• 40% off “Cypher2” by FXpansion

    40% off “Cypher2” by FXpansion

    This Deal Still Available!

    “Cypher2” is designed for deep sonic exploration and expressive performances. It features a vast range of sound design tools and over 1300 sounds, including 500 MPE-optimised presets.

    Experience an unparalleled level of expression through analogue-modelled oscillators, waveshaping and thru-zero FM. FXpansion’s signature TransMod modulation system, now upgraded for Cypher2, ensures that every session with this premium synthesizer is a sound design adventure!

  • 70% off “SynthMaster Player” by KV331 Audio

    70% off “SynthMaster Player” by KV331 Audio

    This Deal Still Available!

    “SynthMaster Player” is a simplied version of SynthMaster with limited editing capabilities. It is targeted towards users who prefer to use presets rather than designing their own sounds.

    With 1800 stunning factory presets, 12 editable easy parameters and a great selection of easy to use effects this is a synth that allows you to dive straight in and get creating immediately!

  • 71% off “MangledVerb” by Eventide

    71% off “MangledVerb” by Eventide

    MangledVerb” is a classic Eventide reverb effect capable of producing huge spaces and out-of-this-world soundscapes. For over 40 years, innovative effects like these have made Eventide an industry leader.

    Ported directly from the award-winning H9 Harmonizer®, MangledVerb is capable of creating lush reverbs, ripping distortion leads and sound-sculpting musical chaos!

  • 60% off “Grand Piano Model D” by UVI

    60% off “Grand Piano Model D” by UVI

    This Deal Still Available!

    Sit down at a beautiful Steinway Concert “Grand Piano Model D” captured in the brilliant Guillaume Tell sound stage in Paris.

    Deep multi-sampling, precision mastering & advanced scripting provide you with all the warmth, expressiveness & detail of the real thing. The result is a finely tempered software piano with an effortless beauty & the sound of a real concert grand!

  • 61% off “Duck” by Devious Machines

    61% off “Duck” by Devious Machines

    Ducking, or sidechain compression is one of the defining effects of modern music, from classic House to modern EDM, tracks by Daft Punk, Noisia and Eric Prydz ooze that pumping, ducking effect.

    “Duck” makes it easy to design a custom volume shape that repeats at a speed and depth of your choice, or use one of 58 presets to find new and inspiring effects. So whether you’re producing pumping house or broken beats, Duck delivers in seconds!

  • 70% off “Creators Collection Bundle” by Rast Sound

    70% off “Creators Collection Bundle” by Rast Sound

    “Creators Collection Bundle” consists of 4 completely unique instruments, each with its own unique sounds and control features… from blending and morphing organic and artificial sounds to exploring mesmerizing ambiences, atmospheres, drones, soundscapes and more…

    Each instrument brings its own unique sonic universe to the table making them perfect for Film & TV Underscore, Ambiences, Soundscapes, EDM, Industrial Music, Sound Design & More!

  • 71% off “Legacy Bundle” by Sonixinema

    71% off “Legacy Bundle” by Sonixinema

    “Legacy Bundle” is a collection of inspirational yet diverse instruments from Sonixinema covering a wide range of sounds from Traditional/Distorted Strings and an Upright Piano through to a completely unique take on a classic Music Box and a one-of-a-kind hand-made Tongue Drum.

    Each instrument brings its own unique sonic universe to the table making them perfect for Film & TV Underscore, Video Games, Cinematic/Trailer Music, Sound Effects & More!

    All Products Available Individually At 60% Off

  • 62% off “Bliss” by discoDSP

    62% off “Bliss” by discoDSP

    discoDSP “Bliss” is a simple but powerful sampler with some extremely creative features – Bliss’ VSTi Sampling feature can automatically create sampled instruments from patches on any VST instrument, which is a pretty useful feature if you’re working with CPU-hungry synth plugins that bog down your sessions.

    But that’s not all Bliss has to offer. In addition to its highly customizable Envelopes, Filters and LFOs, it features a built-in Wave Editor for making powerful sample-level adjustments to your source material, 8 automatable Macro Controls, Parameter Morphing and 7 great Effects to add that final touch to your masterpiece!

  • 75% off “H3000 Band Delays” by Eventide

    75% off “H3000 Band Delays” by Eventide

    The Eventide “H3000 Band Delays” plug-in is a powerful audio engineering plug-in for Avid AAX, Apple Audio Units, and Steinberg VST formats.

    Derived from the original filtered delay algorithm found in the legendary H3000 digital multi-effects processor, Band Delays broadens the landscape with eight voices of tempo-based filtered delays. Tempo, delays, and filters work together in their original incarnation to offer you incredible sonic possibilities!

  • 93% off “Drum Kit And Sound Pack Bundle” by Audeobox

    93% off “Drum Kit And Sound Pack Bundle” by Audeobox

    “Drum Kit And Sound Pack Bundle” is an enormous collection of WAV Loops, MIDI Sequences, Construction Kits and Synth Presets covering a wide range of modern production styles including Trap, House. Pop, Future RnB, EDM, Urban & Future Bass.

    When having the right tools for the job at hand is critical, you can be sure that with this bundle you are getting top quality production material to work with!

  • 50% off “Chris Hein Horns Compact V2” by Best Service

    50% off “Chris Hein Horns Compact V2” by Best Service

    “Chris Hein Horns Compact” is the perfect entry level virtual-instrument library of Brass & Woodwind instruments for Jazz, Pop, Big-Band and Funk.

    With countless ways to combine the instruments and shape your sound, this stunning 5GB+ collection of 54 solo instruments plus six synth-brass instruments from the highly acclaimed Chris Hein Horns Pro Complete library has everything you need to produce that killer track!

  • 70% off “Keys Bundle” by Soundiron

    70% off “Keys Bundle” by Soundiron

    The “Keys Bundle” by Soundiron is a wonderful selection of 9 unique instruments hand picked from their Vintage Organ, Classic Synth and Concertina/Reed Pump collections.

    Each instrument offers a dazzling array of vintage textures and sounds that are suitable for anything from Church Music to New Age Trance, or classic 70’s Funk to 80’s Synthwave!