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Looking to add some truly authentic Lo-Fi samples to your collection?! Then this ones for you.

“Lo-Fi Bundle” is a collection of four packs of Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Loops, samples and one shots plus some jazz tinged Lo-Fi House chords for that extra touch of class and authenticity for any production!

Note: Guide to Royalty Free usage of these packs HERE.

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4 Packs Of World Class LoFi Hip-Hop Loops, Samples & Jazz Tinged House Chords

Inside “Lo-Fi Bundle” you’ll find driving hip-hop drum beats, warm and saturated Rhodes piano loops, bumping sub bass lines, textured VHS lead lines and incredible chords that will lift your productions to the next level.

What’s Inside?

So, if you’re thinking of jumping head first into the world of Lo-Fi Hip-Hop or just want to add some beautifully unique samples to your collection then this ones for you – an absolute Lo-Fi masterclass that has your name written all over it.

Note: Guide to Royalty Free usage of these packs HERE.

70% off “Lo-Fi Bundle” by Touch Loops

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VHS Rhythms

Gritty, Lo-fi Sample Pack

Textured, nostalgic, saturated and 100% beautifully produced, this MPC heavy Lo-Fi Sample Pack has all the emotion, character and bump you’d expect from the production genius that is Oribu.

Authentic Rhodes Piano Loops

Teaming with character, this truly authentic collection of Hip-Hop samples will perfectly lift your productions to a level previously thought unattainable. From that classic hip-hop drum bump to the distressed, warn keys no stone has been left unturned in providing you with the most authentic collection of beat making essentials.

Shlohmo Inspired Guitar Samples

Inside you’ll find analogue driven MPC beats, Shlohmo inspired guitar licks, classic Dilla tinged Rhodes piano loops, Lo-Fi Keys samples, vibing arp patterns, super swung organic percussion loops, expansive pads and non stop Lo-Fi texture. As always, there’s a stack of super useful one shots to aid your beat making progression.

So, if you’re looking to add that element of nostalgia and emotion to your beats then this ones for you. As beautiful as it is characterful – an absolute Lo-Fi masterclass.


  • Size: 477.1mb
  • Pack: 170 Loops & 110 One Shots
  • Tempos: 65-110 Bpm
  • Styles: Lo-Fi Hip-Hop, Rhodes Piano, MPC Beats, Dilla, Guitars

Hip-Hop Drum Tools

Fresh Hip-Hop One Shots

Hip-Hop is so often at the heart of Touch Loops, with the Lo-Fi aesthetic being one of the most innovative & exciting right now. By running small, everyday sounds, classic drum machines and live kits through saturated tape machines and analogue filters Touch Loops been able to create an incredible batch of Lo-Fi Hip-Hop one shots you’ll just love

Saturated Lo-Fi Beats

Divided across 8 Drum kits consisting of 16 sounds these amazing kits have been added to your favourite samplers to make production that bit easier. Touch Loops have also included a batch of amazing MIDI loops that you can easily chop and change across the kits for even more sample flexibility. For you non MIDI guys all loops have been exported as full & tops loops with that extra Touch Loops saturation for even more Hip-Hop goodness. One shot wise you’ll find all the gritty, intimate one shots you could possibly need, abstract organic texture hits, live drum hats and snares, driven sub hits that compliment the kicks plus so much more.

Midi Loops Included

Touch Loops have even thrown in a folder of pre-prepared FX and drum fills to help expand your loops into full tracks offering yet more drum flexibility. So download this unique release and get Lo-Fi today!


  • Pack: Loops – 49 & One Shots – 128
  • Kits: 8
  • Sampler Instruments: Ableton Live, EXS24 & Kontakt 5.
  • Midi: 24
  • Instruments: Classic & Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Drum One Shots, Hip-Hop Drum Loops.

Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Elements

Lo-Fi Hip-hop Sample Pack

Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Elements is the ultimate beat makers tool kit featuring the finest tape driven drum one shots, bass hits, Foley samples and beautiful Rhodes performances. All processed with that classic MPC driven crunch, this stunning Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Sample Pack will provide you with every element you could possibly need to make the perfect beat or track.

MPC Driven Beats & Melodies

Tucked inside this Hip-Hop beauty you’ll find kicks ranging from the dusty and minimal to the more contemporary and sub driven, claps and clicks covering sloppy to classic live boom bap drum sounds. A huge spectrum of mix cutting hi-hat samples sampled from classic vinyl’s, saturated old drum machines or manipulated from foley and location recordings. A batch of epic evolving textures that lay beautiful under the core elements adding depth and character. Clicks and claps paying homage to the classic RnB days plus a batch of 50 cheeky loops to get your creative juices flowing.

Inspired By The Heyday Of Classic Hip-Hop

As always, the loops and one shots have been expertly mixed and processed meaning you can focus on the good stuff.. writing your next killer track. So, if you’re new to Hip-Hop or looking to add some inspiring new flavours then this ones for you. A beat makers must have showcasing finest moments in a Lo-Fi Hip-Hop sample pack.


  • Size: 464.3mb
  • Pack: Loops – 55 & One Shots – 198
  • Tempos: 67-90bpm
  • Instruments: Rhodes Piano, Hip-Hop Drums, Lo-Fi Synths

Lo-Fi House Chords

House Loops & Samples

Lo-Fi House Chords is a stunning collection of warped, twisted and beautifully character laden house loops & samples. Touch Loops have included pads, chord movements and lead lines perfect for Lo-Fi House & Techno. Each loop and sample has been beautifully mixed and processed to add some real grit to your productions, adding that analogue warmth right into your DAW of choice.

True Analogue Warmth

With references to classic house, dub techno and the current Lo-Fi movement, this stunning example of Lo-Fi house samples will fit perfectly against your gritty drum machine grooves and provide you with an instant ‘out the box’ feel. For maximum flexibility, Touch Loops have also provided a lovely batch of over 60 midi files ensuring each idea can be manipulated into your style of choice.

Gritty VHS Processing

Nestled inside you’ll find modulating analogue chords, VHS processed Lo-Fi lead lines, delay tinged techno stabs and lashings of Lo-Fi goodness across each and every sample.


  • Size: 209.6mb
  • Loops: 77
  • Midi: 64
  • Tempos: 100-125 bpm
  • Styles: House Chords, Rhodes, Synths

70% off “Lo-Fi Bundle” by Touch Loops

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What Can I Do With “Lo-Fi Bundle”?

“Lo-Fi Bundle” is an epic collection of four packs of Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Loops, samples and one shots plus some jazz tinged Lo-Fi House chords that are perfect for:

  • Lo-Fi Hip-hop
  • Lo-Fi House
  • Hip-Hop Beats
  • Rhodes Piano

Works with all of today’s music making software such as Live, Logic Pro, Reason, FL Studio, Studio One, Cubase, etc.

Note: Guide to Royalty Free usage of these packs HERE

"Lo-Fi Bundle" by Touch Loops

70% off "Lo-Fi Bundle" by Touch Loops

Deal Expired

Normally €50 – get it at 70% off before it’s gone!

  • 70% off the normal price (normally €50)!
  • VHS RHYTHMS – Size: 477.1mb, Pack: 170 Loops & 110 One Shots, Tempos: 65-110 Bpm, Styles: Lo-Fi Hip-Hop, Rhodes Piano, MPC Beats, Dilla, Guitars
  • HIP-HOP DRUM TOOLS – Pack: Loops 49 & One Shots 128, Kits: 8, Sampler Instruments: Ableton Live, EXS24 & Kontakt 5, Midi: 24
  • LO-FI HIP-HOP ELEMENTS – Size: 464.3mb, Pack: Loops 55 & One Shots 198, Tempos: 67-90bpm, Instruments: Rhodes Piano, Hip-Hop Drums, Lo-Fi Synths
  • LO-FI HOUSE CHORDS – Size: 209.6mb, Loops: 77, Midi: 64, Tempos: 100-125 bpm, Styles: House Chords, Rhodes, Synths
  • Note: Guide to Royalty Free usage of these packs HERE
  • Perfect for Lo-Fi Hip-hop, Lo-Fi House, Hip-Hop Beats and much more!

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