Feroyn’s Flute

Feroyn’s Flute is a beautiful legato recorder Kontakt sample library created by Walid Feghali. It was recorded using an SE1000A microhpone, comes with 3 round robins and blends beautifully in an orchestral context

Piano in 162

Piano in 162 is a sample library of a Steinway Model B grand piano, available in both Kontakt and SFZ formats. It was recorded with two microphone positions, five dynamic levels and two round robins, giving it an incredibly realistic sound.


The Rosinspiel is a glockenspiel that has been played with a bow instead of a mallet. It has a very unique soft, glassy like sound and its an incredibly unusual sample library – perfect for orchestral and underscore music.

Toaster Percussion

Toaster Percussion is exactly what the name suggests – a sample library made entirely from a toaster! Every part of a toaster was recorded creating a great range of sounds that are perfect for underscore or percussive music.

Wooden Percussion

Wooden Percussion is a unique sounding Kontakt sample library created from hitting wooden decking planks together. Its great fun to play with and perfect for adding some organic sounding percussive elements to your music!

Cling Film Frame Drums

Cling Film Frame Drums is a deep sounding percussion instrument made in the kitchen. It was created by recording hits on cling film on a bowl, and sounds like a real frame drum – perfect for underscore and cinematic music.

Soft Guitar Chords

Soft guitar chords is a small and lightweight sample library for Kontakt featuring jazzy acoustic guitar chords played with the fingers instead of strummed, giving a soft sound. A wide range of chords are on offer and its the perfect…

Charles’ Dulcimer

Charles’ Dulcimer is a beautiful hammered dulcimer with a full, bright tone and a rich resonating sound, sampled by Luis Filipe Costa. The sample library is 3.3GB in size and comes with 3 mic perspectives and 7 round robins, making it…

Punching Percussion

Punching Percussion is an impressive set of raw fist punch and stick hit recordings which have been post-processed into fat sounding slams and punches, body hits, fight sounds and modern cinematic impacts. The included samples can work great as fighting sound…

Egyptian Darabuka

A beautiful Egyptian Darabuka drum library for Kontakt, recorded with up to 4 dynamic layers using an AKG 420 microphone. Very small and lightweight, the library is perfect for adding some Egyptian flavour to your tracks or to use for layering percussion…