• 50% off “Motion” by Soundethers

    50% off “Motion” by Soundethers

    “MOTION” is a library conceived for adding flavor and depth to your tracks, perfect for any composing needs, like second lines with reverberated keys, tasty pads, soundscapes, field recording atmospheres.

    It can be used in crossing genres, like Ambient to Downtempo, Cinematic to Electronica, Chillwave to Post-Dubstep, Liquid DnB to New Age, Ethereal Meditation Music to IDM and Experimental.

  • 46% off “Wraith” by Frozen Plain

    46% off “Wraith” by Frozen Plain

    Designed for versatile dark ambient and cinematic sound design, “Wraith” is a synthesiser for pads, drones and synthetic textures.

    Wraith is an ideal sound design tool for creating atmospheres, backgrounds and tension.

  • 83% off “The Orchestral Bundle” by Impact Soundworks

    83% off “The Orchestral Bundle” by Impact Soundworks

    “The Orchestral Bundle” is a sensational collection of five deeply sampled libraries that cover a wide range of orchestral instruments and vocal styles including: Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, Strings and a Slavic Women’s Choir!

    Featuring over 33GB+ of content, these libraries are perfect for Film, TV & Video Game scoring and an absolute bargain at a fraction of the normal price!

  • 58% off “The 8bit Bundle” by AudioThing

    58% off “The 8bit Bundle” by AudioThing

    “miniBit & miniVerb” are a pair of extremely authentic sounding 8-bit / chiptune plugins that will instantly take you back to the days of retro-computers and classic gaming consoles.

    Inject your music with sounds made famous by iconic consoles and retro computers from yesteryear, such as the NES and SNES, Sega Master System, Commodore 64, Sinclair ZX Spectrum and more!

  • 70% off “Transgressor 2” by Boz Digital Labs

    70% off “Transgressor 2” by Boz Digital Labs

    “Transgressor 2” sets a new standard for transient design by combining transient shaping with two 4-band equalizers, giving you the unprecedented power to EQ attack and sustain individually.

    Now you can craft the sound of your drums any way you want, whether it’s subtle enhancement or changing the sound of an entire kit, and more!

  • 73% off “Physion” by Eventide

    73% off “Physion” by Eventide

    “Physion” (formerly known as Fission) is the first plug-in to use Eventide’s ground-breaking Structural Effects technology – A new method for processing audio.

    With Physion, you can split a sound into its transient and tonal parts, independently manipulate them using Eventide’s world-class effects and then fuse them back together.

    With the ability to add effects and dynamic controls to the transient and tonal sections, you can produce a wide range of effects, from the subtle to the extreme.

  • 92% off “Aurora Choir” by Aria Sounds

    92% off “Aurora Choir” by Aria Sounds

    “Aurora Choir” by Aria Sounds is an elegant and powerful choir sample library that features both Sopranos and Alto voices, 24 different syllables and 4 true legato modes.

    This library is the ultimate culmination of many hours of work, study and tweaking. The choir has a very impressive, big natural sound which makes it perfect for all types of film and trailer music as well as classical orchestral writing!

  • 60% off “Hollywood Strings (Gold Edition)” by EastWest/Quantum Leap

    60% off “Hollywood Strings (Gold Edition)” by EastWest/Quantum Leap

    “HOLLYWOOD STRINGS GOLD EDITION” is designed to be the most detailed collection of string orchestra instruments ever assembled and offers unprecedented control over sound and performance.

    Produced by DOUG ROGERS, NICK PHOENIX, and THOMAS BERGERSEN and Sound Engineered by SHAWN MURPHY (ACADEMY AWARD, C.A.S. (Cinema Audio Society), BAFTA, and EMMY award-winning sound engineer), this is a must have compositional tool for serious composers!

  • 96% off “Pop Bundle” by Modern Producers

    96% off “Pop Bundle” by Modern Producers

    “Pop Bundle” is an enormous 20 Pack Collection of WAV Loops, MIDI Sequences, Synth Presets and Construction Kits covering a wide range of modern production styles including Trap, Hip Hop, Pop, RnB, Dance, Electronica, Urban & Future Bass.

    With production credits such as 50 Cent, Tank, Fetty Wap, Method Man, Rick Ross, Ghostface Killah, Jadakiss, Uncle Murda, Shyheim, Sean Price, Epic Rap Battles Of History, Rockstar Games and countless other artists & companies, you can be sure that you are getting A+ production material to work with!

  • 45% off “Senfine” by Wavelet Audio

    45% off “Senfine” by Wavelet Audio

    Meet “Senfine” – a handmade extensive toolkit that features a collection of truly atmospheric and emotive sounds which will inject elusive magical atmosphere into your productions.

    Aimed primarily at writing tracks in the styles of Cinematic Ambient Music and Post-rock. At the same time, it perfectly fits any kind of deep emotional atmospheric projects in a wide variety of genres.

  • 75% off “Blackhole” by Eventide

    75% off “Blackhole” by Eventide

    Most reverbs are earth-bound and constrained by the physics of the real world. Eventide’s “Blackhole” reverb breaks the rules by allowing you to create virtual spaces that could never exist in reality (at least the one we inhabit).

    Whether you’re at the event horizon or closer to home, Blackhole will inspire and amaze while its intuitive controls will allow you to add that special something to your tracks without a degree in rocket science!

  • 75% off “United Strings Of Europe” by Auddict

    75% off “United Strings Of Europe” by Auddict

    The “United Strings of Europe” is a dazzling string ensemble library with an amazing seven mic positions for ultimate sonic flexibility. It also comes with a wealth of articulations and multiple true legato sets to cover every performance eventuality!

    Auddict’s libraries have already been used on high profile scores for motion picture and video games, with users including Yasunori Mitsuda, Klayton (Celldweller) and Ronald Bell (Kool & the Gang).

    This is the ultimate ensemble string sample library and is perfect for Cinematic Underscore, Epic Trailer Tracks, Video Game Music and much more!