pocketBlakus Cello

The “pocketBlakus Cello” is a stunning free solo cello library for Kontakt created by Australian composer Blake Robinson.

The library sounds gorgeous when soaked in reverb and is perfect for slow moving, expressive cello lines and fast, choppy spiccato lines.

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Beautiful Free Solo Cello Kontakt Library

The pocketBlakus Cello was recorded with a Rode K2 valve mic and comes with two patches – a “legato” patch for long sustained notes, and a spiccato patch for short, choppy notes.

The spiccato patch has one dynamic layer with 7x RR and velocity controlled dynamics for reasonable control over phrase expression. Unconnected notes give an “on the bow” staccato feel, whereas connected (or sustain held down) notes give a more airy “off the bow” sound.

The library was recorded dry so you can add your own reverb to give the cello your own sound.


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