Headless Boom Bap Drums

Headless Boom Bap Drums is the ultimate collection of old  school boom bap drums. This collection contains 370 boom bap drum samples, including kicks, snares, hi-hats, rides, cymbals, claps and more and will become your go-to library for Boom Bap and 90s Hip Hop/Rap Beats!

You can create an old school hip hop beat, a grungy rock groove, or a smooth chill vibe. There are endless varieties of sound combinations, and you can easily arrange a beat by just dragging and dropping the samples into place. You might just lose your head.

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The Ultimate Old School Boom Bap Drum Collection (370 samples)

Who doesn’t love vintage? We love tape, we love vintage gear and we love that dirt that modern music is missing. Headless Bap Drums brings you that and will become your go-to sample library for Boom Bap and 90s Hip-Hop/Rap Beats!

With Headless Bap Drums you get lots of one-shot Kicks, Snares, Hats, Cymbals and Rides processed in many different ways. These samples were created from scratch then passed through a vintage sampler, vintage compressors and EQs and then most had some additional tape treatment too. These are some seriously vintage sounds!

Headless Bap Drums features

  • 370 Samples in total.
  • 50 Kicks – 64 samples.
  • 50 Snares – 96 samples.
  • 20 hi-hats – 121 samples.
  • 9 Rides – 46 samples.
  • 13 Cymbals – 15 samples.
  • 7 Extras (percussion, claps, etc) – 28 samples.
  • All 24-Bit 44.1 Khz WAV.

These samples can be used in any Software/Hardware sampler (or just drag and drop them into your project)

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