Sketching Strings

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Sketching Strings has been created with the idea of making a practical, simple strings sustain patch that helps you create quick mockup sketches in minutes.

It uses highly processed synthetic string samples to create a useful string patch that’s lightweight and fast to work with.

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Easily & Quickly Create String Mockups On The Fly

Sketching Strings isn’t a high end string libraryits not designed to be.

Instead it was designed as a tool to use for sketching out string tracks on the fly without having to wait for long periods of time while loading up the huge string patches for your libraries.

Its a lightweight and highly playable patch that uses processed synthetic sounds to create a string sound, letting you  focus on writing melodic lines, harmony or runs etc. without having to think about anything else likes keyswitches, modwheel etc.

Velocity Based Dynamics – No Need For The Modwheel

Dynamics in Sketching Strings is done through key velocity as we find that is the best way when composing or just improvising some melodic lines.

This means you don’t have to have one hand on the modwheel all the time!

Play with two hands at the same time and just play softer or harder for different dynamic levels.

Ease of use and speed are the key aims with this library.

Sketching Strings

Excluding EU VAT

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Technical Specifications and Requirements

  • Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.6.8 or above.
  • Highlight any melody over the harmony.
  • Play with two hands without losing dynamics.
  • Perfect for the composition process.
  • Light on computer resources.
  • Can be used in commercial projects

Sketching Strings

The perfect string sketching library for instant mockups

Excluding EU VAT

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Why its awesome:

  • A simple and easy to use library
  • Easy to use and helps with speed writing
  • No waiting to load up huge library patches – just load this up and instantly start getting ideas and recording
  • Its only €14.99!

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