designers alike. Parental guidance advised…

  • 70% off “The 2600/MM+ Bundle” by Sounds Divine

    70% off “The 2600/MM+ Bundle” by Sounds Divine

    “The 2600/MM+ Bundle” brings you two classic analog synthesisers from yesteryear recreated in plugin form.

    MM+ is a Kontakt instrument based on the Moog Memorymoog. Alongside the Jupiter 8 , Prophet-5 & Oberheim OB-X , considered one of the most desirable analogue polysynths of the past 40 years.

    The 2600 is a sample library based on the ARP 2600P V1.0.

    With killer Basses, Leads, Pads and Effects these synths are perfect for many music genres including Electronica, Rock, Pop, New Wave and Underscore!

    Also Available Individually!

  • 73% off “Physion” by Eventide

    73% off “Physion” by Eventide

    “Physion” (formerly known as Fission) is the first plug-in to use Eventide’s ground-breaking Structural Effects technology – A new method for processing audio.

    With Physion, you can split a sound into its transient and tonal parts, independently manipulate them using Eventide’s world-class effects and then fuse them back together.

    With the ability to add effects and dynamic controls to the transient and tonal sections, you can produce a wide range of effects, from the subtle to the extreme.

  • 65% off “Blackhole” by Eventide

    65% off “Blackhole” by Eventide

    Most reverbs are earth-bound and constrained by the physics of the real world. Eventide’s “Blackhole” reverb breaks the rules by allowing you to create virtual spaces that could never exist in reality (at least the one we inhabit).

    Whether you’re at the event horizon or closer to home, Blackhole will inspire and amaze while its intuitive controls will allow you to add that special something to your tracks without a degree in rocket science!

  • 83% off “Heater” by NoiseAsh

    83% off “Heater” by NoiseAsh

    Almost every track needs some analog warmth & character. Making a weak-cold-lost track roar requires some special magic… and the name of this plugin says it all; “Heater”! This is a high-quality digital simulation of one of the most  powerful EQ based analog-style saturation tone shapers. It heats the signal with giving fat, colored, gritty, dirty or crystal clear tones to your tracks.

    Beef up your vocals, guitars, basses, drums other acoustic instruments and even master channels up! Put your tracks in the oven with Heater and your life will be better.

  • 89% off “All Seasons Sample Set Bundle” by Modern Producers

    89% off “All Seasons Sample Set Bundle” by Modern Producers

    “All Seasons Sample Set Bundle” is the first 8 Volumes of Modern Producers’ award-winning MIDI & Loop Kit series covering a wide range of modern production styles including Trap, Hip Hop, RnB, Lo Fi, Pop, Electronic Music and more.

    With a massive 9GB+ of content you can be sure that you are getting A+ production material to work with!

  • 92% off “Serum Bundle” by Vandalism Sounds

    92% off “Serum Bundle” by Vandalism Sounds

    Need an instant boost to your production toolkit? We have the answer for you! The “Serum Bundle” includes an INSANE number of professionally designed Serum presets that will give you more quality sounds than ever before.

    Designed for use in a wide variety of genres, the sounds included are perfect for Progressive, Electro, PSY Trance, Future Pop, Chillout, Downtempo and much more!

  • 87% off “FOCUS Techno Bundle” by Datacode

    87% off “FOCUS Techno Bundle” by Datacode

    “FOCUS Techno Bundle” is a stunning 4 Pack Collection filled to the brim with high quality Presets, Samples, Loops and Construction Kits.

    These packs are specifically designed to help you produce top quality tracks in Techno, Minimal, Tech House, Dark Techno, Dark Tech-House and more!