70% off “Colourform” by Frozen Plain

70% off “Colourform” by Frozen Plain

Save a whopping 70% off “Colourform” – a sample library that allows you to blend organic sounds using colours.

This is an incredible product for all electronic musicians and composers, capable of producing beautiful and unique synth soundscapes.

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Blend Sounds Using Colours with a Unique Interface

Ever wonder if the process of sculpting and creating new sounds could be done a bit differently? Maybe you’re just interested in trying out a new way of working?

Enter Colourform – a unusual Kontakt library that allows you to create new sounds by blending and morphing other sounds into each other through a unique interface.

Colourform comes with 20 patches, each with 12 layers of sound which have been each assigned a colour. As you turn the controls, the colours blend into each other, and so do the sounds.

colourform interface2


Easily Create Atmospheric and Cinematic Sounds

To help you find explore the possibilities of Colourform, there are 2 randomisation controls tailored to produce musical results. Each patch has velocity enabled and the modwheel can be set up for additional colourful modulation. Finally, there are 4 presets that you can save to, and also a ‘smart voicing’ option to save CPU.

In total, there are 112 different sounds in the library from a wide variety of sources – from pitchforks to plucked strings – along with high quality atmospheres, such thunder, rain and fire crackle which are used in some of the patches to compliment the tonal sounds.. Creating musical sounds from non musical objects can sometimes be tricky, but with this library you can easily create beautiful sound from abstract sources.

The deal ends in:

Import Your Own Sounds to Blend New Ones

You don’t have to be limited by the incredible sounds that come with the library – you can make your own new sounds!

Along with the built in sounds, the library is set up so that those who are familiar with Kontakt can add their own sounds into the Colourform engine. This means that you can blend colours, save presets, and randomise controls with your own palette of tones. You can also automate all of the controls of Colourform – eg. the mod wheel can be set up to blend all three colour wheels simultaneously between points that you choose etc.

NB. Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.3.1 or above

Colourform by Frozen Plain

71% off Colourform by Frozen Plain

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What Are You Waiting For?

  • 20 unique Kontakt patches, with a total of 112 sounds between them.
  • Unique visual inspirational experience.
  • Stereo 24 bit samples
  • 427MB of content (ncw audio files)
  • PDF Manual explaining all the controls
  • Atmospheric sounds made from abstract sources: pitchforks, glass bowls, creaky gates, spanners, rain and thunder, fire and more
  • A completely new and inspirational way of working
  • Absolute no-brainer deal at over 70% off the normal price!
  • NB. Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.3.1 or above