75% off Abuser by Audio Modern

75% off Abuser by Audio Modern

Abuser is an extremely powerful hybrid analog virtual instrument recorded from the Sherman filterbank – a powerful analog filtering and distortion unit with a huge frequency range and an INSANE overdrive.

This is a one-of-its-kind sample library that can go from mellow to balls-to-the-wall with the twist of a dial! Perfect for EDM, Industrial, Ambient Rock & Trailer Music!

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3.6GB of Dark, Grungy, Mellow & Massively Overdriven Sounds

Abuser was created by recording various analogue gear, then distorting and abusing it by feeding it through a Sherman filterbank (a powerful analogue filtering and distortion unit with a huge frequency range and insane tube overdrive sound).

The result is a stunning sample library which can go from warm and lightly distorted with detailed rich harmonies, to insanely dirty, filthy, grungy and overdriven in seconds.

Abuser is perfect for a range of styles including EDM, Industrial, Heavy Rock, Heavy Underscore, Ambient Rock, Trailer Music and more!


Filthy Basses, Distorted Leads and Everything in Between

Abuser contains both heavily driven basses as well as smooth and warm slightly distorted keys along with mellow synths and unusual FX.

The library contains 1,538 true stereo samples recorded at a stunning 96kHz with all audio defects left in so as to maintain both analog character and authenticity.

In total, there are 35 patches which can go from subtle to insane at the tweak of a dial:

  • 14 full and rich basses
  • 7 powerful and screaming leads
  • 11 airy and mellow synths
  • 3 crispy and static sounding FX
The deal ends in:

Beautiful & Powerful GUI Modeled on Analogue Gear

Abuser‘s GUI is modeled on analogue gear, providing a visual approach to easily modify the sounds. The top of the interface has 3 big buttons which control Drive, Cut and Res, allowing you to carve out a specific sound for each patch. Below these buttons are:

Mode: 3 performance modes – Legato, Mono and Poly. Each patch is already set to the appropriate mode, but experiment with these to use patches in alternative ways.

Mod: Control speed, pitch and filter. Speed defines how fast the LFO fluctuates, turning up pitch will make the pitch run up and down with the LFO and filter will open and close the lowpass filter (aka “cut” from the first section).

ADSR: Control attack, delay, sustain and release

At the bottom of the GUI is a Chorus switch (makes any synth sound really wide, Reverb and Delay.




What Would I Use Abuser For?

Abuser is perfect for anything requiring some warm and mellow sounds or heavy, overdriven, insane distortion.

Its great in particular for:

  • Underscore (eg. Gone Girl, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)
  • Industrial (eg. NIN, Trent Reznor)
  • Post Rock / Ambient Rock (eg. Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Mogwai)
  • Futuristic Electronica (eg. Ronald Jenkees, Faux Tales)
  • Trailer Music (great for those epic distorted BRAAMMM sounds)

Audio Modern Abuser

75% off Abuser by Audio Modern for Kontakt

Deal Expired

Normally €28.99 – get it at 75% before its gone!

  • 1,538 True stereo samples from analog gear abused through the Sherman filterbank recorded at 96kHz
  • Simple and easy to use GUI with powerful FX and tweaking options
  • 3.61GB when installed (3.1GB download)
  • Audio defects left in so as to maintain both analog character and authenticity.
  • Perfect for EDM, IDM, Dubstep, Chillwave, Glitch, Post Rock, Underscore, Downtempo and Ambient music
  • Go from subtle to balls-to-the wall instantly
  • 35 Kontakt patches in total – 14 full and rich basses, 7 powerful and screaming leads, 11 airy and mellow synths & 3 crispy and static sounding FX
  • The only Instrument plugin available of its kind
  • Full version of Kontakt 5.3 or higher required (DOES NOT WORK WITH FREE KONTAKT PLAYER)

What People Think About 75% off Abuser by Audio Modern

  • Audiomodern’s Abuser is an excellent sounding, versatile and powerful Kontakt library obviously made with love and attention to detail. None of its patches are redundant or repetitive and so it makes full use of all 3.6gb.


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