u-He Diva EDM Soundset

Feast your ears on 64 pads, plucks, basses, leads, strings, keys, chords and much more for the u-he Diva synth, aimed specifically at EDM and created by the renowned Rob Lee Music.

Take the u-He Diva to it’s highest potential with sweet presets right out of the box. This is a soundset with endless potential that is perfect for EDM, Ambient, House, Techno, Trance┬ámusic and much more!

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64 EDM Presets for u-He Diva Synth

Rob Lee Music presents this incredible soundset for u-He Diva. Containing 64 presets aimed specifically at EDM, there’s some absolutely stunning sounds on offer including:

  • Dreamy and shimmering Pads
  • Crystal clear Plucks
  • Growling Basses
  • Screaming Leads
  • Light synthy strings
  • Warm analogy Keys
  • Old Skool and Club Chords and much more!

This product requires the full version of u-He Diva. To install the soundset, please follow the instructions listed here.

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