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“Discovery Pro Synth” is a 12 oscillator Virtual Analog Synthesizer featuring WAV and SoundFont (SF2) support as well as Pad Resythesis, 2X oversampling / undersampling, built-in arpeggiator and sync amongst many other incredible features.

The “Discovery Pro” architecture provides maximum flexibility when programming your own sounds. With support for 4 layers per patch, and morphing between layers, Discovery quickly becomes a remarkably expressive synth for any type of music!

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A Hugely Versatile Synth Inspired by a 90’s Classic!

Heavily inspired by Clavia’s Nord Lead series, “Discovery Pro” is a synth capable of blistering basses, lush pads and scorching solo sounds.

Capable of creating just about any synth sound, “Discovery Pro” comes with a huge selection of sound shaping tools including Parameter Morphing, 12 filter types and Graphic Envelope Modulation.

Featuring more than 5000 inspiring presets in 60 Banks (including a percussion one) to get you started, this synth will provide endless hours of inspiration for your next track!

55% off “Discovery Pro Synth” by DiscoDSP

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Over 5000 Presets & Incredible Sound Manipulation Tools!

“Discovery Pro Synth” comes complete with 5000+ inspiring preset sounds arranged in 60 banks that cover a wide range of instruments and musical styles including:

  • Leads
  • Basses
  • Arpeggios
  • Trance
  • EDM

… amongst many more.

Drop them straight into your next track or use them as the perfect jump off point for creating your own sounds!

There are also a vast range of third party patches available to buy that can increase your preset collection even further, find out more about them HERE.

Basic Concepts


“Discovery Pro” can hold 128 patches at any one time. Each patch may contain up to 4 layers. Combining layers can be used to create complex sounds that simple subtractive synthesis cannot achieve.

Discovery Pro supports up to 128 polyphonic voices. If all 4 layers are enabled, a single note will count as 4 individual voices, reducing the actual polyphony to 8 in these instances. Fortunately, these are 8 extremely powerful sounds.

Parameter Morphing

Each layer contains two internal states: morph source and morph sensibility. Each state contains a unique set of all values. Morphing allows you to easily glide between these values.

Global Layer Options

  • Oct Shift –  Shifts pitch in octaves of the layer.
  • Pitch Bend – Pitch bender allows you to drastically change the pitch of the current patch in real-time. You can modify the pitch bend range from 1 to 48 semitones by clicking the LCD arrows or clicking numbers for a drop-down menu.
  • Modulation Wheel – Can be assigned to modulate the following parameters:
    FLTR: Filter cut-off frequency.
    FM: OSC2 to OSC1 frequency modulation amount.
    OSC2: OSC2 pitch.
    LFO1: LFO1 amount.
  • MORPH – Morph between source and destination morphing states. CHR: Left-click the CHR button to enable Chorus, Phaser or both modes at once.
  • UNI – Enables Unison. 2 voices are used on POLY mode and 4 on LEGATO/MONO.
  • Play Modes:
    MONO: Only 1 voice of the synthesizer is used for the layer. In this mode any note played will discontinue the previous note.
    LEGATO: A monophonic mode in which envelopes are not restarted when new keys are played.
    POLY: Polyphonic mode allows multiple notes to be played at once.
  • Portamento – Portamento glides the pitch between the current note and a newly played note. The higher the value, the slower the transition progresses.
  • Auto – When enabled, glide/portamento will be only applied if overlapping notes are played (legato).

Sculpt A Sound that’s Uniquely Yours – Oscillators & Filters!

Oscillators are the basis of sound generation in subtractive synthesis. “Discovery Pro Synth” includes two primary oscillators, each with various modes and waveform types.

Waveforms available in “Discovery Pro” are:

  • Sine  – FM, Leads, Percussion, Organs.
  • Triangle  – FM, Smooth Sounds, Bass, Flutes.
  • Square – Smooth Basses, Leads, Synced Waves.
  • Parabolic – Smooth Sounds, Pads.
  • Noise – Ambient FX, Percussion.
  • Saw – Rough Bass, Edgy Leads.
  • Pulse – Vintage Synths, Pads.

Oscillator 1 (OSC1)

OSC1 is the primary sound source in “Discovery Pro”. This oscillator uses the pitch of the incoming note and plays it in the specifed waveform type.

OSC1 can be any one of the following waveform types – Sine, Triangle, Saw tooth, Parabolic (Saw tooth with red led), PWM (Pulse Width Mod), Square.

Oscillator 2 (OSC2)

“Discovery Pro” offers a second oscillator, which adds additional sound design capabilities to your patches. It may be used in various ways such as mixing with, or modulating the frequency of OSC1.

OSC2 can be set to any of the following waveforms – Triangle, Saw, Parabolic (when Saw led is red), PWM (Pulse), White Noise, Pink Noise (Noise with red led), Square.

Wave Oscillator (WAVE)

There is also a third oscillator, which adds dramatic sound design capabilities to your patches through the use of WAV/Soundfont files. You can even add your own sounds!

Sound banks and waves can be selected by clicking < and > control or clicking at the LED area to display a drop-down menu.

To add your own sound banks just zip a set of WAV fles and use .dwb extension, or select a SoundFont 2 (SF2) file. Then place it in Documents > discoDSP > Discovery Pro > Waves folder and they will appear next time Bank LCD is clicked.

Filter Section

Once oscillators are mixed, sound is next routed through the Discovery filter section. This section will transform the frequency response of the signal.

A filter is a unit that changes the magnitude of a range of frequencies of the sound, boosting or cutting these frequency values.

The two most common filter parameters are the Frequency and Resonance controls.

  • Frequency or ‘cut off’ point –  This value sets the frequency point affected by the filter response.
  • Resonance – This value determines the amount of amplifcation of the range of frequencies surrounding the frequency (cutoff) point.

“Discovery Pro” has 12 fliter types including a selection of Lowpass, Bandpass and authentic Moog modelled filters! Additional available controls include ADSR, Keytrack, and Distortion.

Zero Delay Nord Lead 2 and 12dB / 24dB Moog® filters

Discovery Pro 6 also includes brand new Nord Lead 2 modeled Zero Delay Feedback filters. One listen and these will blow your mind… they sound amazingly great!

There are also Moog filters called X and Y, bringing a more sophisticated tone in addition to the 8 previous Discovery filters.

Read more about these features in the User Manual HERE

55% off “Discovery Pro Synth” by DiscoDSP

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Bring Your Sounds To Life With Modulation & Arpeggiation!

“Discovery Pro Synth” includes two LFO’s (Low Frequency Oscillators), a Modulation Envelope (with 2 stages and state variable amount control) and a Graphic Envelope Generator. LFO oscillators operate much like the basic Discovery oscillators, only at much slower speeds.

Low Frequency Oscillator 1 (LFO1)

Rate – This control sets the speed (frequency) of LFO1. Smaller values result in slower oscillations, larger values in faster oscillations.

LFO1 – Can use various waveforms including Lowpass Random, Square, Triangle, Saw Tooth & Random.

Re-triggered LFOs – By cycling through LFO waveform options a second time you can enable Re-triggered LFO’s. This means LFO will be restarted each time a note is played. Re-triggered LFO’s are indicated by red LEDs.

Destination – This feature allows you to choose which control(s) this LFO will modulate from the following: FM (Frequency Modulation), FILTER (Filter cutoff frequency), OSC2 (OSC2 pitch), OSC1+2 (OSC1 and OSC2 pitch) & PW (pulse of PWM waveforms)

Amount – LFO1 Amount control determines the amount of LFO output to use on the destination control(s). Higher values will result in a more dramatic modulation.

Low Frequency Oscillator 2 (LFO2) & Arpeggiator (ARP)

LFO2 operates much like the first, yet without a selectable waveform. LFO2 is always a pure sine wave. In addition LFO2 has a powerful Arpeggiator (explained below).

LFO2 Arpeggiator

ARP –  When active, LFO2 operates in ARP (Arpeggiator) mode.

Rate – When in ARP mode, the Rate control sets the arpeggiator tempo.

Destination – In Arp mode, this defines the direction in which the Arpeggiator will play notes from the following: Down (DWN), U&D (Up & Down), UP, Random (RND) and Random 2 (RND2)

Arp Rng – Sets range in octaves for the arpeggiator, from 1 to 5 octaves.

Modulation Envelope

Modulation envelope is a simple envelope which includes 2 stages:

Attack –  Changes the value of the destination (based on the Amount)
Decay – Changes the value of a destination (based on the Amount)

Destination – The following destinations are available: FM (Frequency Modulation Amount), PW (Pulse Waveform Width), OSC2 (OSC2 Pitch) & O2+W (OSC2 and WAVE pitch).

Amount – Sets modulation destination amount & can be positive, negative, or anything in between (Center is Disabled)

Graphic Envelope Modulation

Graphic Envelope modulation is located between the GATE and WAVE sections. Confguration is done in the same fashion as Gate (described below), left-clicking the bars with your mouse in order. Clicking and holding your mouse button will allow you to easily draw custom modulations.

Destination – This feature allows you to choose which control(s) this envelope will modulate: OSC2 (OSC2 pitch), FM – OSC2 & OSC1 FM (Frequency Modulation), PW (Width of the pulse of PWM waveforms) & FILTER (Filter cutoff frequency).


Discovery’s amplifier applies an envelope to the output gain of the current layer of sound. This is the final stage of synthesis. The following controls apply:

  • Attack –  Controls the time that envelope moves from note press (0) to full volume.
  • Decay – Controls the time length between envelope gain (end of Attack) to Sustain level.
  • Sustain – Sets the point at which the envelope stays while note is held.
  • Release – Controls the time in which the gain will fall from current envelope point (Sustain) into complete silence.
  • Gain – Adjusts the overall volume for the current layer.
  • Limiter – Applies a compressor with – Inf:1 ratio for the current layer.

Read more about these features in the User Manual HERE

Bonus – Touch OSC Control!

Open up a whole new world of control opportunities with “Discovery Pro Synth” using your iPad or Android tablet and TouchOSC app with the template provided!

Add The final Touch – Panning, Delay/Echo and Gate Effects!

“Discovery Pro Synth” comes with a selection of built in stereo delay, panning and gate effect units.

Panning – This effect can be used to widen a sound or give it interesting panning effects per layer. You can sync Mod Rate to host tempo by clicking the led located next to Mod Rate knob.

  • Position: Position in the stereo field.
  • Modulation Rate: Controls the rate of the stereo modulation.
  • Modulation Amount: Controls the depth of the stereo modulation.

Delay/Echo – This effect can be used to add a spacey echo effect, or widen a sound. You can sync Left/Right Delay to host tempo by clicking the led located between Left and Right knobs.

  • Level: Controls the amount of the delay effect. No Level value (knob turned completely to the left) will disable the delay effect. This control is morphable as well.
  • Left / Right Delay: Controls the delay time of the unit for each channel.
  • Left / Right Feedback: Controls the time of the delay tail. Moving this knob to the right will increase the tail.
  • Cross switch: Adds a cross-feed to the feedback output. This will result in a stereo bouncing delay, useful for 3d-like effects.

Gate – To enable Gate page effect, do so by clicking the small blue led next to GATE.

  • Level: Controls the amount of the gate floor effect. No Level value (knob turned completely to the right) will disable gapper effect. This control is morphable and layer independent, suitable for complex sound textures.
  • Copy: Copies the current gate pattern to memory.
  • Paste: Dumps the gate pattern on memory to current gate.
  • Gate pattern: Controls the gate triggering.

Read more about these features in the User Manual HERE

55% off “Discovery Pro Synth” by DiscoDSP

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So What Exactly Can I Do With “Discovery Pro Synth”?

With it’s unparalleled flexibility “Discovery Pro Synth” opens up a whole new world of sound design possibilities for your next track, thanks to it’s huge collection of Oscillator, LFO, Modulation, Gate and Morphing controls.

The 5000+ presets that “Discovery Pro Synth” comes with mean you can get to work right away on your next track in whatever style you choose, including but not limted to:

  • Trance
  • Dubstep
  • Underscore
  • Chillout
  • Psytrance

Still not convinced, try out the demo for PC, Mac or Linux!

"Discovery Pro Synth" by DiscoDSP

55% off "Discovery Pro Synth" by DiscoDSP

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Normally €129 – get it at 55% off before it’s gone!

  • 55% off the normal price (normally €129)!
  • Virtual Analog synthesizer + sampler.
  • 32 / 64-bit Audio Units / VST / VST3.
  • Multi-sized GUI (400p, 600p, 800p).
  • 128 voice polyphony.
  • 128 Patch Memories per bank.
  • More than 5.000 presets in 60 banks (including a percussion one).
  • Parameter Morphing using Modulation Wheel or MIDI velocity.
  • 2x oversampling, 2x oversampled distortions.
  • Nord Lead 2 modeled Unison.
  • Zero Delay Nord Lead 2 and 12dB / 24dB Moog® modeled filters!
  • Dual / Four octave key split.
  • 4 layers / 12 oscillators with Sync / FM.
  • 12 filter types.
  • WAV / SoundFont (SF2) support.
  • PADSynth re-synthesis.
  • 2x oversampling / undersampling.
  • Built-in arpeggiator.
  • Panning modulation / stereo delay / gate effects.
  • Graphic envelope modulation.
  • Imports / Exports Nord Lead 2 SysEx data.
  • MIDI CC control.
  • Perfect for all types of music including Trance, Dubstep, Underscore, Chillout and Psytrance!

What People Think About 55% off “Discovery Pro Synth” by DiscoDSP

  • "A solid, high-quality analogue synth emulation. A novice can get great sounds out of it (especially with the awesome range of presets available). Someone with more synth skills can go deep with it. The addition of the sampler gives it a unique twist. We recommend demoing before you buy but if you like it, your gonna love it."

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    Audio Plugin Guy

    Audio Plugin Guy

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  • "Discovery Pro continues discoDSP's tradition of offering excellent sound quality and a flexible signal path in a package that won't leave you scratching your head. Making your own sounds is easy, gratifying, and - most importantly of all - inspiring. What more could one ask of a soft synth?"

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