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Moonscapes is a collection of 200+ patches of ever-evolving deep atmospheres, soundscapes and pads made from various analog & digital sound sources and field recordings.

Its perfect for creating dark, atmospheric, gritty, moody and desolate pads, soundscapes and atmospheres that have an organic, human feel to them.

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Constantly Evolving Deep and Lush Atmospheres, Pads & Soundscapes

Moonscapes is a collection 200 + patches (2GB) of ever-evolving and subtle dark atmospheres, soundscapes, and pads, created from a collection of synth samples, field recordings, all tuned, mapped and seamlessly looping.

Each patch has up to 3 layers playing simulataneously which combine to create rich and full sounds. Each layer can be easily muted, lowered or solo’d offering more control over the overall sound.

These sounds are lush, organic, atmospheric and very long making this perfect for creating slow moving and organic sounding pads, soundscapes and atmospheres.

In total there are 64 Instruments, 62 “Individual Files” (playable samples), 70 Multis and 20 Field Recording patches – offering a selection of keys, textures, atmospheres, pads and soundscapes.

Moonscapes is perfect for film/TV/game underscore, ambient music and sound design. The library can be used to create gritty, moody and desolate moods to light, lush and beautiful sounds (and everything in between!)

Combining 3 Layers for Deep, Lush, Moving Sounds

The samples for Moonscapes were recorded in different indoor and outdoor locations including airport halls, playgrounds, elevators, harbours, rain and much more in a range of locations including Rome, Oslo and Sardinia-Italy.

We then used a range of sound design processes to transform these  field recordings into other worldly atmospheres, pads and soundscapes. Each sound is balanced and detailed, yet endlessly evolving, without anything too “unexpected” happening.

Each of the samples in the library range from short (eg. 24 sec) to long (6 mins +), meaning each patch has huge amounts of evolution and modulation throughout. Hold down a note or chord and hear the sound take form over time.

The modulation wheel adds either space or lfo pulses, depending on the patch. Mute or solo any of the 3 layers to alter the sound.

In addition, use the Moonscapes engine (Photosynthesis) to instantly add movement and modulation or FX to any patch.


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Original Field Recordings Included & Playable

The Moonscapes folder is split into four sections:

  • Field recordings (20) – these are the original field recordings, unaltered and unedited, mapped within Kontakt patches
  • Individual files (62) – Here you will find all single samples (textures, synths and soundscapes) mapped and looped (except those named “Spheres” which you will find in the instruments folder). Modulation wheel adds space on all patches: this is intended as a basic setting. We mapped all raw source files to encourage users to experiment with their own sound design ideas.
  • Instruments (64) – Patches in this folder are made of layers or single files, divided in categories related also to the sound sources (digital, analog, processed, layered) we used to produce the samples. Try Modulation wheel to add lfo pulses, reverb, delay, distortion.
  • Multis (70)- This is intended as the “main section” of Moonscapes. All patches in the other folders are ideally designed to be put together in new user Multis. Many of the single original patches in each Multi are reprogrammed. Try modulation wheel. Some of the Multis, due to the long files used, may require more RAM/CPU.

What Would You Use Moonscapes For?

Moonscapes uses field recordings, synths and sound design for its sample content – this means the sounds available within the library all have an organic and human feeling to them.

There are no “static” sounds – everything is constantly yet subtly moving to create an unsettling and ambiguous sound.

Moonscapes is absolutely perfect for:

  • Dark, gritty and unsettling underscore – think “Gone Girl“, “The Social Network” or “Mr Robot” scores etc.
  • Drama / Crime underscore – perfect for constantly moving and modulating dark atmospheres
  • Ambient music – loads of massive pad sounds to choose from
  • Sound design – use the unusual textures and field recordings for some interesting sound design sounds!

NB. Kontakt 5.5.1 or higher required – not compatible with the Kontakt Player


Constantly evolving deep atmospheres, soundscapes and pads for Kontakt

Excluding EU VAT

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Why its awesome:

  • Approx 2GB of content
  • Constantly evolving pads, soundscapes and atmospheres
  • No “static” sounds – everything always evolves and moves subtly
  • Incredibly unique and unusual sounds with a “human” sound to them
  • 200+ patches
  • Incredibly long sounds with subtle and interesting changes
  • Perfect for ambient music, sound design or underscore
  • Original field recordings included for your creating own sound design
  • Built in FX engine and rhythm designer to shape your sound and add additional movement
  • NB. Kontakt 5.5.1 or higher required – not compatible with the Kontakt Player

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