Twisted Glitch Vol. 1 (Kontakt & WAV)

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Twisted Glitch Volume 1 is a collection of 903 glitch samples created from sampling analogue and digital sources, then chopped and mangled beyond recognition.

The sounds are edgy, deep, abrasive and complex with a huge range of sounds available to choose from. The pack comes in WAV format with additional Kontakt patches that have all sounds mapped out across the keyboard for easy performance within Kontakt.

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900+ Glitch Samples for Producing Deep and Razor Sharp Electronic Music

Twisted Glitch Vol. 1 is a huge sample pack of 903 glitch samples (530MB) recorded in 44.1kHz / 16 bit. The sounds were created by sampling a range of analogue and digital sources, then mangling them beyond recognition using a variety of sound design techniques to make a unique collection of complex glitched sounds.

There is a large variety of unique and interesting sounds available in the pack including long and complex warped sounds, crystallised hats, warm tape synths, deep dark kicks, boomy basses and twisted circuits. The samples are divided into 9 categories:

  • 100 – Bass
  • 160 – Circuit Bent
  • 79 – Granular
  • 68 – Hats and Clicks
  • 91 – Kicks
  • 52 – Lofi Hums
  • 65 – Snares
  • 75 – Tape Synth
  • 212 – Warped

500MB+ of Samples in WAV Format (& Bonus Glitch Mangling Kontakt Engine)

The sounds in Twisted Glitch Volume 1 come in standalone WAV format, but we’ve also included an intuitive Kontakt engine for easy performance and mangling of the sounds within your DAW too.

There is one Kontakt patch for each category and each patch maps all of the samples across the keyboard for easy playback, while also offering additional FX options per sample for:

  • Volume, Tune, Speed
  • Sample start time
  • Filter
  • Lofi, Drive, Saturation
  • EQ
  • Stutter
  • Compression
  • Reverb
  • Global delay

Each time you trigger a different sample in Kontakt, you can assign completely different FX to each sample – for example a high pass filter on one sample, distortion on another etc.

These Kontakt patches are just a bonus extra if you want to use them in Kontakt. The samples are also available as standalone WAV files to be dropped into your project!

Twisted Glitch Vol. 1 (Kontakt & WAV)

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What Genres is this Pack Designed For?

Twisted Glitch Volume 1 is designed specifically for glitch based genres of music, but it can be used for a range of styles  as well as for sound design purposes also.

Its an ideal pack for anyone wanting to produce:

  • Glitch, EDM & Experimental IDM
  • Electronica, Electro & Ambient
  • Abstral, Lo-Fi, Dubstep & Future bass

NB. If using the Kontakt patches, these require Kontakt 5.5.1 or higher required – not compatible with the Kontakt Player. However, standalone .WAV samples are also included.

Twisted Glitch

900+ dark, abrasive and razor sharp glitch based samples

Excluding EU VAT

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Why its awesome:

  • 530MB of glitch samples
  • 903 WAV samples in 9 categories
  • 100 bass, 160 circuit bent , 79 granular, 68 hats and clicks, 91 kicks, 52 lofi hums, 65 snares, 75 tape synth, 212 warped
  • A huge range of different sounds neatly categorised for easy use
  • Bonus Kontakt patches included with all sounds from each category mapped across the keyboard for easy performance
  • Perfect for glitch, electronica, edm, electro, ambient, glitch, experimental idm, abstral, lo-fi, dubstep, future bass and more
  • Ideal for sound design use also
  • NB. If using bonus Kontakt patches, Kontakt 5.5.1 or higher required – not compatible with the Kontakt Player

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