The following products are included in the Ultimate RMX 30k Bundle (click any product for more info):

Melodic_Rex_sm Shimmer_Shake_sm Organ_Explosion_sm Pop_Rock_Guitars_sm Pop_Rock_Guitars_Direct_sm Textured_Guitars_sm Action_Drums_sm Action_Drums_Cinematic_Ed_sm Action_Drums_Taiko_sm Funky_Rex_sm Metal_Guitar_Amped_sm
Metal Guitars_Direct_sm The_Beat_Aesthetic_sm The_Beat_Aesthetic_Taiko_sm Textural_Rex_sm Beat_Bandit_sm Big_Bad_Guitars_sm Big_Bad_Guitars_Direct_sm Big_Bad_Bass_Guitar_sm Big_Bad_Guitars_V2_Direct_sm Big_Bad_Guitars_V2_Amped_sm Big_Bad_Bass_Guitar_V2_Direct_sm
Big_Bad_Bass_Guitar_V2_Amped_sm Stylin_Basslines_sm Action_Drums_100_sm Chroma_Rex_Textured_sm Chroma_Rex_sm Electronic_Guitars_sm
As part Nine Volt Audio’s BPM Flex Series™, any of the REX2 based loops (supported by most major sequences and used by Stylus RMX and Reason) will retain their sound and groove at virtually any tempo (even as slow as 60-70BPM) without artificial stretching or audio artifacts!

All loops are in 44.1kHz/24bit resolution.

Melodic REX (worth $99.99)

Melodic_RexMelodic REX: Electronic Edition brings melody lines, textural leads and groove-based tonal loops to the REX2 format.

By crossing electronic sound sources with beat-synced filters, swirling delays, modulators and a range of other sound design tools, Melodic REX’s 500+ loops can be used quickly and easily as melodic focal points in a track or as rich, tonal backdrops.

Product Breakdown:

  • 503 REX2 files organized into 50 suites covering a tempo range of 80-139 BPM.
  • 29 combo suites that present an “A” and “B” loop group. Loops in combo suites play with and counter to one another creating multi-part musical passages and the ability to create fuller sounding mixes.
  • All loop file names identify the musical key and/or chord progression.

sos_adce“…What you won’t be able to surmise from the online audio demos, though, is how fantastically usable this library is… In short, this library is elegantly simple in purpose and brilliant in execution. I’ll be keeping it close at hand. Rating: 5/5”  Sound on Sound Magazine”

cm_9-10 “…Nine Volt have made it clear that this title is designed to overcome the limitations that most melodic REX libraries suffer, where poorly sliced material is evident. In this case, they’ve done a fantastic job. The loops, while not all melodic, are constructed from some shockingly pleasant synths. There’s no question of the quality and the loops can be used in most genres. Rating: 9/10Computer Music Magazine

…In short, Nine Volt Audio have scored another absolute bullseye, and at a price that makes it a complete no-brainer purchase for practically anyone making their own music or mixing/producing for others. Bravo! Rating: 5/5.” A Sound on Sound 2011 Award Nominee. Sound on Sound Magazine

Shimmer & Shake (worth $69.99)

Shimmer_and_ShakeIf you use shaken hand percussion samples or loops (and we all do) then you’ve got two problems – one of which you know, the other you might not:

  1. There is a small and over used group of sounds you rely on every time you need a shaker.
  2. You go to the same selection of samples and loops because all your other shaker sounds are inconsistently edited, ill-timed, have little-to-no tempo flexibility, are missing articulations, don’t come close to sounding real when programmed, or some combination of these.

That is why we created Shimmer & Shake: a collection of 2350 loops in the REX and Stylus RMX formats.

Instruments include the cabasa, vintage tambourine, modern tambourine, brass tambourine, sistrum, maracas hi, maracas low, caxixi, shekere, egg shaker, beer can shaker, “Bali-Pong” shaker, rain stick (played as a shaker), finger drum shaker, goat toes, sand shaker, rock shaker, pill bottle shaker, Shakerine front, Shakerine side, sleigh bells, shell shaker, Spin Spark hi, Spin Spark low and Vari-Tone. All loop folders and patch names further identify the sound characteristic to help find the right sound quickly (“natural”, “plastic”, “jingle”, “metal”, “sand”, etc.).

Product Breakdown

  • 25 instruments with 89 different rhythms (2225 loops in REX and Stylus RMX formats) covering 4/4, 3/4, 7/8 and 5/4 time signatures. Individual hits and rolls for each are offered for endings and breaks.
  • Highly organized and rhythmically consistent from suite to suite making it extremely easy to audition different sounds while keeping the same rhythm.
  • Ease-of-use, consistency, organization and professional grade sounds, rhythms and programming make Shimmer & Shake a resource that you will use time-and-time again.

Organ Explosion (worth $99.99)

Organ_ExplosionFeaturing the sounds of the Hammond B-3, Organ Explosion presents 20 tightly organized song suites covering funk, blues, jazz, rock and more. With rhythmic bursts, bubbling riffs and fat back grooves, the 700+ loop collection is a go-to source for raw, infectious and emotive playing.

The Organ Explosion library takes a new an inventive approach by placing left and right hand performances into separate loops. While the left hand lays down solid basslines and the right pumps rhythm and melodies, composers have the freedom to combine loops for complete performances and the flexibility to separate them, opening up additional creative and compositional options.

Sounding spontaneous, simple and sophisticated, Organ Explosion goes from Saturday night’s jam to Sunday morning’s gospel sermon with style, syncopation and soul.

Product Breakdown

  • Organ Explosion features 706 loops in the REX & Stylus RMX formats
  • The collection is organized into 20 song suites. Each suite has clearly labeled song parts (i.e. riffs, progressions, transitions, grooves, etc.), clearly labeled key/chord progressions in the file name and an “L” or “R” to indicate the hand that is playing the loop.

…The recordings have a lovely warn quality and – possibly a first – the performances are split into left hand (bass) and right hand loops, so that you’re free to manipulate the upper and lower parts of each performance without any hassle. Stylistically, it’s very diverse, even though all of the sounds originate from the B3, fear not, there’s plenty to play with. Rating 9/10Computer Music Magazine

…Pop Rock Guitars marks a new level of excellence even amongst this roster’s already illustrious company… All in all, this is a shining example of a workhorse sample library. Rating 5/5.” Sound on Sound Award Nominee. Sound on Sound Magazine

Another fine loop-based sample pack from Nine Volt Audio… Where this package wins, though, is in its cataloging and consistency…making song construction simple. Rating 9/10“. Computer Music Magazine

Pop Rock Guitars (worth $99.99)

Pop_Rock_GuitarsPop Rock Guitars is a vast resource of six-string sounds that captures the energy and vibe of today’s chart-topping hits. With its radio-ready hooks, head bouncing rhythms and fist-pumping choruses, this collection makes finding the right guitar part a whole lot easier.

From a producer’s perspective, it often takes more than a single guitar track to build a great song. That’s why every song part in Pop Rock Guitars is comprised of multiple complimentary melodies and rhythms designed to lock together. Call-and-response phrases, chiming arpeggios backed by double-tracked power chords, and interweaving riffs all work together to create rhythmic and harmonic depth.

With in-the-pocket playing, tight organization and consistent tones amongst parts, Pop Rock Guitars offers a smooth experience from inspiration to final mix.

Product Breakdown

  • Pop Rock Guitars presents nearly 1000 files
  • Pop Rock Guitars is organized into 16 song suites. Each suite has clearly labeled song parts (into, verse, chorus, bridge, etc…) with sustained chords for endings and breaks. All parts are also labeled by tone (clean, overdrive, distortion).
  • Pop Rock Guitars has an “A” (Stratocaster), “B” (Les Paul) and “C” (Les Paul Special) guitar part for every song section, all performing distinct parts.
  • Pop Rock Guitars presents a large selection of “Toolbox” parts comprised of chromatic straight-ahead strummed 8th note power chord loops, chromatic major and minor sustained chords, and a range of slides. All toolbox loops are presented in the three tones that are used throughout the library. These are designed to supplement any suite or stand on their own as the backbone to any track.
  • Pop Rock Guitars includes Stylus RMX multi patches that allow the user to automatically load the A, B and C parts of any suite.

Textured Guitars (worth $99.99)

Textured_GuitarsWith sounds that range from ethereal to electronic, clean to dirty and smooth to stuttered, Textured Guitars features over 500 loops designed to spark ideas, add interest to existing works and create new textural and rhythmic foundations for tracks across a wide variety of musical genres.

Textured Guitars uses an array of effects and signal processing combinations such as cascading delays, pulsing filters and rhythmic gates and combines them with vintage and modern amp sounds and a variety of electric guitars and playing styles. The result is a collection of loops that evolve, percolate and shift across the audio landscape.

Versatile, useful and musical, Textured Guitars sweeps from deep and wide to up-front and focused and offers a broad selection of six-string moods.

Product Breakdown

  • Textured Guitars contains 514 loops organized into 43 suites covering a tempo range of 74-135 BPM.
  • Most of Textured Guitars is organized into “mini-song” suites with file names that identify musical key and/or chord progression and contain sustained chords for endings and breaks.

…It has to be said that the end result oozes class. The effects are lush, and create some fabulous sonic images. However, they’re never overdone, which is important in a library such as this, and the playing, and playing variation within each suite, is ideal for creating a bed upon which to build a song idea. What’s more, there’s plenty of inspirational material to do exactly that. Rating: 5/5” Sound on Sound Magazine

Action Drums (worth $99.99)

Action_DrumsConvey movement, excitement and power in your music. Whether you’re capturing the energy of an action sequence, the experience of an exhilarating sport event, the high-style artistry of fashion or the elemental momentum of dance, Action Drums can provide the inspiration and the foundation for your composing needs.

As a modular loop library that combines acoustic and electronic drums, Action Drums gives users the ability to easily mix and match parts to create their own custom rhythmic beds.

With a combination of sound, feel, flexibility and organization, Action Drums: Boom Jinx Breakbeat Edition is an ideal tool for any type of modern music or media production.

Product Breakdown

  • Nearly 600 loops  organized into 60 “Beat Suites”. Each Beat Suite contains a full-mix beat, a full-mix beat without the kick, a full-mix beat without the snare, percussion/hi-hat mix and a loop for each individual instrument from the full-mix. Individual folders containing solo loops of kicks, kick 4xs, snares, hi-hats, percussion, hi-hat/percussion mixes and tonal fx have also been created for quick and unique beat creation from the ground up.
  • 30 Stylus RMX multi presets produced by Stylus RMX Core Library beat creator Hans Scheffler. The presets utilize Action Drum loops exclusively, providing an additional 30 unique beats

…delivers a great yin and yang of organic versus mechanical dynamics. Inspiration came in droves as I pared through suites, discovering that the more “background” elements with minimal drums can layer to create really cool motion sequences. A constant sense of exhilaration makes this library well-suited to action sequences in film, television, sports and commercial media.” Remix Magazine


Action Drums: Cinematic Edition (worth $99.99)

Action_Drums_Cinematic_EditionAction Drums: Cinematic Edition is a dynamic collection of performances designed to fill the percussive needs of motion picture, television, video game and production music.

Recorded in a concert hall, Action Drums: Cinematic Edition mixes close and distant microphone positions of soloists and ensembles to create natural recordings that range from subtle and understated, to ethnic and exotic, to high-powered and relentless.

A wide range of instruments were used including concert toms, concert bass drums, shime-daikos, surdos, djembes, batas, talking drum, udu, tabla, congas, small percussion and more. Versatile, expressive and inspiring, Action Drums: Cinematic Edition is a worthy resource for any composer writing for visual media.

Product Breakdown

  • Action Drums: Cinematic Edition contains 850 loops
  • Nearly 200 single and ensemble hits are included for endings, breaks and dramatic impacts; plus an additional 20 unique one shots (bowed gong, metallic impacts, cymbal rolls, etc.)
  •  Action Drums: Cinematic Edition is organized into 12 “Beat Themes”. Each Beat Theme contains between six and 26 full mix loops (152 total), as well as the individual parts used to make the full mixes (698 loops). This allows the user to easily edit and mix-and-match parts to create custom passages.
  • Action Drums: Cinematic Edition contains Beat Themes in time signatures 4/4, 3/4 and 6/8 and covers a tempo range of 90-170 BPM.
  • Action Drums: Cinematic Edition includes 304 Stylus RMX multi presets that allow the user to pull up full mixes of individual loop parts for quick and easy customization of the mix. Presets are presented in both single and multi-channel versions.

…The sound is powerful and authoritative, with punch, rumble and body in abundance, plus a tasteful bloom of concert-hall ambience. The low end is also very well controlled, which is a boon at the mix… This is another brilliant addition to the Nine Volt Audio product line. Rating: 5/5” Sound on Sound Magazine

Every performance has depth and character, allowing you to convincingly reconstruct authentic taiko licks of your own. If you’re aiming to generate that intense cinematic vibe, or simply want to introduce elements from a rather different palette, don’t miss this. Rating 10/10”  Computer Music Magazine

…So if you need taiko on steroids… we suggest Nine Volt Audio’s Action Drums Taiko Edition.Keyboard Magazine

Action Drums: Taiko Edition (worth $99.99)

Action_Drums_Taiko_EdAction Drums: Taiko Edition brings the power, thunder and excitement of Japanese taiko drums to the REX and Stylus RMX formats.

Recorded in a concert hall with microphones from stage to balcony, Action Drums: Taiko Edition captures the energy resonating from every strike, boom and cinematic blow.

With suite names like Alley Sprinter, War Elephants and Lost Temple, Action Drums matches big sounds with grand imagery.

Whether setting the mood for an epic clash, scoring an adrenalin-charged chase scene or creating a conqueror’s anthem, Action Drums: Taiko Edition provides the sonic impact necessary for a wide range of compositional needs.

Product Breakdown

  • 680+ loops organized into 15 “Beat Themes”. Each Beat Theme contains between four and eight full mix loops (89 total), as well as the individual parts used to make the full mixes (590+ loops). This allows the user to easily edit and mix their own unique taiko passages.
  • Action Drums: Taiko Edition contains Beat Themes in a wide range of time signatures, including: 3/4, 4/4, 5/4 and 6/8.
  • Over 140 single and ensemble hits are included for endings and breaks.
  • Action Drums: Taiko Edition includes 89 Stylus RMX multi presets that allow the user to pull up full mixes of individual loop parts for quick and easy customization of the mix. The presets utilize Stylus RMX’s “Chaos” feature to bring subtle variation to loop interplay. Presets are presented in both single and multi-channel versions.

Funky Rex Guitars (worth $79.99)

Funky_Rex_GuitarsFunky Rex Guitars: Interlocked Groove Edition: Many of the best-known classic funk songs employ a dual guitar approach: scratchy rhythms come from one speaker while slinky, single note riffs come from the other. Using a wide range of six-string interplay variations, Funky Rex Guitars applies this approach to nearly all of its 40+ mini-song suites of loops.

With guitar tones ranging from single coil Strats to humbucking hollow bodies, most loops have been recorded clean, dry and non-effected and are both immediately useable and easily customized for placement into the mix.

So whether you need a groove for inspiration, a lick to light up the dance floor or a riff to breathe life into any retro or modern track, Funky Rex Guitars: Interlocked Groove Edition brings what you need.

Product Breakdown

  • 400 loops organized into 43 mini-song suites. Interlocking groove suites present an “A” and “B” loop group for easy identification of which loops are designed to play simultaneously.
  • Guitar tones used: Danelectro U2, Fender Stratocaster, Fender Telecaster, Gibson ES-137 Classic, Gibson Les Paul and Gibson ES-335.

Funky Rex Guitars features 400 REX loops of a scratchy, funky, flava that don’t deviate far from the template of Classic 70s funk. The loops are organized into 43 so-called ‘mini-song’ suites that work together, so it’s not hard to find compatible loops. Plus, each one has it’s key in the filename, so it’s easy enough to find something that will work in your project. Rating: 9/10” Computer Music Magazine


Metal Guitar (worth $109.99)

Metal_Guitar_Amped From bold and belligerent drop-tuned rhythms to rapid-fire upper register riffs, Metal Guitar is an intense and ultra flexible collection appropriate for any producer’s six-string toolbox.

Designed to bridge the gap between the compositional flexibility of a sampled instrument and the inspiration found when using loops, Metal Guitar takes a brute force approach by offering 293 unique patterns recorded at 15 chromatic intervals for a total of 4395 loops. This approach brings performance variation, compositional immediacy and added realism since the need to rely on pitch-shifting is virtually non-existent.

With all parts double-tracked, guitars tuned to low C, Metal Guitar is a one-stop-shop for heavy rhythms and blazing riffs.

Metal Guitars_Direct_smAlso included is Metal Guitars Clean & Direct – a clean, uneffected, uncompressed, direct-to-the-board version of our metal Guitars.

Embracing the huge range of guitar tone options has never been easier.

Product Breakdown:

  • 4395 loops and 203 one shots covering muted strums, slides, pick slides, harmonics, string rakes and chromatic articulations including: sustained notes, sustained power chords, palm muted notes and palm muted power chords. Total uncompressed file size is over 7 GB.
  • Metal Guitar is available in an Amped & Distorted Edition or a Clean & Direct Edition (to be used with amp simulators).
  • Loops are categorized into three broad groups:
  1. Rhythms feature groups of loops at 15 chromatic intervals beginning at the “dropped-C” position. These passages use only the notes found within their loop interval (example: a loop labeled “D” will only contain D notes and power chords).
  2. LoRiff groups feature loops at 15 chromatic intervals also beginning at the “dropped-C” position. These loops use a range of notes and power chords within their interval resulting in passages that are both rhythmic and melodic.
  3. HiRiff groups feature loops at 15 chromatic intervals beginning at “C”, two octaves above the “dropped-C” position. These loops mostly feature single note picked lines resulting in passages that are both rhythmic and melodic.

The Beat Aesthetic (worth $99.99)

The_Beat_AestheticEverything in one place: this is the guiding principle behind the creative approach to The Beat Aesthetic. Forty-four unique beat suites for 44 songs, with each suite containing everything a track needs to get from start to finish in style.

In order for a song to evolve, contract and expand, each of the 44 suites present a core beat, all parts of the core beat broken into stem and solo mixes, a minimum of six fills and a minimum of six “alternate mix” beats that range from complimentary to textural to glitch laden to attention grabbing ear candy.

The “everything in one place” concept continues through out the library with individual folders containing solo loops of kicks, snares, hi-hats, “top mixes” and more for quick and unique beat creation from the ground up.

Combining solid rhythms with interesting sounds, tempo flexibility with tight organization, and originality with ease-of-use, The Beat Aesthetic will raise your expectations of what a beat library should be.

Product Breakdown

  • 1300+ loops in the Stylus RMX & REX formats.
  • Each Beat Suite contains a full-mix beat(s), a full-mix beat without the kick, a full-mix beat without the snare, a kick & snare mix, top mix, and a loop for each individual instrument from the full-mix. A minimum of six 1-2 measure fills and a minimum of six alternate/sound-designed loops are also included.
  • The Beat Aesthetic contains a universal selection of acoustic and electronic cymbal crashes and rises to supplement the beat suites.
  • The library features a bonus selection of 96 4x Kick loops created from the kick sounds used in the 44 Beat Suites.

For many genres of music the drum beat is king – so much so that if you were to take away all of the other elements the track would still sound full. This has as much to do with beefy production as it does with detailed arrangement, drum fills and clever variations. The Beat Aesthetic from Nine Volt Audio, then, provides all of these… Verdict: A large collection of tempo-sync-ed electronic beats that’s well laid-out and a joy to perform. 9/10 and Music Innovation Award” MusicTech Magazine

This is one serious package, with 20 ‘mixes’ broken into parts in six formats over three DVDs. It ranges in tempo from 75 to 159bpm, and the Taiko Edition lives up to its name with plenty of world and Asian influences and tones. The production quality is high and it will cover a good deal of Asian and world percussion needs for library musicians, or those simply seeking thunderous loops.” Computer Music Magazine

The Beat Aesthetic: Taiko Edition (worth $99.99)

The_Beat_Aesthetic_Taiko_EdThe Beat Aesthetic: Taiko Edition transforms the thunder of traditional Japanese drums into a giant fist of fat grooves.

Through the use of over 30 different instruments, ranging from the low frequency impacts of the 500 pound odaiko to the tight and high snare-like sound of the shime daikos, the collection’s twenty suites of beats, fills, builds and hits remain sonically diverse and engaging.

Stylus RMX users will enjoy a layout that enables easy improvisation of entire percussion tracks. And as part of the BPM Flex Series™, grooves can be used at extremely wide ranges of tempo while retaining a natural sound. Additionally, Stylus RMX users will experience a new and never before seen feature: multi-track loops and MIDI files triggered from a single channel! Check out the video demo to see them in action.

With loops that float between tribal, cinematic, rock and world beat feels, this volume of The Beat Aesthetic continues the legacy of mixing imaginative playing with top-notch sounds, tempo flexibility with tight organization, and originality with ease-of-use.

Product Breakdown:

  • 1600+ files in the Stylus RMX & REX formats
  • The library covers a tempo range of 75-159 BPM. But as part of the BPM Flex Series™, all formats (except standard .wav) can be used at a wide range of tempos while remaining intact and on time.
  • Each format in this collection contains 20 “Full Mix” suites and 20 matching “Part” suites. This allows users the flexibility to work on a single track with full mixes, or to drop sounds in and out by using different combinations of “Part” loops. The full mix loops have been created by combining the parts together in a multi-track fashion.
  • Stylus RMX Specific Info: The Beat Aesthetic Taiko features exclusive multi-track loop and MIDI files which allow four loops to be played and edited from a single RMX channel.

Textural REX: Electronic Edition (worth $79.99)

Textural_RexTextural REX: Electronic Edition: “T-Rex” brings melody, harmony and tonal atmosphere to the REX2 format. Designed with Stylus RMX users in mind, this collection of 500 loops blends modern riffs with rhythmic ambiences and is designed to make immediately useful music with character to spare.

No matter if you use Stylus RMX, Reason or any other REX2 player, Textural REX will be one of the most musical, fun-to-use and flexible loop collections in your arsenal.

Product Breakdown:

  • 500 files organized into 82 suites in the Stylus RMX and REX formats.
  • 19 combo suites that present an “A” and “B” loop group. Loops in combo suites play with and counter to one another creating multi-part musical passages and the ability to create fuller sounding mixes.
  • All loop file names identify the musical key and/or chord progression.

The title is accurate – we’re talking textures – but you can also think of them as either part of the rhythm section, or icing on the rhythmic cake. When trying to decide what to review for Sounds, I try and find products that either fill a specific need admirably, or are just plain well-produced. Textural Rex is both, and can add a much-needed element to electronic productions.” EQ Magazine

…I’d highly recommend this library to anyone working with electronic beats. The cracking combination of great raw audio and exemplary usability makes it ideal for genre-hopping, and I reckon it’s likely to continue giving you sterling use (and re-use) for years, while most others, less approachable libraries gather dust. Rating: 5/5” Sound on Sound Magazine

Beat Bandit: Hans Scheffler Edition (worth $79.99)

Beat_BanditBeat Bandit: Hans Scheffler Edition: There’s a good chance you’ve been using sounds designed by Hans Scheffler for years and never knew it. His audio and musical expertise have been put to use in products by Access, Apple, Emagic, G-Media, Roland, ReFX and Spectrasonics.

Now, Hans brings his skills to the Nine Volt Audio release Beat Bandit: a modular REX-based loop library of electronic drums and rhythms.


Big Bad Guitars (worth $99.99)

Big_Bad_GuitarsBig Bad Guitars is a collection of tough and heavy-duty modern rock guitar loops that will turn any track into a bruiser. With aggressive and intense tones, all parts were recorded on two guitars through different amps, allowing for a huge spread of stereo six-string sound.

Amp sounds were dialed in and recorded by producer, mixer and engineer Michael Wagener, known for his work with many top hard rock and heavy metal bands like Motley Crue, Ozzy Osbourne and Metallica.

So whether you need the rumble of a drop-tuned riff, the punch of a power chord chorus or some high gain growl to add edge to a track, Big Bad Guitars is ready for the gig.


Also Available: Big Bad Guitars Direct – a clean, uneffected, uncompressed, direct-to-the-board version of our Pop Rock Guitar loop collection. With the wide range of amp sim plug-ins, embracing the huge range of guitar tone options has never been easier. Specifications are similar to the below – except everything is clean!

Product Breakdown:

  • Big Bad Guitars presents 925 files for each format: REX2, Stylus RMX formats.
  • Big Bad Guitars is organized into “mini-song” suites. Each suite contains clearly labeled song parts, riffs, string “scrapes” and sustained chords for endings and breaks.
  • The collection features 130+ “remix” style guitar loops that feature filtered, “stuttered” and effected sounds designed to take each suite to the next level.
  • Any of the REX-based loops (used in Stylus RMX and Reason) can be used at tempos as slow as 70 BPM.
  • Big Bad Guitars presents a “Toolbox” section of straight-ahead 8th and 16th note palm-muted power chord loops, designed to supplement any suite or stand on their own as the backbone to any track.


Big Bad Bass Guitar (worth $99.99)

Big_Bad_Bass_GuitarBig Bad Bass Guitar is a collection of rough and tumble low-end riffs, lines and progressions designed to be the backbone of any modern or hardrock song.

Big Bad Bass Guitar supplies companion lines for every suite in Nine Volt Audio’s Big Bad Guitars and Big Bad Guitars Direct and goes beyond with parts for 14 other tracks. Heavy hooks with tunings as low as Drop-C, parts played with a pick and fingerstyle, and a huge selection of “toolbox” bass patterns, muted strums and slides are all designed to get tracks from here-to-there with realism and ease.

All parts were recorded on a Fender Precision Bass using an amp tone that was chosen to work right out-of-the-box, while still allowing for tonal customization. And forget the constraints of tempo: as part of the BPM Flex Series™, Big Bad Bass Guitar allows every REX-based loop to be used at virtually any tempo with no artificial stretching or audio artifacts. This allows for seamless mixing-and-matching of parts across the entire collection.

So if you already own Big Bad Guitars, need some low-end inspiration or simply have a track that needs an injection of deep attitude, Big Bad Bass Guitar is ready to set the foundation.

Product Breakdown:

  • Big Bad Bass Guitar present 598 files for each format: REX2 & Stylus RMX formats.
  • Big Bad Bass Guitar is organized into 30 song suites covering a tempo rang of 80-152 BPM. Each suite contains clearly labeled song parts, riffs, slides, and sustained notes for endings and breaks.
  • Any of the REX based loops can be used at a wide range of tempos with no artificial stretching or audio artifacts.
  • Big Bad Bass Guitar presents a “toolbox” section of straight-ahead 8th and 16th note patterns designed to supplement any suite or stand on their own as the backbone of a track.
  • Using Big Bad Bass Guitar within Stylus RMX requires the user to drag-and-drop only one folder into RMX’s included S.A.G.E. Converter. No additional organization is needed.

…an especially flexible solution and you won’t have any trouble at all producing a convincing bass part. All of the loops are high-quality, 24-bit recordings of live players, with a very solid and rocking tone. The tempo ranges from 80 to 160 BPM (although tempo isn’t much of an issue if you’re using one of the stretch-happy formats, such as REX). Rating: 10/10Computer Music Magazine



Big Bad Guitars & Bass Guitars Vol 2 (worth $99.99)


Times have changed in the four years since the release of Big Bad Guitars Vol 1: Modern hard rock has become more forceful and assertive, deeper and darker and more intricate and nimble. These stylistic changes are what brought about the second volumes of Big Bad Guitars and Big Bad Bass Guitar.

Both Big Bad Vol 2 titles are centered around ten suites, each with 55+ parts comprised of riffs, rhythms, lines, progressions, transitions, endings, slides and chords. All bass parts lock with their guitar counter-parts and vice-versa. And of course, all electric guitar parts have been performed twice, on different guitars, creating the wide and rugged sound associated with the genre.


Angular, melodic, aggressive, and designed to create song structure, Big Bad Guitars Vol 2 and Big Bad Bass Guitar Vol 2 are ready to meet any composer or writer’s hard rock needs.

Product Breakdown:

  • Big Bad Guitars Vol 2 features 2300+ files in the Stylus RMX & REX formats.
  • Suites present every part performed on two different guitars: a Gibson Les Paul Baritone and a PRS Signature Paul Allender model, both in “Dropped C#” tunings. Loops are available in separate mono files as well as a set of stereo files with each part panned hard left and hard right.
  • Big Bad Guitars Vol 2 presents a selection of 525 “Toolbox” parts comprised of chromatic 8th note loops, 8th note power chord loops, 16th note loops, palm muted single notes, palm muted chords, sustained notes and sustained power chords. These are designed to supplement any suite or stand on their own as the backbone to any track.

Stylin Basslines (worth $79.99)

Stylin_BasslinesStylin Basslines: Electric & Synth Edition was the first bass collection designed with Stylus RMX and REX users in mind. With over 550 loops, this collection covers a wide range of styles and grooves using vintage, modern, fretless and electric upright basses, and vintage analog, modern analog and computer based synths.

Action Drums One Hundred (worth $19.99)

Action_Drums_100Action Drums One Hundred is comprised of 100 new loops that come from the same great stock as Action Drums: Boom Jinx Breakbeat Edition.

Designed to convey movement, power and excitement, Action Drums One Hundred is part of Nine Volt Audio’s BPM Flex Series which means any loop can be used at virtually any tempo without artificial stretching or unwanted audio artifacts.

Chroma Rex: Textured Guitars (worth $19.99)

Chroma_Rex_GuitarsChroma Rex: Textured Guitar Edition is a collection of 456 loops designed to allow musicians to trigger a variety of chromatic riffs from their favorite sampler or loop player to create tonal passages and tempo-synced chord progressions – all while staying locked to the groove of their track.

As an inspirational toolbox of sounds and riffs, Chroma Rex: Textured Guitar is a no-brainer

Chroma Rex: Electronic Edition (worth $24.99)

Chroma_RexUsing 33 different sounds from Melodic Rex, Chroma Rex: Electronic Edition provides 33 sets of loops based around octave and octave+fifth patterns, making every loop “chordally-ambiguous” and flexible enough to create leads or tonal backdrops.

The 396 loops is an indispensable addition to Melodic Rex, making it even more flexible than it already is.

Electronic Guitars (worth $29.99)

Electronic_GuitarsElectronic Guitars was the first release in our BPM Flex Series™. It combines electric guitar with modern effects to create distinct sounding loops that range from upfront-and-center to tripped-out and ethereal.

We recently revisited the collection and re-organized and slimmed it down to an essential 208 loops covering a tempo range of 80-114 BPM.