Shimmer & Shake

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Shimmer & Shake is a re-release of the original Nine Volt Audio sample library – updated and improved for 2019. It contains 25 instruments with 89 different rhythms (over 2300 loops) covering 4/4, 3/4, 7/8 and 5/4 time signatures and individual hits and rolls for each instrument.

Available in Kontakt, WAV & RMX, REX formats, its perfect for your small percussion needs in a range of styles including Indie, Pop, Rock, Underscore and more!

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25 Percussion Instruments with Thousands of Loops and One shots (Multi-Format)

Shimmer & Shake contains over 2300 loops from 25 instruments with 89 different rhythms. Individual one shot hits and rolls for each instrument are included too so you can create your own patterns as you’d like.

The loops cover a range of time signatures including 4/4, 3/4, 7/8 and 5/4 time. Its not just boring old quarters, eights and sixteenths either! You also get triplet / shuffle beats, variations with different on-/off-beat accents, and a number of patterns with strategically inserted rests and a choice of downbeat and backbeat options too.

What’s even more useful is that each of the instruments loops are musically interchangeable, so once you find a pattern that suits your track, you can easily switch instruments or layer several different sounds together.

With 3.72GB of content (300MB of one shots and 3.4GB of loops) you’ve got all your “high” or “light” shaken hand percussion needs sorted!

(Above demo track uses only Shimmer & Shake plus our free “Pure Snap Magic” library)

Add Some Extra Sizzle and Movement to Your Tracks

Originally part of the RMX 30k bundle, Shimmer and Shake contains percussion loops and one shots (available in Kontakt, WAV, REX & RMX formats) recorded with 25 different instruments (approximately 94 loops per instrument) that are perfect for adding some extra sizzle to any track.

The library has been updated with a new interface offering more controls over every aspect of the sound, including a useful wave file viewer so you can see how the rhythm will sound before playing it, a rhythm designer and collection of one shot samples for each instrument.

The instrument list includes the cabasa, vintage tambourine, modern tambourine, brass tambourine, sistrum, maracas hi, maracas low, caxixi, shekere, egg shaker, beer can shaker, “Bali-Pong” shaker, rain stick (played as a shaker), finger drum shaker, goat toes, sand shaker, rock shaker, pill bottle shaker, Shakerine front, Shakerine side, sleigh bells, shell shaker, Spin Spark hi, Spin Spark low and Vari-Tone.

Shimmer & Shake

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Beautifully Recorded, Highly Organised and Rhythmically Consistent

The loops in Shimmer & Shake are highly organized and rhythmically consistent between each instrument, making it extremely easy to audition different sounds while keeping the same rhythm. Additionally, on the Kontakt GUI, you’ll see the wave file image so you don’t have to play the full loop to know how it will sound.

The samples have all been recorded in crystal clear quality, with a subtle sense of stereo width and a fairly close, dry recorded perspective that, nonetheless, amply captures the unique character of each instrument. The performances are tightly played and range from simple to more complex, offering a range of options for users.

All loop folders and patch names further identify the sound characteristic to help find the right sound quickly (“natural”, “plastic”, “jingle”, “metal”, “sand”, etc.).

The library comes in Kontakt format, but also includes the WAV, REX and RMX versions too for additional flexibility.

What Would I Use It For?

If you use shaken hand percussion samples or loops (and we all do) then you’ve got two problems – one of which you know, the other you might not:

  1. There is a small and over used group of sounds you rely on every time you need a shaker.
  2. You go to the same selection of samples and loops because all your other shaker sounds are inconsistently edited, ill-timed, have little-to-no tempo flexibility, are missing articulations, don’t come close to sounding real when programmed, or some combination of these.

Shimmer and Shake solves this problem for you.

Its the perfect library for all genres of music that need some light shaken hand percussion instruments including:

  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Underscore

If you need to add some extra movement or sizzle to  your tracks, Shimmer & Shake is the library for you.

NB. Full version of Kontakt or higher required for Kontakt version – not compatible with Kontakt Player

Shimmer & Shake

Percussion sample library with 20 instruments & over 2300 loops and one shots!

Excluding EU VAT

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Why its awesome:

  • 3.72GB of content (300MB of one shots and 3.4GB of loops)
  • Multiformat sample library in Kontakt, WAV, REX & RMX formats
  • 25 instruments with 89 different rhythms
  • 2300+ loops covering 4/4, 3/4, 7/8 and 5/4 time signatures
  • Individual hits and rolls for each are offered for endings and breaks
  • Highly organized and rhythmically consistent from suite to suite making it extremely easy to audition different sounds while keeping the same rhythm.
  • Ease-of-use, consistency, organization and professional grade sounds, rhythms and programming make Shimmer & Shake a resource that you will use time-and-time again.
  • Kontakt version includes a selection of custom impulse responses and useful rhythm designer
  • Perfect for any style of music including Indie, Rock, Underscore and more
  • Completely royalty free and can be used for anything, even in isolation (music, sound design etc.)
  • Full version of Kontakt or higher required for Kontakt version – not compatible with Kontakt Player

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