Brazilian Series: Pandeiro

Pandeiro by Muletone Audio is a Kontakt library of a traditional Brazilian drum that combines the pop of a hand drum with the rhythmic jingle of a tambourine. At it’s roots it is an afro-brazilian instrument that can be heard in Samba, Choro, Frevo, Bossa-nova, Baião. With a similar quality to a tambourine this instrument can cut through the high-end part of a mix to carry the energy of a track.

The detail in this library gives this instrument a high degree of playability and cultural authenticity. You can easily add an interesting cultural flare to your track by using the Pandeiro. Perfect for world music, samba, film score, and acoustic styles.

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Brazilian Series Pandeiro – Authentic Brazilian Rhythm

Muletone Audio recorded these samples using Apogee converters and preamps at 44100Hz, 24bit. Recording was done in a dry environment to preserve the snap, character, and authenticity of the drum. Various attacks and articulations were sampled in order to capture the full range of possibility for this instrument. The variety additionally allows for the nuanced and subtle dynamic control that is desirable from a live performance. This library contains single hits as well as loops.

Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.5 or higher.

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