Dune 3 Elements Expansion

Feast your ears on 100 Pads, plucks, basses, leads, keys, sequences, chords and much more for Dune 3, by Synapse Audio aimed specifically at ambient, house, trance and created by the renowned Rob Lee Music.

Lightning bursting across a dark desert sky. Right out of the box these presets pierce the silence and bring energy to the space. Perfect for articulating rhythmic stabs and arps for EDM that moves the crowd.

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100 House, Techno, Trance Presets For Dune 3 Synth

Rob Lee Music presents this incredible soundset for Dune 3. Containing 100 presets aimed specifically at house, techno, trance, there’s some absolutely stunning sounds on offer including:

  • Lush and Rich Arps
  • Growling Basses
  • Screaming Leads
  • Shimmering Pads
  • Warm analogy Keys
  • Distinct Chords and much more!

This product requires the full version of Dune 3. (Not compatible with Dune 1 or Dune 2)

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