• 63% off “Project Alpha & Bravo” Bundle by Hybrid Two

    63% off “Project Alpha & Bravo” Bundle by Hybrid Two

    This Deal Still Available!

    “Project Alpha & Bravo” are intuitive and powerful hybrid musical sound design sample libraries aimed primarily at Film, TV, Video Game composers and Sound Designers.

    This is a unique bundle that brings you an enormous range of Impacts, Booms, Whooshbangs, Risers, Downers, Drones, Reverse FX and much more and are available in both Kontakt & WAV format!

    Available Individually

  • 60% off “Taikos X3M” by Strezov Sampling

    60% off “Taikos X3M” by Strezov Sampling

    This Deal Still Available!

    “Taikos X3M” are ultra playable cinematic solo and ensemble Taiko Drums with special focus on fast playing and an organic timeless sound, which also includes various percussion ensembles based on Taikos to expand your sonic palette.

    TAIKOS X3M doesn’t just consist of the same stuff we have all heard countless times before, but features new and yet unheard instrument combinations breathing life into your percussion arrangements!

  • 76% off “Palmary Collection” by NoiseAsh

    76% off “Palmary Collection” by NoiseAsh

    “Palmary Collection” is an elite production tool series for producers / musicians / mixing & mastering engineers.

    With 10 outstanding plugins covering a wide variety of uses you will possess every tool you’ll ever need to mix and master like a professional!

  • FREE! “Sibilance” by Waves

    FREE! “Sibilance” by Waves

    Powered by Waves’ innovative Organic ReSynthesis technology, this transparent vocal de-esser removes harsh vocal ‘s’ sounds faster than ever before, with exceptional quality – allowing you to make your vocals brighter without harshness.

    Whether tracking or mixing, on vocals or voiceovers – get an ideal vocal sound fast, reliably and effortlessly!

    Get it FREE for a limited time!

  • 67% off “Dronar Orchestral Bundle” by Gothic Instruments

    67% off “Dronar Orchestral Bundle” by Gothic Instruments

    The “Dronar Orchestral Bundle” consists of three complementary but unique libraries that allow you to craft subtle, rich and evolving pads, atmospheres and pulsating backdrops.

    Primarily aimed at Film, TV, Video Game Composers and Sound Designers, these libraries provide you a massive palette of ever-evolving textures to cover all of your scoring requirements!

    All Products Are Available Individually

  • 95% off “Bedroom Producer Essentials” by New Nation LLC

    95% off “Bedroom Producer Essentials” by New Nation LLC

    “Bedroom Producer Essentials” is an enormous 30 Pack Collection of WAV Loops, MIDI Sequences and Construction Kits covering a wide range of modern production styles including Trap, Hip Hop, Pop, RnB, Pop and World Music.

    Some artists & producers who inspired these loops are Travis $cott, A$AP Rocky, Migos, Lil Tecca, Gunna, Lil Nas X, Lil Baby, DaBaby, Lil Mosey, Cardi B, Khalid, Mac Miller, Ariana Grande, Gunna, Young Thug, Logic, Eminem & more!

  • 70% off “MFreeformAnalogEq” by MeldaProduction

    70% off “MFreeformAnalogEq” by MeldaProduction

    Parametric equalizers may sound great, but they can be obtuse to use. “MFreeformAnalogEq” is simple. Just draw the equalization that you want and MFreeformAnalogEq will make it happen with the high audio quality of parametric analog filters!

    MFreeformAnalogEq uses filter-adaptation technology to make your dreams come true – no more messing about with the settings of multiple parametric filters. Just draw what you want and the plugin finds the most accurate settings for the parametric filters. And it sounds great!

  • 91% off “Hypernode” by Rigid Audio

    91% off “Hypernode” by Rigid Audio

    “Hypernode” is a fully modular Electronic Music Arranger with a collection of over 300 Kontakt Mulit-Instruments made from over 600 factory sounds (24 bit, 44 khz), ranging from keys and guitars to synthesizer waveforms and hybrids.

    This library is perfect for all kinds of contemporary electronic music styles and genres including pop, dance, ambient, chillout and downtempo!

  • 80% off ‘Floppytron Synth’ by Sampleso

    80% off ‘Floppytron Synth’ by Sampleso

    Sampleso are proud to present their unique take on the classic musical floppy drive, FLOPPYTRON.

    Inspired by YouTube videos featuring floppy drives playing classic tunes from movies and video games, this basic yet complicated concept creates an instrument unlike anything else!

  • 80% off “Cinematic Bundle” by Sampletraxx (Kontakt/WAV)

    80% off “Cinematic Bundle” by Sampletraxx (Kontakt/WAV)

    Cinematic Bundle” is an epic collection of 10 Cinematic Sound Design libraries featuring unique Braams, Hits, Risers, Drops, Slams, Transitions, Vocals, Whooshes, Impacts, Atmospheres, Glitches, Stutters and Distortions!

    This massive collection is perfect for all types of Epic Trailer Music, Cinematic Underscore, Video Games, Sound Design and much more!

    All Titles Available Individually At 70% Off!

  • 76% off “Abstrung” by Audiofier

    76% off “Abstrung” by Audiofier

    “Abstrung” is a unique entry point into the world of hybrid sound design based entirely on a unique selection of stringed instruments like GuZheng, Mandolin, Pipa, American Zither, Hammered Dulcimer, Kantele, Acoustic Guitars, Acoustic grand, upright and prepared pianos and Seagull instruments among others.

    With 20.73GB of content in 6 categories plus flexible sequencers, arpeggiators, automation, filters, effects and a unique randomizer feature, the sound design possibilities are almost limitless!

  • 75% off “Alpine Concert Zither” by Precisionsound

    75% off “Alpine Concert Zither” by Precisionsound

    The “Alpine Concert Zither” is a very common instrument in Alpine Europe but rarely heard nowadays in modern music. Precisionsound have sampled both the open strings and the fret board strings and a lot of sound effects made by the zither.

    This library is well suited to Film Underscore, Acoustic and Folk music in traditional and contemporary styles alike.