Soft Guitar Chords

Soft guitar chords is a small and lightweight sample library for Kontakt featuring jazzy acoustic guitar chords played with the fingers instead of strummed, giving a soft sound.

A wide range of chords are on offer and its the perfect sample library for adding soft and delicate background guitar chords.

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Beautiful, Soft and Delicate Acoustic Guitar Chords

Soft Guitar Chords is a small and lightweight sample library featuring beautiful non-standard chords on acoustic guitar. The chords have been plucked with finger tips rather than strummed, giving it a very soft and restrained sound (listen to the soundcloud example to hear it in action).

The sample library uses keyswitches on the left hand to choose the chord type (Maj, Min 7, Dom7 and Sus4) while the right hand single notes play chords.




Unique and Lesser Used Guitar Voicings

Soft Guitar Chords samples the 1/8/3 (or 1/8/10), 1/b7/b3 voicings on acoustic guitar, and the Dom7 and Sus4 equivalents. Its more of a harmony / background guitar, and forms the perfect accompaniment for many styles of music.

It ranges from the E string Emaj or Emin7 to the A string hi Amaj or Amin7, so 1 and a bit octaves. On load up, hit the maj or min7 keyswitch (G1 and A1, respectively) to activate the samples. Use the keyswitches to change between the minor and major chords. It works best if you hit the keyswitch just a bit before the note you wish to play.

Note: This library requires that you own the Full Retail version of Kontakt 5 or higher (NOT compatible with the free Kontakt Player)

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