Mothers Magic by KCox

Mothers Magic is a free sample pack created by artist KCox, featuring sounds of Mother Nature recorded during his travels through Japan.

This sample pack features the bubbling sounds of Japanese streams, the crackling of ceremonial fires, bells and other objects found in various temples throughout Japan. One of our favourite sample packs by KCox, this is a great pack for any genre where ambient environmental noises add to the ambiance.

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The natural sounds of Japan

Many producers day dream about spending time walking around the world and collecting random beautiful samples to use in their productions. The only problem is, where do we find the time for it? Producers and composers will be pleased to see that KCox has traveled miles across Japan to bring the natural sounds of Japan to the world’s fingertips.

Step inside the world of KCox with this library. There you will find a world where anything is possible, the beauty of nature is appreciated and where the only thing that is lacking is that which is not being given.

“Please tag me if you use them in your music; I’d love to hear what you came up with.” – KCox

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