“Blue Rose”

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Blue Rose” is a premium sample library designed specifically for writing smooth and classic R&B music.

It contains a massive collection of Arps, Basses, Bells, Vocals, Strings & more, providing you with the only product you need to create classic, smooth R&B tracks!

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The Ultimate Collection of Classic & Smooth R&B Sounds (at 87% off!)

“Blue Rose” was created by renowned company Bigwerks to provide producers with the final collection of classic, smooth R&B sounds ever needed for writing hits.

With are 168 presets to choose from (3.6GB of content) in 10 different categories, there’s plenty on offer to keep your tracks fresh including:

  • Crystalised bells,
  • Lush pads,
  • Creamy basses,
  • Thick guitars,
  • Sexy saxes,
  • Beautiful keys and much much more!

This is the ultimate collection of sounds for writing fresh R&B tracks along with laid back Trap and other genres of urban music!

“Blue Rose”

Excluding EU VAT

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168 Presets in 10 Categories For Instant Smooth R&B Hits!

Blue Rose comes with 168 instruments sorted into 10 individual categories to easily find the sound you’re after (plus .WAV samples included too).

The sheer variety of raw sounds provided is enormous and includes the following:

  • Arps (24)
  • Bass (14)
  • Bells (9)
  • Brass/Strings (14)
  • Choir (7)
  • Guitar (11)
  • Keys (18)
  • Lead (30)
  • Pads (26)
  • Plucks (15)

This package provides you with a wealth of incredibly rich and varied sounds to craft your next production from, but this is only the beginning of the fun… and the creative possibilities.

Use the in built FX and arpegiattor to scuplt each sound and make it your own.

Take A Sound & Make It Your Own

The sounds in “Blue Rose” are only the starting point. Easily take any sound and transform it to make it your own.

The library comes with an extensive FX section that provides you with the tools to completely change a sound including Filter, ADSR, Glide Control, LFO, Distortion, Chorus, EQ, Phaser, Delay, Reverb, Arpeggiator

The Arpeggiator provides controls for the following:

  • Rate
  • Duration
  • Octave
  • Steps
  • Order
  • Swing
  • Note velocity

Note: This library requires that you own the FULL Retail Version of Kontakt 5.5.1 or higher, it is NOT compatible with the free Kontakt Player

"Blue Rose" by BigWerks

87% off "Blue Rose" by BigWerks

Excluding EU VAT

$ £ ¥

Why it is awesome:

  • 87% off the normal price (normally €70)!
  • 168 incredible sounds (10 categories) professionally designed for multiple genres of music!
  • Standalone .WAV samples also included
  • Perfect for classic and smooth R&B, laid back trap, and many other styles of urban music
  • Arps (24), Bass (14), Bells (9), Brass/Strings (14), Choir (7), Guitar (11), Keys (18), Lead (30), Pads (26), Plucks (15)
  • An intuitive interface with an array of effects which allows you to customize each instrument as you desire!
  • FX include: Amp envelope, filter envelope, lfo, filter, glitch, chorus, custom reverb, delay, phaser, eq, glide controls & arpeggiator
  • At least 6 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended)
  • 6 GB of free drive space (3GB for download & 3GB for extraction)
  • Note: Requires the FULL retail version of Kontakt 5.5.1 or higher, NOT compatible with the free Kontakt Player.

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