How do you make a Fender Stratocaster scream? Try taking a saw to it, knocking on it with a wrench, or hitting it with a hammer! From the headstock to the springs of the bridge, every part of the guitar was explored to create a very unique library.

Strashed is a collection of high quality percussive sounds recorded from various methods of destroying the guitar. Never mind the violence though, many of these samples are super warm, organic, and perfectly textured for acoustic music and tracks that compliment the natural sound of wood and metal.

Full version of Kontakt 5.3 or later required!

Download the sample library!

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165MB of Single Hits + Grooves & Loops

Rhythmic & Fx

  • Bungee Junk Grooves
  • Rhythmic Loop
  • Soundscapes

Single Hits

  • Neckback and Headstock Brick
  • Side Back and Scraping Brick
  • Hit and Scraping
  • Fest Stick Dyn. Crescendo
  • Spring Hits
  • Body, Bridge and Gliss Strings
  • Suspended, Body and Neck Hits
  • Body and Neck Cymbal
  • Body and Neck Floor
  • Punch hit
  • Wood with Isopor and Glass window
  • All Body Hits
  • Switch and Knobs
  • Gliss and hits
  • Side up body
  • Suspended down body
  • Gliss and Fx

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